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Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure

В «Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure» Максвелл объединяется с Бэтменом ™, Суперменом ™ и остальными участниками The Justice League ™, чтобы навести порядок во вселенной DC Comics.

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Дата выхода:
24 сентября 2013
Aliens, Super hero, Ghosts, Baseball, Helicopter, Assassin, Soccer, Football, Motorcycle, Dinosaurs, Casual, Mech, Puzzle solving, Vampire, Magic, Sword, Health, Ants, Dragons, Shark, Summoning, Robots, Procedural generation, Fire, Slot machine, Monster truck, Egg, Drums, Orca, Wolverine, Doctor, Goat, Cannon, Gangs, Rabbit, Deer, Puzzles, Flight, Bridge, Action-adventure, Crossover, Cyborg, Water, Marble, Button, Steam, Witch, Fairy, Multiple protagonists, Bird, Diary, Undead, Tea, Portals, Steam trading cards, Rock, Search, Bus, Dancing, Time machine, Snow, Inventory, Snakes, Ball, Car, Bicycle, Tank, Camera, Mud, Lemonade, Easter egg, Dog, Teleportation, Hydra, Yo-yo, Pizza, Level selection, Mushroom, Mine cart, Shield, Unicycle, Climbing, Swimming, Flowers, Pegasus, Eggplant, Superhero, Arrow, Bats, Weather, Graffiti, Hook, Ambulance, Shovel, Spear, Giraffe, Fruit, Katana, Turtle, Toast, Airplane, Puzzle, Manticore, Switch, Scissors, Maid, User generated content, Snowman, Flamethrower, Spikes, Succubus, Comic book, Jet pack, Shuriken, Tree, Explosion, Tsunami, Flags, Mounts, Brick, Truck, Steam achievements, Machine gun, Astronaut, Gold, Digital distribution, Train, Rail track, Steam cloud, Jump, Anthropomorphism, Sprite, Bears, Flying enemies, Credits menu option, Company name in title, Hamburger, Crate, Apple, Trash can, Mask, Balloon, Present, Cape, Coin, Hammer, Spider, Flea, Police car, Penguins, Bullet, Pig, Tennis racquet, Tennis ball, Alternate costumes, Playing cards, Steam workshop, Voice acting, Palette swap, Gorilla, Self-advertisement, Lightning bolt, Toilet, Sunglasses, Games based on comic books, Rope, Ladder, Fish, Tooth, Cat, Tutorial, Cash register, Tractor, Sickle, Bomb, Book, Sand, Pipe, Bathtub, Bow, Explosives, Pop culture reference, Game reference, Rat, Briefcase, Computer, Door, Axe, Magnet, Bed, Lantern, Shelf, Fly swatter, Gun, Boxing glove, Hat, Armor, Evil twin, Deliberately retro, Collectibles, Priest, Baby, Musket, Bazooka, Ramp, Knife, Item throw, Soccer ball, Alcoholic beverages, Palm tree, Lions, Turkey, Unlockables, Helmet, Fist, Shrub, Rocket launcher, Bubble, Rain, Photo, Stuffed animal, Light bulb, Window, Eating, Cutscene, Electricity, Smoke, Table, Elevator, Energy force shield, Radio, Warning sign, Pillow, Desk, Brain, Propeller, Scalpel, Rubble, Necktie, Baseball bat, Centaurs, Pistol, Gatling gun, Barbell, Baseball cap, Multiple characters on box art, Eagle, Tigers, Polar bear, Golf club, Golf ball, Off-tv play, Basket, Young protagonist, Key, Harpoon, Tyrannosaurus rex, Hot dog, Bench, Fence, Campfire, Target, Orange, Watermelon, Feather, Crown, Grass, Ice stage, Battle axe, Piñata, Trampoline, Escort mission, Treasure chest, Glasses, Carrot, Comic book character, Lead pipe, Character creation, Bottle, Laptop, Street light, Fountain, Staircase, Escalator, Crystal, Stereoscopic 3d, Nintendo network, Oni, Torch, Text bubble, Royalty, Reputation, Barrel, War hammer, Heads up display, Golf tee, Pants, Useable vehicles, Underwater gameplay, Ring, Octopus, Tesla coil, Mace, Baton, Razor, Safe, Invisible enemy, Well, Umbrella, Griffons, Trench coat, Ruby, Taxi cab, Skeleton warriors, Reward sound, Laser, Statue, Column, Wings, Spellcaster, Green lantern corps, Sinestro corps, Bulldozer, Canoe, Ice, Wreath, Self-referential humor, Visible binary, Mustache, Facial hair, Teachers, Subtitled silence, Triple question mark, Wooden chair, Movie