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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Клон Старкиллера создан Дартом Вейдером. Но после того, как он ускользает из рук своего хозяина, он путешествует по галактике, чтобы узнать, кто или что он на самом деле.

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26 октября 2010
Death, Robots, Sci-fi, Action-adventure, Achievements, Multiple endings, Sith, Love, Sequel, Dash, Playstation network, One-man army, Boss fight, Explosion, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Licensed game, Challenges, Playstation trophies, Alternate costumes, Voice acting, Bink video, Mind control, Polygonal 3d, Games based on movies, Double jump, Motion control, Original soundtrack release, Motion blur, Cutscene, Save file unlockables, Kiss, Downloadable content, Xbox live, Subtitles, The force, The jedi, Scaleform, Betrayal, Parrying, Games with gold, Difficulty level, Wii remote infrared pointer gameplay, Exploding barrel, Combo, Falling sequence, Projectiles, Leaderboard, Unlockable difficulty level, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Physics manipulation, Suicide, Difficulty achievement, Clone, Games on demand, High definition graphics, Pre-order exclusive, Air dash, Dolby digital, Quick time event, Non-standard difficulty titles, Shaved head, Launching enemies into the air, Collector's edition, Space nazis, At-st, Dismemberment, Flashback, Lock on, From zero to hero, Aggressive door-opening, Dual wielding, Digital molecular matter, Character models based on actual people, Secret achievements, Lightning manipulation, Box quotes, Continuing the storyline, Ewok, Divinity explained by aliens, Plummeting enemies, Roman numerals, Bread crumb trails, Hara-kiri, Potential love interest, Fodder enemies, Evil empire, Collective conciousness, Multiple engines, Rancor, Pax prime 2010, Achievement hitching, Mentor, Multi-monitor support, Euphoria engine, E3 2010, Infernal engine, Saber throw, Buzz cut, Shadowtrooper, Carbonite war droid, Incinerator war droid, Star wars the force unleashed ii, Star wars the force unleashed ii game,

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График цен Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II на PC

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