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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Вы Сэм Фишер, тайный агент, безжалостный террорист . . . двойной агент. Оружие и боеприпасы - ваши инструменты. Обман, предательство и саботаж - ваш спасательный круг. Когда вы проникаете в порочную террористическую группу и уничтожаете ее изнутри, ваш выбор влияет на исход вашей игры. Как вы пойдете, чтобы завершить свою миссию?

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Дата выхода:
17 октября 2006
Helicopter, Blood, Stealth, Murder, Minigames, Guitar, Death, Drums, Skydiving, Doctor, Shadow, Water, Steam, Espionage, Achievements, Multiple endings, Special forces, Online, Hostages, Hacking, Artificial intelligence, Over the shoulder, Sequel, Hide and seek, One-man army, Darkness, Explosion, Digital distribution, Train, Male protagonists, Throwing weapons, Health pack, Split-screen multiplayer, Train level, Playstation trophies, Modern military, Voice acting, Bink video, Bomb, Polygonal 3d, Microtransaction, Computer, Syringe, Door, Motion control, Gun, Knife, Launch titles, Third-person perspective, Unlockables, Crouching, Wasd movement, Rain, Cutscene, Table, Pistol, Cooperative play, Assault rifle, Sniping, Ragdoll physics, Checkpoints, Late title card, Laptop, Saving the world, Moral decisions, Branching story line, Resistance, Downloadable content, Xbox live, Melee, Crosshair, Smoke grenade, Real-time combat, Underwater gameplay, Game over, Physx, Safe, Instant kill, Infinite ammo, Friendly fire, Betrayal, Convict, Difficulty level, Bulldozer, Female antagonists, Spotlight, Valve, Post-credits plot twist, Political thriller, Reloading, Mercenary, Boat, Falling sequence, Functional mirrors, Light switch, Cover system, Terrorists, Spies, Central intelligence agency, Real-time waiting, Glass, High dynamic range, Zoom, To be continued, Reflection, Oil drum, Suicide, Grenade, Games on demand, Surveillance camera, Ski mask, Hanging, High definition graphics, Genius-level intellect, Weapons swap, Quick time event, Evil organization, Stealth kill, Less-lethal weapons, Voice chat, Shaved head, Competitive co-op, Freelc, Collector's edition, Guards, Flickering light, Fire extinguisher, Flare, Regenerating health, Camping, Book tie-in, Enemy reaction, Havok physics, Porting, Ledge grab, Flashbang, Grief beard, Rifle, Scripted events, Vent crawling, Silencer, Aggressive door-opening, Proximity mines, Alert, Lock picking, Enemy distraction, Lock picks, Electric fence, Working for the enemy, Fireworks, Guided by radio, Rubber ammunition, Retinal scanner, Headshot, Alternate fire, Escaping imprisonment, Air duct, Innocent people die, Context sensitive, Camouflage, Vigilante, Secret achievements, Optional objective, Close quarters combat, Moving bodies, Zip line, Rappelling, Backstab, Whistling, Patrol, Shooting range, Scuba gear, Night vision goggles, Ranked match, Shadow stealth, Direct2drive, Objective-based team gameplay, Red dot sight, Shooting out lights, Human shield, Gas grenade, Emp grenade, Osprey, Fn five-seven, Sixaxis support, Buddy jump, Motion-sensor bomb, Fn f2000, Dnas, Xfire, Unreal engine 2.5, Unreal engine 2, Back attack, National security agency, Double agent, Electromagnetic pulse, Sc-20k, Sticky shockers, Sticky camera, Laser microphone, Ruger mk ii, Cochlear implant, Sc pistol, E3 2006, Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, John brown's army, Securom, News chopper, Riot gun, Tom clancy's splinter cell double agent, Tom clancy's splinter cell double

График цен Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent на PC

График цен Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent на PC

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