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Saints Row 2

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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05 января 2009
Pirates, Crime-life, Helicopter, Assassin, Skateboard, Motorcycle, Chainsaw, Sandbox, Blood, Ninja, Drugs, Sword, Minigames, Organized crime, Health, Pedestrians, Comedy, Burnout, Shark, Tps, Voxel, Parachute, Monster truck, Scooter, Atv, Drums, Kayak, Skydiving, Keyboard, Wolverine, Dirt bike, Gangs, Third person shooter, Flight, Bridge, Shooter, Action-adventure, Water, Steam, Achievements, Online, Building, Gps, Sushi, Artificial intelligence, Open-world, Custom soundtrack, Crime, Ronin, Drifting, Sex, Missile, Car, Camera, Easter egg, Hollywood, Electronic music, Nudity, Over the shoulder, Yacht, Economy, Singing, Sequel, Mine cart, Bear, Graffiti, Day/night cycle, Race car, Ambulance, Playstation network, Katana, Airplane, Action game, Piano, Jack, Nitrous, Bee, Flamethrower, Base jumping, Explosion, Flags, Cloud, Brick, Dildo, Truck, Machine gun, Coffee, Titan, Gold, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Female protagonists, Train, Rail track, Steam cloud, Driving/racing, Jump, Options menu, Hamburger, Crate, Trash can, Mask, Top hat, Fedora hat, Cup, Hammer, Police car, Playstation trophies, Bullet, Rivaling factions, Customizable characters, Customization, Barb wire fence, World map, Voice acting, Toilet, Sunglasses, Feces, Ladder, Cell phone, Cash register, Corrupt government, Bink video, Polygonal 3d, Sand, Mouse, Sexualized women, Shopping, Explosives, Game reference, Briefcase, Door, Panties, Bed, Shelf, Currency, Gun, Hat, Coat, Licensed soundtrack, Fart, Pool cue, Billiard ball, Motorboat, Knife, Alcoholic beverages, Third-person perspective, Backpack, Unlockables, Helmet, Go, Shotgun, Rocket launcher, Crouching, Wasd movement, Rain, Paper, Paintings, Sink, Humble bundle, Cutscene, Non-player character, Profanity, Table, Elevator, Candle, Radio, Warning sign, Pillow, Desk, Vehicle customization, Van, Bowler hat, Baseball bat, Pistol, Gatling gun, Coffin, Baseball cap, Retail games with steam activation, Lightning, Cooperative play, Assault rifle, Light machine gun, Playstation plus, Bench, Fence, Campfire, Ragdoll physics, Escort mission, Checkpoints, Falling damage, Glasses, Double barreled shotgun, Lead pipe, Character creation, Bottle, Laptop, Street light, Escalator, Sports jersey, Basketball hoop, Microphone, Side quests, Pick your gender, Disarm, Downloadable content, Barrel, Xbox live, Melee, Crosshair, Subtitles, Auto-save, Smoke grenade, C4, Gloves, Heads up display, Real-time combat, Lgbt, Pants, Useable vehicles, Ring, A.i. companion, Baton, Revealing attire, Safe, Instant kill, Infinite ammo, Betrayal, Umbrella, Convict, Difficulty level, Taxi cab, Column, Tombstone, Wilhelm scream, Internet culture reference, Bulldozer, Breakable glass, Cell phone interface, Parrot, Mustache, Office chair, Tire, Wooden chair, Movie reference, Clock, Bulletin board, Calendar, Doughnut, Unseen recurring characters, Vending machine, Aluminum can, Phone, Electric fan, Spotlight, Valve, Rug, Underwear, Belt, Reloading, Canceled games, Exploding barrel, Sniper rifle, Boat, Lifesaver, Lamp post, Telescope, Falling sequence, Stop sign, Video game characters that play video games, Christianity, Television, Lighthouse, Arcade cabinet, Refrigerator, Clipboard, Cheat code, Blood splatter, Conveyor belt, Death of a salesman, Law, In-game radio, Wood, Wheel, Theft, Automated teller machine, Water cooler, Hmmwv, Grandfather clock, Stool, Glass, Confirm menu choices, Healing food, Tattoo, Power line, Zoom, Boots, Anchor, Cowboy hat, Machete, Drunk character, Cutscene equipment mismatch, Blunt weapons, Gong, Trophy, Necklace, Hard trees, Pool table, Controversy, File cabinet, Wrench, Traffic