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Tales from the Borderlands

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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Дата выхода:
25 ноября 2014
Motorcycle, Robot, Blood, Mech, Sword, Comedy, Military, Robots, Fire, Egg, Puzzles, Sci-fi, Adventure, Button, Steam, Multiple protagonists, Achievements, Traps, Hacking, Spin-off, Snow, Missile, Dice, Teleportation, Mushroom, Slow-motion, Shield, Flowers, Glitch, Shovel, Fruit, Toast, Switch, Scissors, Tree, Explosion, Flags, Steam achievements, Digital distribution, Single-player only, Transformations, Female protagonists, Male protagonists, Crate, Trash can, Mask, Hammer, Episodic content, Bullet, Playing cards, Voice acting, Thanks for playing, Sunglasses, Ladder, Polygonal 3d, Book, Pipe, Turret, Breaking the fourth wall, Pop culture reference, Game reference, Syringe, Door, Axe, Frying pan, Shelf, Currency, Gun, Hat, Knife, Item throw, Saw blade, Shotgun, Headband, Loading screens, Motion blur, Cardboard box, Paper, Photo, Houseplant, Window, Desk lamp, Cutscene, Extreme violence, Profanity, Electricity, Descendants of other characters, Fake in-game advertising, Smoke, Elevator, Radio, Bloody wall, Warning sign, Desk, Brain, Corpse, Vehicle customization, Van, Necktie, Pistol, Playstation plus, Campfire, Feather, Bone, Late title card, Glasses, Important text, Kiss, Bottle, Staircase, Crystal, Bandages, Crosshair, Auto-save, Gloves, Lgbt, Pants, Ring, Betrayal, Glowing eyes, Games with gold, Evade, Tips, Laser, Statue, Cardboard cutout, Mustache, Facial hair, Subtitled silence, Triple question mark, Office chair, Couch, Tire, Clock, Calendar, Sticky note, Unreliable narrator, Inconvenient malfunction, Broom, Theme song, Automatic input device detection, Pax prime 2014, Violent plants, Chains, Map, Medal, Bowl, Production babies, Scripted death, Clipboard, Decapitation, Icicle, Theft, Split screen event, Cooking range, Stool, Fmod, Glass, Enemy sniper, Anti-hero, Been here before, Tiara, Special vision, Eye, Scanning, Necklace, Wrench, Clothesline, Grenade, Face tattoo, Crossbow, Hugging, Stick, Eye scars, Suit and tie, Bird nest, Plot twist, Saw, Timed decisions, Mohawk, Dlc season pass, Depth of field, Missing poster, Camping, Muzzle flash, Revolver, Watch, Flashback, Heterochromia, Shirt, Goggles, Scope, Lock, Blueprint, Satellite dish, Tin can, Retinal scanner, Earrings, Giant killing, Severed limbs, Arrival by crash landing, Crediting pets, Secret identity, Thumbs up, Foreshadowing, Story recap, Screwdriver, Aurora, Flower picking, Spatula, Australian accent, Goatee, Crash landing, Maneki neko, Breaking through windows, Funicular, Save file copy, Holding hands, Heroic sacrifice, Skag, Hero worship, False death, Rakk, Rakk hive, Secretly a robot, Spork, Stun baton

График цен Tales from the Borderlands на PC

График цен Tales from the Borderlands на PC

График цен Tales from the Borderlands на PlayStation

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