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Saints Row IV

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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Дата выхода:
20 августа 2013
Aliens, Super hero, Assassin, Skateboard, Motorcycle, Exploration, Sandbox, Blood, Stealth, Gravity, Mech, Training, Interactive fiction, Murder, Drugs, Organized crime, Health, Pedestrians, Dragons, Comedy, Mascot, Parody, Death, Fire, Ascii, Keyboard, Christmas, Romance, Shadow, Gangs, Third person shooter, Futuristic, Sci-fi, Hand-to-hand combat, Flight, Shooter, Action-adventure, Side-scrolling, Steam, Bromance, Black-and-white, Achievements, Time limit, Multiple endings, Online, Hostages, Building, Hacking, Artificial intelligence, Open-world, Steam trading cards, Crime, Ronin, Revenge, Drifting, Dancing, Sex, Car, Newspaper, Camera, Easter egg, Capitalism, Electronic music, Nudity, Over the shoulder, Economy, Love, Sequel, Slow-motion, Heavy metal, Shield, Wall jump, Dash, Flowers, Superhero, Graffiti, Ambulance, Gunslinger, Sheriff, Katana, Action game, Hip-hop, Boss fight, Tree, Explosion, Flags, Boost, Brick, Dildo, Steam achievements, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Female protagonists, Steam cloud, Jump, Male protagonists, Credits menu option, Hamburger, Crate, Apple, Trash can, Mask, Cape, Pencil, Top hat, Plate, Fedora hat, Fork, Cup, Challenges, Police car, Rivaling factions, Alternate costumes, Barb wire fence, World map, Voice acting, Toilet, Sunglasses, Toilet paper, Banana, Cell phone, Cash register, Bink video, Human, Polygonal 3d, Color customization, Mouse, Sexualized women, Shopping, Bow, Revive, Pop culture reference, Game reference, Computer, Door, Panties, Currency, Hat, Licensed soundtrack, Armor, Collectibles, Mayor, Pool cue, Billiard ball, Pineapple, Third-person perspective, Experience points, Beard, Helmet, Rocket launcher, Headband, Motion blur, Crouching, Wasd movement, Color separation, Cardboard box, Paper, Photo, Sink, Light bulb, Humble bundle, Cutscene, Profanity, Table, Elevator, Candle, Pillow, Breast bounce, Vehicle customization, Van, Necktie, Bowler hat, Baseball bat, Gatling gun, Barbell, Bowling pin, Baseball cap, Headset, Multiple characters on box art, Retail games with steam activation, Tigers, Lightning, Cooperative play, Sprinting, Sniping, Bench, Fence, Target, Grass, Ragdoll physics, Checkpoints, Late title card, Glasses, Super combo, Kiss, Posthumous credit, Character creation, Bottle, Laptop, Street light, Staircase, Ceiling fan, Side quests, Pick your gender, Downloadable content, Wwise, Melee, Crosshair, Subtitles, Auto-save, Gloves, Combat knife, Heads up display, Real-time combat, Lgbt, Pants, Useable vehicles, A.i. companion, Cigarette, Videotape, Revealing attire, Stat tracking, Safe, Secret area, Infinite ammo, Betrayal, Umbrella, Convict, Games with gold, Statue, Wings, Wilhelm scream, Fake glitch, Visible binary, Mustache, Office chair, Couch, Tire, Wooden chair, Lives, Vomiting, Movie reference, Calendar, Audio logs, Vending machine, Phone, Valve, Commentary, Rock music, Belt, Sexualized men, Pax prime 2013, Rpg elements, Reloading, Combo, Enemy health indicator, Pirate hat, Minimap, Robbery, Chandelier, Ponytail, Production babies, E3 2013, Television, Mirror, Pancake, Arcade cabinet, Refrigerator, Cheat code, Decapitation, Blood splatter, Death of a salesman, Terrorists, Banned, Smoking, In-game radio, Presidential protagonist, Nuclear bomb, 2" x 4'', Wheel, Shipping container, Theft, Automated teller machine, Water cooler, Cooking range, Dart board, Stool, Blocking, Consolation achievements, English accent, Film noir, Playstation now, Tattoo, Power line, Anti-hero, Comic book onomatopoeia, Been here before, Shortcut, Hard hat, Cooldowns, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Shoes, Cowboy hat, Gamersgate, Stamina bar, Oil drum, Drunk character, Blunt weapons, Trophy, Necklace, Cauldron, Bag, Fireplace, Pool table, Fire hydrant, Games on demand, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, Morning star, Vase, Baldness, Mailbox, Shoryuken, Billboard, Russian accent, Air dash, Wrestling moves in non-wrestling games, Divekick, Actor character, Fingerless gloves, Suit and tie, Radial menu, Weapons swap, Bizarre weapons, Multiplayer lan, Plot twist, Quick time event, Taser, Sandbag, Fatigue, End credits rap songs, Hobo, Poverty, Bad endings, Monocle, Banter during gameplay, Super speed, Villain turned good, Fight yourself, Tuxedo, Mohawk, Bookworms, Speedtree, Clear save, Stomping, Enemy tossing, Dlc season pass, Damage flash, Crane, Postbox, Traffic light, Amplifier, Regenerating health, In-engine cinematic, Magazine, Havok physics, Exploding vehicles, Light up crosshair, Go arrow, Cross-dressing, Revolver, Dog tag, Mannequin, Fire truck, Compact disc, Speaker, Watch, Neon sign, Scarf, High heels, Skirt, Sex change, Button mashing, Taunting, Cosmetic items, Expanding crosshair, Fire manipulation, Jukebox, Portal, Aggressive door-opening, Semi, Porn magazine, Dual wielding, Burning, Charging heavyweight enemies, Character models based on actual people, Telekinesis, Punching bag, Chase, Upgradeable vehicles, Superpowers, Tommy gun, Earrings, Radio tower, Pinball machine, Uppercut, Hair physics, Traffic, Censored version, Hoodie, Pax east 2013, Nameless protagonist, Gang leader, Anarchism, Sociopath, Ambient occlusion, Death from above, Alien abduction, Cross, Rich snob, The end is the beginning, Fully customizable controls, Thumbs up, Lightning manipulation, Super jump, Public phone, Spatula, Prostitute, Prostitution, Walking protagonist, Box quotes, Sombrero, Car chase, Strippers, Cryokinesis, Contested territory, Persistent bullet holes, Random character speech, Pervert, Notoriety system, Nobilitease, Forced slow walking, Foot racing, Lawbreaking, Another world, Bunny hopping, Breast slider, Ultor, Carjacking, Roadblock, False death, Rail shooting segment, Shorts, Barrel roll, Pixelization, 3-d glasses, Mid-story character customization, Groin strike, Crotch damage, One person drives while the other shoots, Security shades, Fictional clothing brands, Heavy, Shooting out lights, Human shield, Air grille, Drive-by shooting, Pump action shotgun, Idle dialogue, Avatar awards, Sex doll, Futuristic game show, 3rd street saints, The brotherhood of stilwater, The vice kings, Water walking, Body stuck between elevator doors, Balance indicator, Jerkin', Hit notifier, Genki bowl, Zin empire, Supergimps, Trashmaster, Bulldog, Bootlegger, Relic, Temptress, Estrada, Fer de lance, Infuego, Gat mobile, Rectifier probe, Naughty f-69 vtol, Dildozer, Xxx gunslinger, Black hole launcher, Dubstep gun, Shooter game, Saints row iv, Saints row iv game

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