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The Binding of Isaac

Когда мать Исаака слышит голос Бога, требующего принесения жертвы в доказательство ее веры, Исаак бежит в подвал, но сталкивается там с толпами безумных врагов, своими потерянными братьями и сестрами, своими страхами и, наконец, с собственной матерью.
The Binding of Isaac — это двухмерный шутер со случайно генерируемыми уровнями и элементами ролевых и роуглайк (Rogue-like) игр. Сопровождая Исаака в его похождениях, игроки найдут множество необычных сокровищ, которые изменят внешность Исаака и дадут ему сверхчеловеческие способности, позволяющие победить толпы загадочных существ, открыть множество тайн и с боем пробить себе путь к спасению.
  • Случайно генерируемые подземелья, экипировка и боссы. Вы никогда не будете играть в одну и ту же игру дважды.
  • Более 100 уникальных предметов, которые не только дают вам способности, но и внешне изменяют вашего персонажа.
  • Более 50 видов противников, каждый из которых может быть «особенным». «Особенный» противник более опасен, но и сокровища за победу над ним ценнее.
  • Более 20 боссов.
  • Четыре главы, охватывающие 8 уровней.
  • Более трех разблокируемых персонажей.
  • Различные концовки.
  • Множество разблокируемых предметов, противников и боссов.
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Дата выхода:
28 сентября 2011
Ghosts, Robot, Monsters, Indie, Blood, Wizards, Murder, Drugs, Magic, Fantasy, Health, Comedy, Roguelike, Halo, Summoning, Death, Robots, Procedural generation, Angel, Fire, Slot machine, Horse, Gambling, Shadow, Bullet hell, Shooter, Role playing, Action-adventure, Religion, Horror, Steam, Multiple protagonists, Bird, Achievements, Child protagonist, Multiple endings, Traps, Steam trading cards, Rock, Dungeon crawling, Bible, Revenge, Decay, Inventory, Worm, Lemonade, Easter egg, Dice, Electronic music, Nudity, Rogue-lite, Teleportation, Whip, Giant insects, Mushroom, Silent protagonist, Dungeon crawler, Flowers, Arrow, Bats, Glitch, Shovel, Gods, Darkness, Spikes, Boss fight, Explosion, Bosses, Steam achievements, Digital distribution, Single-player only, Power up, Anthropomorphism, Male protagonists, Flying enemies, Credits menu option, Options menu, Throwing weapons, Mask, Pencil, Top hat, Spoon, Fork, Random number generation, Challenges, Coin, Spider, Alternate costumes, Playing cards, Voice acting, Palette swap, Flies, Protagonist's name in the title, 1-up, Toilet, Feces, Rope, Ladder, Tooth, Cat, Games based on literature, Top-down perspective, Bomb, Book, Permanent death, Shopping, Bow, Explosives, Upgradeable weapons, Slime, Pop culture reference, Transforming boss, Syringe, Door, Axe, Magnet, Scroll, Shelf, Currency, Hat, Deliberately retro, Cameo appearance, Fart, Baby, Eyepatch, Knife, Original soundtrack release, Unlockables, Beard, Helmet, Skull, Headband, Loading screens, Wasd movement, White noise, Cardboard box, Paper, Photo, Humble bundle, Cutscene, The locked door, Non-player character, Extreme violence, Descendants of other characters, Smoke, Energy force shield, Candle, Milk, Bloody wall, Brain, Rubble, Retail games with steam activation, Young protagonist, Key, Campfire, Feather, Single-screen level, Crown, Bone, Distaff counterpart, Treasure chest, Glasses, Downloadable to retail, Bottle, Heart, Downloadable content, Barrel, Black market, Melee, Crosshair, Heads up display, A.i. companion, Razor, Instant kill, Secret area, Infinite ammo, Vision obstruction, Glowing eyes, Optional boss, Final boss, Difficulty level, Mini-boss, Maps, Improvised bridge, Multi-phase boss, Reward sound, Crepuscular rays, Low health warning, Laser, Statue, Pickaxe, Wings, Cyclops, Internet culture reference, Fake glitch, Poster, Self-referential humor, Pony, Facial hair, Female antagonists, Couch, Movie reference, Steam play, Aluminum can, Spotlight, Rug, Theme song, Underwear, Belt, Pills, Exploding barrel, Enemy health indicator, Map, Crying, Sounds of despair, Video game characters that play video games, Developer cameo, Christianity, Mirror, Stained glass, Projectiles, Decapitation, Destructible environment, Compass, Meat, Pearl, Coal, Confirm menu choices, Consolation achievements, Purse, Spider web, Weak spot, Evolving title screen, Shoes, Special vision, Eye, Exploding enemies, Suicide, Evil laugh, Unwinnable state, Necklace, Bag, Hourglass, Urinating, Charge, Chapters, Integrated tutorial sequence, Needle, Lemon, Paper money, Moneybag, Temporary invincibility, Multiple enemy boss fight, Hanging, Disembodied voice, Boss assistance, Valuable garbage, Ouija board, Ankh, Live disembodied head, Brass knuckles, Monocle, Super speed, Fight yourself, Segmented creature, Take a break, Freelc, Inside a living creature, Ambient music, Cross-dressing, Safe spot, Nail, Flashback, High heels, Poison, Inappropriate loot, Enemy roll call, Resized enemy, Trail of death, Portcullis, Aggressive door-opening, Air strike, Severed head, Stock up area, Bandana, Giant enemy worm, Trap door, More than two eyes, Shrinking characters, Necronomicon, Beans, Wig, Power down, Stationary boss, Giant killing, Weapon room, Shoot the backpack, Goblet, Severed limbs, Onion, Hidden character, Context sensitive, Item container, Boss hands, Pit, Luck, Tarot cards, Status effects, Matches, Thumbs up, Stun, Lipstick, Swarming enemies, Foreshadowing, Degraded boss, Stapler, Point of no return, Hidden room, Decoy, Twins, Clerics, Blood trails, Flash game origin, The seven deadly sins, Boss killing their henchmen, Beggar, Holy water, Demonic infants, Killing children, Miner's helmet, Conjoined twins, Rosary, Horsemen of the apocalypse, Bomb in the mouth, Familiar horde, Bodily functions as weapons, Passive ability, Vampirism, Monsters that look suspiciously like genitalia, Fetus as a final boss, Personified classes, Load bearing boss, Gradual enemy introduction, Enemies killed from inside, Conga line party, Urine, The holy grail, Energy cell, A.i. director

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