In this FPS, you travel across a remote island off the coast of Russia ripping through space and time, and are given your own Time Manipulation Device of which you use to vaporize enemies. You can upgrade your TMD, yourself, and weapons throughout the campaign which is reminiscent of every modern shooter from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare and World at War series to Half Life 2, and F.E.A.R. Time is power.

Multiplayer included but is no longer filled with an active community.

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Дата выхода:
29 июня 2010
Steam, Achievements, Online, Xbox controller support for pc, Explosion, Playstation network, Digital distribution, Boss fight, Playstation trophies, Polygonal 3d, Upgradeable weapons, Stat tracking, Xbox live, Difficulty level, Leaderboard, Voice chat, Physics manipulation, E3 2009, Bloody, Doctor, Mad scientist, Platform exclusive, Jump scare moment, Movie reference, Inconvenient malfunction, Post-credits plot twist, Scripted events, Foreshadowing, First person shooter, Bink video, Story rich, E3 2008, Multiple endings, Bullet time, Color separation, Developed by one person, Checkpoints, Special forces, Easter egg, Voice acting, Instant kill, Weapons swap, Weapon modification, Male protagonist, Ghosts, Exploration, Death, Undead, Traps, Teleportation, Throwing weapons, Customization, Loot gathering, Melee, Underwater gameplay, A.i. companion, Suicide, Swarming enemies, Single-player only, Games on demand, Silent protagonist, Fake in-game advertising, Flashback, Propaganda, Giant insects, Environment as weapons, Rpg elements, One-man army, Water level, Kill feed, Time travel, Gamescom 2009, Communism, Gore, Profanity, Vision obstruction, Difficulty achievement, Dolby digital, Plot twist, Guided by radio, Nazis, Secret achievements, Aggressive door-opening, Backtracking, Time manipulation, Male antagonist, Multi-monitor support, Alternate reality, Canonical death, Audio logs, Class-based, Environmental puzzles, Context sensitive, Changing sides, Valuable garbage, Working for the enemy, Vent crawling, Arrival by crash landing, Secret identity, Missable achievements, Tape recorder, Ghostly manifestation, Escape from exploding building, Objectivism, Groundhog day scenario