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System Shock 2

Действие игры происходит на борту космического корабля в киберпанковском изображении 2114 года. Игрок принимает на себя роль одинокого солдата, пытающегося остановить вспышку генетической инфекции, опустошившей корабль. Как и в System Shock, игровой процесс состоит из стрельбы и исследования от первого лица. Он также включает элементы ролевой системы, в которых игрок может развивать уникальные навыки и черты характера, такие как взлом и псионические способности.

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11 августа 1999
Aliens, Ghosts, Assassin, Basketball, Robot, Exploration, Cyberpunk, Cybernetics, Blood, Stealth, Space station, Murder, Drugs, Minigames, Health, Survival, First person shooter, Death, Military, Robots, Fire, Slot machine, Egg, Keyboard, Gambling, Spaceship, Puzzles, Sci-fi, Role playing, Cyborg, Horror, Button, Steam, Psychic abilities, Backtracking, Mutants, Hacking, Artificial intelligence, Open-world, Steam trading cards, Nanotechnology, Revenge, Dancing, Inventory, Worm, Survival horror, Amnesia, Easter egg, Love, Sequel, Chemistry, Space marine, Climbing, Swimming, Graffiti, Glitch, Piano, Switch, One-man army, Darkness, Research, Boss fight, Explosion, Radiation, Faster than light travel, Jump, Male protagonists, Monkeys, Crate, Spoon, Fork, Cup, Spider, Platform exclusive, Bullet, Random loot, Playing cards, Customization, Voice acting, Palette swap, Toilet, Ladder, Tooth, First-person perspective, Tutorial, Mind control, Human, Polygonal 3d, Pipe, Bathtub, Shower head, Shopping, Skill points, Turret, Upgradeable weapons, Loot gathering, Durability, Computer, Syringe, Door, Bed, Gun, Pool cue, Knife, Alcoholic beverages, Original soundtrack release, Experience points, Shotgun, Crouching, Message on the wall, White noise, Sink, Houseplant, Chips, Cutscene, The locked door, Non-player character, Aural characters, Gog.com, Electricity, Fake in-game advertising, Table, Elevator, Energy force shield, Mutilated corpse, Warning sign, Pillow, Desk, Corpse, Tape recorder, Pistol, First aid kit, Cooperative play, Assault rifle, Bench, Exit door, Instant death, Lead pipe, Classes, Bottle, Crystal, Macguffin, Melee, First person melee, Gloves, Heads up display, Real-time combat, Pants, Player character, Environmental puzzles, Lightsaber, Cigarette, Male antagonist, Instant kill, Invisible enemy, Betrayal, Final boss, Difficulty level, Maps, Cheating death, Laser, Breakable glass, Poster, In-game button reference, Female antagonists, Tooltip, Unreliable narrator, Loud ambient noises, Audio logs, Inconvenient malfunction, Vending machine, Aluminum can, Speed boost, Rpg elements, Reloading, Respawn, Exploding barrel, Enemy health indicator, Lifesaver, Minimap, Sounds of despair, Video game characters that play video games, Scripted death, Television, Moving platforms, Smoking, The future, Sequence breaking, Interactive environments, Cooking range, Stool, Glass, Repairing, Leaf, Healing food, Villain, Changing sides, Been here before, Item combination, Suicide, Evil laugh, Dead end, Cutscene equipment mismatch, Map annotation system, Pool table, Experiments gone awry, Keycard, Wrench, Grenade, Surveillance camera, Hanging, Dynamic soundtrack, Disembodied voice, Energy weapons, Plot twist, Boss assistance, Valuable garbage, Hedge, Corporation, Live disembodied head, Getting stuck in geometry, Color coded enemies, Fetch quests, Phone booth, Meme origin, Inside a living creature, Weapon modification, Flickering light, Role-playing shooter, Image flashes, Magazine, Improvised weapon, Substance abuse benefit, Grenade launcher, Code writing, Oven, Shirt, Multiple ammo types, Body armor, Poison, Invisibility, Scripted events, Vent crawling, Matress, Fire manipulation, Jumping puzzle, First-person platforming, Stock up area, Telekinesis, Enemies on cover art, Working for the enemy, Chase, Deadly gas, Guided by radio, Swimming pool, Alternate fire, Searching corpses, Shotgun shells, Tram, Run 'n gun, Leaning, French accent, Microscope, Infinite spawn, Item container, Pit, Nameless protagonist, Outside of the map, Secret identity, Ammo, Status effects, Monster closet, Rich snob, Inventory grid, Frag grenade, Biotechnology, Swarming enemies, Foreshadowing, Player taunting, Menus don't pause gameplay, Infinite resource spot, Potato chips, Champagne, Automated sentry gun, A.i. construct, Cliffhanger, Cryokinesis, Enemies emerging from eggs, Derelict vessel, Strafing, God complex, Respawn justification, Insect swarm, Starter weapon, Ghostly manifestation, Psychics, Omnipresent villain, Immersive sim, Walls covered with organic tissue, Vodka, Decontamination, Jamming, Flat shading, Hostile a.i., Respawn device, Energy cell, Surgery, Nanomachine, Metagame, Selective fire weapons, Unbreakable glass, Ultimate weapon, Keypad lock, Emp grenade, Computer virus, Operation clusterfuck, Collective conciousness, License hell, Radiation suit, Card lock, Unknown age, Join me!, Zombie cyborg, Xfire, Hidden parasite, Health station, Shotgun slug, Hazard symbol, E3 1999, Organic weapons, Hydroponics, Dark engine, Emp rifle, Tc-5 fusion cannon, Talon m2a3 handgun, M22 assault rifle, Apollo h4 laser pistol, Tc-11 'brick' grenade launcher, Viral proliferator, Annelid worm launcher, Gamepig

График цен System Shock 2 на PC

График цен System Shock 2 на PC

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