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Дата выхода:
06 марта 2012
Pirates, Indie, Comedy, Vintage, Fire, Egg, Drums, Mummy, Candy, Toys, Cannon, Compilation, Puzzles, Adventure, Water, Steam, Stylized, Bird, Achievements, Tea, Stacking, Steam trading cards, Rock, Kid friendly, Dancing, Paddle, Paint, Ball, Bicycle, Newspaper, Camera, Dog, Game jam, Yo-yo, Mine cart, Flowers, Glitch, Hook, Shovel, Rock paper scissors, Fruit, Adventure game, Puzzle, Chef, Possession, Scissors, Maid, Darkness, Tree, Flags, Puzzle game, Steam achievements, Gold, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Single-player only, Train, Rail track, Xbox live indie games, Anthropomorphism, Bears, Male protagonists, Monkeys, Graphic filter, Concept art, Credits menu option, Crate, Trash can, Mask, Balloon, Cane, Top hat, Plate, Spoon, Fork, Stainless pot, Coin, Hammer, Playstation trophies, Clowns, Playing cards, Thanks for playing, Toilet, Sunglasses, Rope, Ladder, Fish, Fishing rod, Banana, Tutorial, Book, Pipe, Pop culture reference, Game reference, Rat, Door, Chef's hat, Bed, Lantern, Shelf, Gun, Hat, Armor, Baby, Eyepatch, Alcoholic beverages, Third-person perspective, Unlockables, Beard, Helmet, Skull, Headband, Beret, Loading screens, Bubble, Paper, Paintings, Light bulb, Houseplant, Window, Humble bundle, Cutscene, The locked door, Non-player character, Descendants of other characters, Fake in-game advertising, Table, Candle, Warning sign, Propeller, Bowler hat, Bowling pin, Retail games with steam activation, Cooperative play, Golf ball, Young protagonist, Playstation plus, Key, Fence, Target, Feather, Bone, Treasure chest, Glasses, Important text, Carrot, Bottle, Staircase, Heart, Text bubble, Barrel, Auto-save, Gloves, Heads up display, Confetti, Scaleform, Vision obstruction, Umbrella, Statue, Ice, Poster, Parrot, Mustache, Facial hair, Living toys, Doll, Couch, Hub world, Wooden chair, Suspenders, Vomiting, Movie reference, Clock, Loading screen advice, Spotlight, Valve, Rug, Curtain, Underwear, Boat, Lifesaver, Wand, Map, Bowl, Crying, Mirror, Bucket, Gear, Cheese, Chain mail, Cage, Smoking, Wheel, Corn, Teddy bear, Fmod, Villain, Evolving title screen, Anchor, Net, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Sleeping, Oil drum, Fireplace, Urinating, Wrench, Traffic cone, Paper money, Domino, Whistle, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, Stick, Bird nest, Belching, Saw, Dumbbell, Hobo, Poverty, Monocle, Completion percentage, Judge, Guards, Pallet, Wanted poster, Foam hand, Toothbrush, Record player, Bubblegum, Goggles, Blimp, Arrow sign, Drawbridge, Portcullis, Candy level, Buddha engine, Whale, Bandana, Cookies, Hot air balloon, Tin can, Firefighter, Accordion, Welding mask, Steak, Wig, Buoy, Escaping imprisonment, Goblet, Air duct, Hand rail, Violin, Paint brush, Outside of the map, Optional objective, Matches, Amnesia fortnight, Playstation 3, Binoculars, Biscuit, Crayon, Orphan, Hunting trophy, Lance, Bread crumb trails, Caviar, Soup, Child labor, Matryoshka doll, Adhesive bandages, Martini glass, Wailing and screaming, Fez hat, Pelicans, Mime, Radiation suit, Spike video game awards 2011, Evil moustache, The candy cane, Ps3, Stacking game

График цен Stacking на PC

График цен Stacking на PC

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