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Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior рассказывает необычную историю корпоративного сёгуна Zilla Enterprise Ло Ванга, которому его лживый наниматель приказал приобрести легендарный клинок безграничной силы. Преданный и оставленный умирать, Ло Ван узнает о связи клинка с древними богами из другого царства, готовящимися поставить наш мир на грань разрушения. Теперь упорный герой должен стать легендой благодаря мастерской комбинации оружия, клинков, магии и остроумия, чтобы раскрыть правду о демоническом вторжении и изгнать зло обратно во тьму.

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23 октября 2014
Helicopter, Martial arts, Robot, Blood, Ninja, Sword, Health, Comedy, First person shooter, Fps, Death, Robots, Fire, Ps4, Scooter, Swordplay, Keyboard, Shadow, Rabbit, Remake, Puzzles, Bridge, Shooter, Demons, Water, Button, Steam, Parallel worlds, Backtracking, Portals, Rock, Pixel art, Snow, Sex, Ship, Missile, Dark humor, Car, Bicycle, Easter egg, Teleportation, Love, Singing, Good soundtrack, Shield, Dash, Flowers, Glitch, Katana, Switch, One-man army, Darkness, Snowman, Flamethrower, Boss fight, Comic book, Shuriken, Tree, Explosion, Flags, Brick, Truck, Steam achievements, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Single-player only, Train, Rail track, Steam cloud, Jump, Sprite, Male protagonists, Flying enemies, Credits menu option, Throwing weapons, Crate, Health pack, Trash can, Mask, Vine, Fedora hat, Coin, Platform exclusive, Police car, Voice acting, Self-advertisement, Thanks for playing, Fireball, Lightning bolt, Sunglasses, Rope, Ladder, Log, Fish, Toothpaste, First-person perspective, Tutorial, Ranking system, Flashlight, Cell phone, Bink video, Polygonal 3d, Qr codes, Book, Pipe, Turret, Explosives, Upgradeable weapons, Pop culture reference, Game reference, Briefcase, Computer, Syringe, Door, Axe, Bed, Lantern, Shelf, Currency, Gun, Hat, Armor, Deliberately retro, Lily pad, Ramp, Item throw, Cartoon cutscene, Club, Beard, Helmet, Shrub, Shotgun, Rocket launcher, Loading screens, Motion blur, Wasd movement, Rain, First-person regain consciousness, Cardboard box, Paper, Paintings, Sink, Light bulb, Houseplant, Window, Cutscene, The locked door, Extreme violence, Profanity, Gog.com, Electricity, Fake in-game advertising, Smoke, Table, Elevator, Candle, Bloody wall, Mutilated corpse, Warning sign, Pillow, Desk, Corpse, Propeller, Necktie, Pistol, Gatling gun, First aid kit, Coffin, Lava, Lightning, Sprinting, Key, Fence, Feather, Grass, Bone, Instant death, Homing missile, Carrot, Bottle, Street light, Staircase, Crystal, Heart, Torch, Slashing weapons, Melee, Crosshair, Full body awareness, Subtitles, First person melee, Gloves, Heads up display, Useable vehicles, Cigarette, Videotape, Stat tracking, Secret area, Betrayal, Vision obstruction, Shielded enemies, Glowing eyes, Walking through walls, Well, Torii, Tōrō, Umbrella, Final boss, Difficulty level, Taxi cab, Skeleton warriors, Limited light source, Improvised bridge, In-game achievement menu, Reward sound, Crepuscular rays, Laser, Statue, Column, Tombstone, Wings, Internet culture reference, Breakable glass, Poster, Self-referential humor, Mustache, Facial hair, Jump scare moment, Quicksaving, Quickloading, Office chair, Couch, Tire, Tooltip, Movie reference, Loading screen advice, Vending machine, Aluminum can, Phone, Spotlight, Valve, Audio cassette, Underwear, Rock music, Pax prime 2013, Gamescom 2013, Reloading, E3 2014, Same name reboot, Exploding barrel, Enemy health indicator, Chains, Map, Falling sequence, Scripted death, Television, Mirror, Arcade cabinet, Decapitation, Cage, Smoking, Shipping container, Fmod, Glass, Blocking, Tattoo, Power line, Weak spot, Been here before, Zoom, Boss level, Gasoline can, Anchor, Bell, Exploding enemies, Reflection, Sidekick, Franchise reboot, Cushion, Charge, Experiments gone awry, Chapters, Multiple art styles, Keycard, Wrench, Fan, Paper money, Skill tree, Crossbow, Vase, Baldness, Stalactite, Inventory loss, Letterboxing widescreen, Banter during gameplay, Shaved head, Spin attack, Fuel tank, Depth of field, Fire extinguisher, Locker, Wheelchair, Crane, Iron sights, Ambient music, Enemy reaction, Muzzle flash, Havok physics, Dismemberment, Action one-liners, Revolver, Forklift, Drill, Pallet, Gas cylinder, Watch, Toothbrush, Fortune cookie, Mirror ball, Taunting, Retrievable projectiles, Street sign, Scripted events, New game plus, Portal, Lock, Aggressive door-opening, Dual wielding, Charging heavyweight enemies, Severed head, Catwalk, Vignetting, Cookies, Fireworks, Cherry blossoms, Deadly gas, Swimming pool, Gas mask, Retinal scanner, Buoy, Headshot, Strategic dismemberment, Alternate fire, In-game advertising, Giant killing, Monster infighting, Sweeping vista, Texture pop-in, On-site procurement, Weapon room, Escaping imprisonment, Developer console, Enemies that spawn enemies, Waking up captured, Footprints, Searching corpses, Turret sequence, Motion comic, Shoot the backpack, Prematurely ending boss fights, Mid-game haircut, Upgrade tattoo, Gatling turret, Goblet, Severed limbs, Slippers, Shotgun shells, Generator, Mounted gun, Tram, Flip-flops, Devolver, Shadow warrior, Flying wild hog, Digital

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