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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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Дата выхода:
04 ноября 2014
Ghosts, Robot, Monsters, Cybernetics, Indie, Blood, Time travel, Murder, Drugs, Magic, Sword, Virus, Dungeon, Fantasy, Health, Comedy, Roguelike, Halo, Summoning, Death, Robots, Procedural generation, Angel, Elves, Fire, Ps4, Slot machine, Frog, Dungeon crawl, Gambling, Candy, Pets, Time manipulation, Christmas, Shadow, Bullet hell, Remake, Puzzles, Flight, Role playing, Action-adventure, Rainbow, Cyborg, Water, Religion, Horror, Button, Steam, Multiple protagonists, Bird, Isaac, Nightmare, Child protagonist, Multiple endings, Mutants, Traps, Princess, Portals, Steam trading cards, Rock, Dungeon crawling, Bible, Dual-stick shooter, Revenge, Pixel art, Inventory, Worm, Ball, Boomerang, Lemonade, Amnesia, Easter egg, Nudity, Rogue-lite, Random level generation, Teleportation, Love, Whip, Giant insects, Mushroom, Slow-motion, Shield, Silent protagonist, Dungeon crawler, Flowers, Arrow, Bats, Glitch, Random items, Shovel, Spear, Gods, Switch, Darkness, Spikes, Boss fight, Explosion, Bosses, Steam achievements, Digital distribution, Transformations, Power up, Steam cloud, Jump, Anthropomorphism, Sprite, Boss rush, Male protagonists, Flying enemies, Graphic filter, Credits menu option, Throwing weapons, Apple, Mask, Present, Cape, Pencil, Top hat, Fork, Random number generation, Countdown timer, Challenges, Coin, Spider, Playing cards, 60 fps on consoles, Dual-joystick shooter, Character select screen, Voice acting, Palette swap, Extra life, Scatological humor, Flies, Protagonist's name in the title, 1-up, Fireball, Toilet, Sunglasses, Feces, Chili pepper, Rope, Ladder, Tooth, Cat, Games based on literature, Top-down perspective, Bomb, Mind control, Book, Daily challenge, Pipe, Permanent death, Shopping, Turret, Bow, Explosives, Dagger, Upgradeable weapons, Breaking the fourth wall, Slime, Pop culture reference, Transforming boss, Game reference, Scythe, Syringe, Door, Axe, Magnet, Bed, Shelf, Currency, Coat, Deliberately retro, Cameo appearance, Breath attack, Fart, Priest, Baby, Non-humanoid protagonist, Billiard ball, Eyepatch, Knife, Touch controls, Original soundtrack release, Unlockables, Beard, Helmet, Hockey mask, Skull, Headband, Beret, Loading screens, Wasd movement, White noise, Rune, Color separation, Gamma adjustment, Cardboard box, Paper, Photo, Light bulb, Window, Child art, Hanger, Remote control, The locked door, Non-player character, Extreme violence, Aural characters, Electricity, Descendants of other characters, Smoke, Energy force shield, Candle, Milk, Bloody wall, Mutilated corpse, Pillow, Brain, Corpse, Rubble, Necktie, Cooperative play, Young protagonist, Playstation plus, Key, Fence, Campfire, Feather, Crown, Bone, Instant death, Distaff counterpart, Treasure chest, Glasses, Pressure plate, Bottle, Heart, Text bubble, Cowardly enemies, Downloadable content, Bandages, Barrel, Black market, Melee, Crosshair, Heads up display, Real-time combat, Environmental puzzles, Gravity control, A.i. companion, Blindness, Razor, Stat tracking, Instant kill, Secret area, Infinite ammo, Invisible enemy, Unbeatable enemy, Betrayal, Vision obstruction, Shielded enemies, Glowing eyes, Optional boss, Final boss, Difficulty level, Mini-boss, Knight, Shaky cam, Limited light source, Improvised bridge, Multi-phase boss, Reward sound, Nonexistent light source, Crepuscular rays, Low health warning, Laser, Statue, Pickaxe, Wings, Internet culture reference, Fake glitch, Poster, Self-referential humor, Visible binary, Crt simulation, Mustache, Facial hair, Female antagonists, Doll, Subtitled silence, Triple question mark, Couch, Asymmetric co-op, Lives, Multiple gameplay perspectives, Vomiting, Movie reference, Inconvenient malfunction, Spotlight, Rug, Theme song, Underwear, Belt, Screen cleaner, Rpg