reference, Clock, Doughnut, Spotlight, Valve, Rug, Whiteboard, Underwear, Yetis, Corgi, Narwhal, Belt, Pax prime 2013, Exploding barrel, Sniper rifle, Crab, Enemy health indicator, Lifesaver, Chains, Telescope, Wand, Map, Ice cream truck, Catapult, Crying, Television, Mirror, Bread, Arcade cabinet, Refrigerator, Bucket, Pole, Gear, Conveyor belt, Cheese, Chain mail, Cage, Clam, Scientist, Nuclear bomb, Meat, Rocket, Wood, Corn, Exclamation mark, Theft, Teddy bear, Automated teller machine, Water cooler, Invisible object, Floppy disk, Dart, Stool, Radiator, Confirm menu choices, Spider web, Villain, Comic book onomatopoeia, Starfish, Zoom, Hard hat, Tiara, Anchor, Net, Broad sword, Water level, Shoes, Invisible wall, Bell, Throwing axe, Cart, Dynamite, Item combination, Machete, Content editor, Disguise, Evil laugh, Floppy disk save icons, Trophy, Necklace, Acid, Cauldron, Quiver, Bag, Fireplace, Trumpet, Wrench, Traffic cone, Handcuffs, Lemon, Moneybag, Nut, Hair brush, Ferris wheel, Pine tree, Crossbow, Morning star, Vase, Temporary invincibility, Hugging, Baldness, Skyscraper, Mailbox, Hedge clipper, Bizarre weapons, Energy weapons, Rose, Wooden shield, Saw, Weighing scale, Bandit, Fetch quests, Monocle, Super speed, Cannibalism, Agents, Fire extinguisher, School bus, Postbox, Trash bag, Mechanic, Cake, Grenade launcher, Beach ball, Water gun, Revolver, Rake, Fire truck, Meat cleaver, Drill, Pallet, Wanted poster, Bead, Riot shield, Coffee maker, Parking meter, Mustard, Electric chair, Acoustic guitar, Scarf, Lobster, Record player, Bubblegum, Plate armor, Blimp, Comic book cutscene, Poison, Ballistic vest, Invisibility, Toaster, Matress, Dress, Anvil, Iron maiden, Portal, Spike ball, Crystal ball, Crime fighting, Badger, Football helmet, Whale, Punching bag, Cookies, Portable toilet, Hot air balloon, More than two eyes, Hippopotamus, Platypus, Journalist, Shrinking characters, Sleeping enemies, Lumberjack, Deadly gas, Ifrit, Superpowers, Incubus, Kobolds, Behemoth, Lamia, Basilisks, Cockatrice, Giant squid, Firefighter, Wasps, Catoblepas, Guided by radio, Optional lore, Poodle, Tengu, Kappa, Games on which comic books are based, Wolpertinger, Cutscene menu, Tanuki, Red lantern corps, Basenji, Shiba inu, White lantern corps, Lightning logo, Black lantern corps, Animal petting, Frost giants, Star sapphire corps, Blue lantern corps, Nuckelavee, Tsuchinoko, Shoggoth, Ahool, Orange lantern corps, Railgun, Rupee, Tommy gun, Swimming pool, Covered wagon, Afro, Rubber duck, Ray gun, Gas mask, Halftrack, Walkie talkie, Nailgun, Weight, Tricycle, Ramen, Mullet, Altar, Wheat, Banjo, Tranquilizer, Bracers, Anti-aircraft gun, Scale armor, Waffle, Kryptonite, Batmobile, Burrito, Silver, Wooden mail, Bear trap, Trident, Watercraft, Minivan, Tug boat, Ice block, Technical truck, Mallet, Rubber ammunition, Lasso, Batarang, Emerald, Bacon, Maid uniform, Turpentine, Wooden arrow, Washing machine, Water heater, Water tower, Outhouse, Necronomicon, Thorns, Branch, Sword rack, Rubber tube, Beef jerky, Bust, Quad, Butterfly net, Starite, Jumpsuit, Fuse, Accordion, Escape pod, Maracas, Mini nuke, Beans, Diazepam, Waterwheel, Tube, Quartz, Beehive, Cask, Trucker hat, Pressure cooker, Tire iron, Aquarium, Maelstrom, Maple syrup, Quill, Reciprocating saw, Defibrillator, Blunderbuss, Welding mask, Steak, Rice, Dental braces, Track pants, Egg roll, Do-rag, Volley gun, Wig, Utility belt, Endoscope, Sausage, Trip wire, Water balloon, Wooden sword, Lime, Stage coach, Butter, Ravioli, Musical keyboard, Breadmaker, Bunker, Popcorn, Groucho glasses, Retinal scanner, Buoy, Earrings, Bracelet, Inkwell, Workbench, Tuk tuk, Radio tower, Bunny suit, Sponge, Breastplate, Trojan horse, Apron, Maul, Pinball machine, Ukulele, Tuba, Steamed bun, Abyssal armor, Bunk bed, Canvas, Cinnamon bun, Phở, Parademons

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