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Дата выхода:
21 августа 2014
Ghosts, Medieval, Magic, Sword, Fantasy, Dragons, Shark, Turn-based, Kickstarter funded, Death, Fire, Horse, Egg, Drums, Slingshot, Mummy, Jewel, Cleaning, Remake, Puzzles, Bridge, Adventure, Dragon, Skeleton, Water, Horror, Button, Steam, Bird, Backtracking, Traps, Steam trading cards, Rock, Pixel art, Snow, Inventory, Dice, Teleportation, Mushroom, Castle, Shield, Star, Flowers, Arrow, Glitch, Hook, Spear, Puzzle, Switch, Darkness, Trolls, Tree, Bosses, Steam achievements, Gold, Digital distribution, Transformations, Anthropomorphism, Genie, Male protagonists, Credits menu option, Crate, Cape, Cup, Laboratory apparatus, Coin, Hammer, Spider, Voice acting, Palette swap, Lightning bolt, Rope, Ladder, Log, Tutorial, Book, Bow, Pop culture reference, Goblins, Skeletons, Game reference, Scythe, Door, Axe, Scroll, Shelf, Hat, Armor, Deliberately retro, Werewolves, Knife, Club, Helmet, Skull, Message on the wall, Rain, Window, Cutscene, The locked door, Non-player character, Electricity, Smoke, Table, Candle, Corpse, Rubble, Coffin, Lava, Lightning, Key, Bench, Campfire, Gem, Bone, Instant death, Treasure chest, Glasses, Important text, Downloadable to retail, Bottle, Staircase, Crystal, Torch, Side quests, Slashing weapons, Potion, Barrel, Auto-save, First person melee, Grapple, Ring, Crowd funded, Betrayal, Vision obstruction, Glowing eyes, Well, Final boss, Difficulty level, Maps, Ruby, Shaky cam, In-game achievement menu, Tutorial mascot, In-game achievements, Statue, Cyclops, Internet culture reference, Breakable glass, Ice, Self-referential humor, Quicksaving, Couch, Hub world, Wooden chair, Broom, Rug, Pax prime 2014, Screen wipe, Same name reboot, Chains, Telescope, Wand, Map, Hand drawn graphics, Bowl, Mirror, Bread, Bucket, Icicle, Gear, Meat, Floppy disk, Globe, Leaf, Confirm menu choices, Consolation achievements, Spider web, Villain, Zoom, Bell, Flute, Item combination, Hotkey, Sidekick, Shape-shifting, Disguise, Suicide, Evil laugh, Red herring, Gargoyles, Warlock, Cloth map, Persistent ailments, Dead end, Wyvern, Drunk character, Floppy disk save icons, Elementals, Franchise reboot, Cutscene equipment mismatch, Wraith, Banshee, Difficulty achievement, Feelie, Map annotation system, Blunt weapons, Magically imbued weapons, Non-standard difficulty differences, Pacifist playthrough, Unwinnable state, Predecessor included, Gauntlets, Gong, Harp, Tentacles, Trophy, Necklace, Sceptre, Acid, Throne, Cauldron, Lute, Cushion, Quiver, Bag, Fireplace, Hourglass, Moss

График цен Shadowgate на PC

График цен Shadowgate на PC

График цен Shadowgate на PlayStation

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