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The Darkness II

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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Дата выхода:
07 февраля 2012
Helicopter, World war 1 ( ww1 ), Blood, Murder, Fantasy, Health, First person shooter, Summoning, Death, Romance, Shadow, Horror, Achievements, Online, Open-world, Capture the flag, King of the hill, Crime, Revenge, Torture, Car, Tank, Love, Sequel, Black hole, Weather, Airplane, Action game, Darkness, Machine gun, Licensed game, Train, Rail track, Jump, Male protagonists, Crate, Coin, Police car, Bullet, Leveling up, Voice acting, Toilet, Games based on comic books, Ladder, First-person perspective, Cell phone, Bink video, Human, Polygonal 3d, Damsel in distress, Briefcase, Door, Gun, Collectibles, Saw blade, Shotgun, Loading screens, Sink, Eating, Cutscene, Profanity, Fake in-game advertising, Radio, Pistol, Retail games with steam activation, Assault rifle, Key, Comic book character, Kiss, Heart, Side quests, Downloadable content, Xbox live, Melee, Crosshair, Full body awareness, Male antagonist, Instant kill, Secret area, Glowing eyes, Ending credits while playing, Difficulty level, Trench coat, Breakable glass, The mafia, Hub world, Unreliable narrator, Phone, Reloading, Functional mirrors, Light switch, Television, Refrigerator, Blood splatter, Cover system, Banned, World war i, Leaderboard, Minions, Anti-hero, Zoom, Gasoline can, Achievement attempt detection, Physics manipulation, Can't swim, Suicide, Difficulty achievement, Urinating, Games on demand, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, Car accident, High definition graphics, Dolby digital, Dimension travel, Multiplayer lan, Saw, Stealth kill, Interactive cutscene, Alternate reality, Voice chat, Not-so-bad guys, Fight yourself, Freelc, Flare, Regenerating health, Kill stealing, Crooked cop, Bpjm indexed, Light up crosshair, Cake, Drill, Women in refrigerators, Finishing move, M1911, Dual wielding, Watching tv, Vignetting, Ak-47, More than two eyes, Superpowers, Games on which comic books are based, Nazis, Italian accent, Secret achievements, Ammo, Close quarters combat, Gun smoke, Hidden room, Public phone, Prostitution, Police chase, Desert eagle, Execution, Public transportation, Breaking through windows, Character says the name of the game, Rail shooting segment, Ranked match, Drive-by intro, Night vision, The mob, Diegetic manual, Shooting out lights, Bangsian fantasy, Southpaw, First person hug, Pump action shotgun, Ancient curse, Machine pistol, Cars with no drivers, E3 2007, E3 2006, E3 2005, Pancor jackhammer, The darkness, Darklings, First, Shooter game, The darkness™ ii, The darkness™ ii game

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