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Sid Meier's Civilization V

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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Дата выхода:
23 ноября 2010
Modern warfare, Helicopter, Robot, Exploration, Medieval, Sword, Samurai, World domination, Construction, Turn-based, 4x, Fishing, Military, Fire, Alternate history, Horse, City-building, Cannon, Spaceship, Management, Bridge, Water, War, Diplomacy, Simulation, Steam, Bird, Achievements, Roman empire, Point and click, Steam trading cards, Search, Snow, Ship, Artillery, Tank, Grid-based movement, Capitalism, Economy, Billiards, Sequel, Mine cart, Shield, Dreams, Mining, Cross-platform multiplayer, Volcano, Hexagon, Arrow, Spear, Fruit, Government, Airplane, Climate change, Fog of war, Research, City builder, Sheep, Game of the year edition, Strategy, Tree, Fog, Steam achievements, Gold, Rail track, Steam cloud, Alternate historical, Credits menu option, Top hat, Plate, Random number generation, Game critics awards, Elephants, Modern military, Steam workshop, World map, Voice acting, Thanks for playing, Fish, Banana, Trade, Famous quotes, Sand, Bow, Upgradeable weapons, Currency, Gun, Hat, Polearm, Musket, Palm tree, Experience points, Beard, Pirate ship, Loading screens, Message on the wall, Window, Descendants of other characters, Smoke, Retail games with steam activation, Fence, Gem, Crown, Gull, Resource gathering, Homing missile, Hotseat, Asynchronous multiplayer, Bottle, Fountain, Reputation, Downloadable content, Granny 3d, Betrayal, Torii, Umbrella, Difficulty level, Crepuscular rays, Statue, Column, Pickaxe, Historical figures in fictional settings, Canoe, Ice, Self-referential humor, Facial hair, Multiple gameplay perspectives, Tooltip, Clock, Steam play, Rug, Curtain, Rpg elements, Boat, Minimap, Randomly generated maps, Catapult, Developer cameo, Lighthouse, Wraparound world, Disgruntled subjects, The 19th century, Nuclear bomb, Rocket, Sugar, Pearl, Confirm menu choices, Consolation achievements, Zoom, Gamersgate, Difficulty achievement, Mods, Engineer, Iron, Pine tree, Crossbow, Hugging, Baldness, Onlive, Submarine, Mod support, Tech trees, Mill, Non-standard difficulty titles, Crane, Ambient wildlife, Rifle, Swordsman, Get games, Whale, Hand of god, Wheat, Silver, Earrings, Aircraft carrier, Sweeping vista, Historical inaccuracy, French accent, German accent, Dream sequence, Barbarians, Logging, Scout class, Camel, Naval battles, Creator's name on the box, Biblical quotes, Gunpowder, Encyclopedia, Cruiser, Direct2drive, Armored personnel carrier, Animal husbandry, Militia, Cavalry, Barracks, Confucianism, Pottery, Nomads, Multiple personality, Leopard 2, Power plant, Bronze age, Capital city, Pax prime 2010, Phalanx, Garrison, B-2 spirit, Uranium, Petroleum, Battlecruiser, Playable via wine, Copper, Rocket artillery, Silk, Legionnaire, Advisors, E3 2010, Pax east 2010, Wonder, Road speed bonus, Cheating a.i.

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