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Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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Дата выхода:
15 декабря 2017
Ghosts, Robot, Orcs, Blood, Medieval, Time travel, Magic, Sword, Fantasy, Health, Ants, Dragons, Comedy, Halo, Metroidvania, Desura, Death, Elves, Fire, Egg, Pets, Puzzles, Bridge, Role playing, Skeleton, Water, Button, Steam, Multiple protagonists, Backtracking, Time limit, Traps, Portals, Steam trading cards, Rock, Pixel art, Sex, Inventory, Snakes, Dice, Dog, Nudity, Teleportation, Platformer, Mushroom, Mad scientist, Mine cart, Shield, Arrow, Bats, Glitch, Steam greenlight, Spear, Gods, Possession, Golem, Switch, Darkness, Spikes, Boss fight, Tree, Explosion, Bosses, Steam achievements, Gold, Digital distribution, Jump, Anthropomorphism, Sprite, Male protagonists, Flying enemies, Throwing weapons, Crate, Vine, Pencil, Plate, Cup, Laboratory apparatus, Random number generation, Countdown timer, Coin, Hammer, Leveling up, Voice acting, Palette swap, Fireball, Toilet, Feces, Toilet paper, Ladder, Cell phone, Book, Pipe, Shopping, Skill points, Dagger, Critical hit, Upgradeable weapons, Breaking the fourth wall, Slime, Pop culture reference, Goblins, Game reference, Scythe, Door, Axe, Scroll, Bed, Lantern, Shelf, Gun, Hat, Armor, Deliberately retro, Racial stereotypes, Experience points, Beard, Helmet, Skull, Motion blur, Paper, Houseplant, Window, The locked door, Non-player character, Profanity, Gog.com, Electricity, Descendants of other characters, Table, Elevator, Energy force shield, Candle, Pillow, Coffin, Lava, Gem, Feather, Crown, Bone, Escort mission, Treasure chest, Glasses, Pressure plate, Crystal, Torch, Text bubble, Side quests, Archer, Slashing weapons, Questing, Barrel, Melee, Crosshair, Subtitles, Heads up display, Ring, Octopus, Mace, Stat tracking, Secret area, Invisible enemy, Difficulty level, Mini-boss, Maps, Damage numbers, Ruby, Skeleton warriors, Shaky cam, Limited light source, In-game achievement menu, Treants, Reward sound, In-game achievements, Laser, Column, Wings, Spellcaster, Internet culture reference, Ice, Poster, Self-referential humor, Facial hair, Subtitled silence, Couch, Liberation, Movie reference, Unusual speech patterns, Broom, Curtain, Underwear, Violent plants, Crab, Enemy health indicator, Chains, Wand, Medal, Chandelier, Scripted death, Gear, Cage, Spies, Scientist, Wood, Exclamation mark, Punctuation mark above head, Moai head, Repairing, Spider web, Healer, Weak spot, Shortcut, Zoom, Dialogue portraits, Broad sword, Eye, Map annotation system, Blunt weapons, Tentacles, Necklace, Sceptre, Acid, Cauldron, Lighter, Morning star, Vase, Baldness, Boss pattern, Boss assistance, Live disembodied head, Fetch quests, Color-coded loot, Neon sign, Shirt, Leather armor, Sentient plant, Poison, Invisibility, Portal, Portcullis, Burning, Giant enemy worm, Working for the enemy, Chase, Sleeping enemies, Scale armor, Bear trap, Trident, Emerald, Necronomicon, Earrings, Canvas, Gibs, Crow, Living inventory, Falling object, Cockroach, Satyr, Indie royale, Petrification, Invented language, Mandragora, Zip line, Freezing weapons, Robe, Point of no return, Menus don't pause gameplay, Burrowing enemies, Scimitar, Intestines, Excalibur, Multiple currencies, Lab coat, Goatee, Secret areas within secret areas, Respawn justification, Ball and chain, Reversed controls, Vendor trash, Sapphire, Jester, Re-spec, Retailer exclusive, Gelatinous cube, Falchion

График цен Unepic на PC

График цен Unepic на PC

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