elements, Cross-save, E3 2014, Screen wipe, Pills, Exploding barrel, Enemy health indicator, Chains, Pirate hat, Minimap, Map, Medal, Pax prime 2015, Falling sequence, Bowl, Horseshoe, Crying, Sounds of despair, Video game characters that play video games, Developer cameo, Christianity, Television, Mirror, Bread, Bucket, Stained glass, Diaper, Projectiles, Decapitation, Destructible environment, Daily content, Compass, Musical notes, Meat, Pearl, Coal, Corn, Sequence breaking, Real-time waiting, Glass, Leaf, Confirm menu choices, Consolation achievements, Purse, Healing food, Spider web, Weak spot, Recurring boss, Cooldowns, Water level, Tetromino, Shoes, Special vision, Eye, Sleeping, Exploding enemies, Item combination, Reflection, Suicide, Evil laugh, Persistent ailments, Difficulty achievement, Map annotation system, Pacifist playthrough, Unwinnable state, Tentacles, Trophy, Acid, Bag, Hourglass, Urinating, Charge, Clone, Chapters, Integrated tutorial sequence, Multiple art styles, Needle, Lemon, Paper money, Nut, Vase, Temporary invincibility, Mod support, Multiple enemy boss fight, Hanging, Genius-level intellect, Butterfly, Dynamic soundtrack, Versus screen, Suit and tie, Disembodied voice, Bizarre weapons, Boss pattern, Boss assistance, Valuable garbage, Collar, Ouija board, Ankh, Live disembodied head, Color coded enemies, Brass knuckles, Hobo, Monocle, Spiky-haired protagonist, Fight yourself, Mohawk, Light bloom, Segmented creature, Take a break, 1-up mushroom, Inside a living creature, Missing poster, Ambient wildlife, Regenerating health, Splash damage, Overweight character, Barricade, Improvised weapon, Cross-dressing, Safe spot, Cake, Nail, Environmental kill, High heels, Goggles, Poison, Noose, Invisibility, New game plus, Knock back, Hooded figure, Mitotic entity, Inappropriate loot, Resized enemy, Trail of death, Dyslexia, Portal, Portcullis, Lock, Angelic bosses, Aggressive door-opening, Air strike, Lock picking, Charging heavyweight enemies, Severed head, Stock up area, Vignetting, Enemies on cover art, Giant enemy worm, Trap door, Tin can, More than two eyes, Deadly gas, Gas mask, Necronomicon, Beans, Wig, Butter, Power down, Stationary boss, Giant killing, Monster infighting, Weapon room, Developer console, Enemies that spawn enemies, Shoot the backpack, Goblet, Severed limbs, Dream sequence, Screw, Onion, Infinite spawn, Barbarians, Hidden character, Homing lasers, Context sensitive, Item container, Living inventory, Boss hands, Pit, Luck, Tarot cards, Health-consuming attack, Secret achievements, Limited flight capability, Heal over time, Restoration, Shell game, Cross, Matches, Thumbs up, Stun, Duct tape, Game cartridge, Lipstick, Swarming enemies, Time interval death trap, Foreshadowing, Degraded boss, Player taunting, Pocket watch, Stapler, Point of no return, Hidden room, Decoy, Pacifier, Burrowing enemies, Double entendre in game names, Twins, Treasure map, Blood trails, Flash game origin, Death description, Pentagram, Multiple currencies, The seven deadly sins, Goatee, Flip screen, Boss killing their henchmen, Beggar, Holy water, Demonic infants, Miner's helmet, Product placement, Music speed up, Conjoined twins, Rosary, Adhesive bandages, Horsemen of the apocalypse, Paper clip, Piggy bank, Agile mutant/undead enemy, Life drain, Familiar horde, Bodily functions as weapons, Passive ability, Vampirism, Selective invincibility, Background boss, Useless useful spell, Monsters that look suspiciously like genitalia, Fetus as a final boss, Personified classes, Ectoplasm, Load bearing boss, Gradual enemy introduction, Enemies killed from inside, Pixelization, Conga line party, Counterfeit money, Fecal personification, Burrowing snagret, Pyromania, Demonic protagonist, Explosion immunity, Credit card, 3-d glasses, Holy lance, Dunce cap, Urine, The holy grail, Energy cell, Fez hat, Ps, Psvita, Rogue like, Binding, Rebirth

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