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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas

Оперативники Rainbow выходят на хаотичные улицы Лас-Вегаса, поскольку эскалация террористической осады в «Городе грехов» угрожает поднять мировой терроризм на новые, неконтролируемые высоты. Будущее глобальной безопасности висит на волоске, поскольку вы сражаетесь за защиту классических локаций и окружений Вегаса, таких как Фремонт-стрит, Стрип и казино.

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Дата выхода:
26 июня 2007
Modern warfare, Helicopter, Stealth, Character customization, Health, First person shooter, Death, Military, Slot machine, Tactical shooter, Strategic, Counter-terrorists, Difficult, Online co-op, Shooter, Steam, Espionage, Achievements, Special forces, Online, Hostages, Gps, Crime, Voice commands, Easter egg, Shield, Team-based, Glitch, Playstation network, No jumping, Commando, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Credits menu option, Options menu, Throwing weapons, Crate, Split-screen multiplayer, Playstation trophies, Bullet, Modern military, Voice acting, Ladder, First-person perspective, Bink video, Bomb, Polygonal 3d, Turret, Microtransaction, Computer, Axe, Gun, Collectibles, Third-person perspective, Experience points, Helmet, Shotgun, Motion blur, Crouching, Sink, Non-player character, Pistol, Cooperative play, Assault rifle, Light machine gun, Ragdoll physics, Character creation, Laptop, Ambush, Downloadable content, Magnum, Xbox live, Crosshair, Grenade cooking, Grapple, Smoke grenade, C4, Gloves, Unreal engine 3, Physx, Stat tracking, Instant kill, Betrayal, Games with gold, Difficulty level, Breakable glass, Multiple gameplay perspectives, Spotlight, Political thriller, Reloading, Respawn, Exploding barrel, Sniper rifle, Minimap, Stop sign, Refrigerator, Cover system, Destructible environment, Squad, Terrorists, Leaderboard, Zoom, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Can't swim, Franchise reboot, Difficulty achievement, Grenade, Tie-in, Games on demand, Realism, Ski mask, High definition graphics, Squad tactics, Face mapping, Dolby digital, Weapons swap, Multiplayer lan, Team deathmatch, Glow stick, Persistent character damage, Guerilla warfare, Horde mode, Assault, Voice chat, Explosions on the cover, Freelc, Gun holster, Collector's edition, Chest-high walls, Squad based shooter, Weapon modification, Enemy tagging, Luggage, Regenerating health, Griefing, Camping, Baiting, Iron sights, Kill stealing, 3 round burst, Automated grenade throw, Enemy reaction, Camera shift, Submachine gun, Light up crosshair, Flashbang, Revolver, Riot shield, Neon sign, Rifle, Street sign, Silencer, Scope, Laser sight, Weapon slot loadout, M4 carbine, Blind fire, Get games, Ak-47, Guided by radio, Gas mask, Headshot, In-game advertising, Texture pop-in, Box art features character facing away, Context sensitive, Outside of the map, Eavesdropping, Ammo, Close quarters combat, Tea-bagging, Rappelling, Fn p90, Realistic magazine management, Cliffhanger, Desert eagle, M16a4, M249 saw, Fn scar, Recoil, Mp5, Breaking through windows, Beretta m9, Night vision goggles, Product placement, Ranked match, Direct2drive, Skorpion vz. 61, Greatest hits, Objective-based team gameplay, Attachments, Battle dress uniform, Professional gaming, Ump .45, Steyr aug, Xm8, Mg36, Spas-12, Mp7, Famas, Selective fire weapons, M40 sniper rifle, Acog scope, Red dot sight, H&k g36, Tear gas grenade, Uh-60 black hawk, Remington 870, H&k g3, Stock, Team killing, No scope, Easy mode, Anti-cheat system, Southpaw, Glock 18, Pump action shotgun, Tar-21, Sixaxis support, Buddy system, Machine pistol, Usp, Psg1, Kevlar, Steyr scout, H&k hk21, Taurus raging bull, Mac 11, 7.62 mm nato, Thermal visor, Snake camera, Bullpup rifle, Sig sg 552, Portable cover, Mark and execute, Gps jammer, Benelli m3 super 90, Xbox live vision, E3 2006, Sv-98, Major league gaming, Mk.23 socom, Securom, Interactive achievement awards 2007, Ruger mp9, Xm26 lss, Mk 46 mod 0, Breaching charge, Action,..., Tom clancy's rainbow six® vegas, Tom clancy's rainbow six® vegas game

График цен Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas на PC

График цен Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas на PC

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