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Streets of Rage 2

Мистер Икс и Синдикат вернулись, и они захватили в заложники Адама!
Возьмите под свой контроль Акселя, Блейза, Скейта или Макса, чтобы спасти Адама и уничтожить мистера Икс раз и на всегда.
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20 декабря 1992
Motorcycle, Martial arts, Robot, Fighting, Ninja, Sword, Health, Death, Robots, Inline skates, Hand-to-hand combat, Brawler, Side-scrolling, Classic, Steam, Multiple protagonists, Crime, Electronic music, Sequel, Whip, Level selection, Katana, Action game, Clan, Great soundtrack, Boss fight, Jet pack, Explosion, Bosses, Digital distribution, Female protagonists, Jump, Sprite, Boss rush, Male protagonists, Throwing weapons, Hamburger, Apple, Trash can, Character select screen, Sexualized women, Pipe, Isometric viewpoint, Party system, Special attacks, Knife, Virtual console, Original soundtrack release, Rain, Cooperative play, Playstation plus, Belt scrolling, Melee, Game over, Sound test, Friendly fire, Final boss, Difficulty level, Chiptune, Mini-boss, Screen cleaner, Combo, Digital rights management, Meat, Healing food, Recurring boss, Blunt weapons, Grenade, Onlive, Kunai, Multiplayer party system, Wrestling moves in non-wrestling games, Drop-in drop-out, Mohawk, Teenager, Enemy tossing, Competitive co-op, Kill stealing, Book adaptation, Ambient music, Overweight character, Go arrow, Cake, Environmental kill, End credits songs, Button mashing, Crime fighting, Games on which comic books are based, Roast chicken, Continue, Suplex, Health-consuming attack, Elevator ambush, Trilogy, Evil old white guy, Boss killing their henchmen, Environment as weapons, Dithering, Funicular, Parallax scrolling, Removed from xbla, Spectating villain, Appeared on platform box, Desperation move, Blinking comeback, Ps3, Playstation 3,..., Streets of rage™ 2, Streets of rage™ 2 game

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