cone, Fire hydrant, Paper money, Grenade, Games on demand, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, Ski mask, Onlive, Multiple enemy boss fight, Skyscraper, High definition graphics, Mailbox, Dolby digital, Wrestling moves in non-wrestling games, Fingerless gloves, Radial menu, Bizarre weapons, Saw, Weighing scale, Quick time event, Less-lethal weapons, Taser, Hobo, Poverty, Banter during gameplay, Player owned houses, Floating rings, Beer, Speedtree, Freelc, Judge, Collector's edition, Damage flash, Molotov cocktail, Fire extinguisher, Wheelchair, Postbox, Traffic light, Luggage, Idle animations, Enemy reaction, Submachine gun, Mongoose, Havok physics, Exploding vehicles, Light up crosshair, Improvised weapon, Fan service, Substance abuse benefit, Crowbar, Sticky bombs, Grenade launcher, Sledgehammer, Flashbang, Cinder block, Jersey barrier, Spray paint, Fire truck, Compact disc, Pallet, Speaker, Shopping cart, Coffee maker, Microwave, Parking meter, Blender, Beer hat, Lowrider, Women in refrigerators, High heels, Shirt, Sex change, Taunting, Tank top, Blimp, Sneakers, Rifle, Street sign, Call sign, Scope, Laser sight, Printer, Matress, From zero to hero, Dual wielding, Watching tv, Bandana, Punching bag, Vignetting, Working for the enemy, Propaganda, Ak-47, Portable toilet, Weight, Mullet, Silver, Watercraft, Water tower, Jumpsuit, Trucker hat, Tire iron, Maelstrom, Defibrillator, Track pants, Do-rag, Headshot, Escaping imprisonment, Slippers, Generator, Roast chicken, Traffic, Spike strip, Censored version, Southern american accent, Sock, Hoodie, Box art features character facing away, Victory pose, Watchtower, Stretcher, Nameless protagonist, Outside of the map, Gang leader, Anarchism, Disc streaming, Sociopath, Secret achievements, Ammo, Engine, Bikini, Stripper pole, Rich snob, Thumbs up, Frag grenade, Phoenix, Gun smoke, Playstation 3, Sandals, Robe, Newspaper vending machine, Vulture, Defenestration, Public phone, Tea-bagging, Prostitute, Prostitution, Renovation, Flat cap, Slip cover packaging, Persistent world, Muscle car, Police chase, Strippers, Marijuana, Sports car, Lab coat, Contested territory, Satchel charge, Persistent bullet holes, Cheerleader, Random character speech, Pervert, Notoriety system, Tow truck, Pratfall, Halberd, Lawbreaking, M249 saw, Public transportation, Psychics, Miner's helmet, Ultor, Carjacking, Roadblock, Beretta m9, Balisong, Toad, Turntable, False death, Cruiser, Widow, Limousine, Shorts, Demolition derby, Auto shotgun, Glock 17, Pixelization, Surgery, Mid-story character customization, Crotch damage, Metagame, One person drives while the other shoots, The mob, Xm8, Barrett m95, Recycled characters, Mp5k, Nachos, Corn dog, Fictional clothing brands, Human shield, Roadworks, Combine harvester, M16a1, M-203 grenade launcher, Gender slider, Golf cart, Player-controlled graffiti, Defend x for y amount of time, Aberrant a.i. behaviour, Buttstroke, Tec-9, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Drive-by shooting, Pump action shotgun, Idle dialogue, Tornado, Horizon, Colt anaconda, Barrett m82, Gun boat, Busted, Bling, Hot dog suit, Sixaxis support, Pimp, Shard, Rebar, Pepper spray, Geiger counter, Femme fatale, Xs-2 ultimax, 3rd street saints, The brotherhood of stilwater, Balance indicator, Bulldog, Bootlegger, Relic, Temptress, Estrada, Casually walking away from an explosion, Fake reloading animation, Car bomb, Cheetah, Mule, Stallion, Buffalo, Stunt casting, Usas-12, Pre-lc, Pipe bomb, Xfire, Wheelman, Hangover quest, Newman, Mag, Portable cover, E3 2010, Barbershop quartet, Platinum, Skee ball, Thompson, Giant donut, Latex, E3 2009, Live burial, Sideburns, Barbie doll nudity, E3 2008, Busking, Developers' room, Changing race, Pax 2008, Roaming the countryside, Story bullet, Shaft, Stunt position, Widowmaker, Drum magazine, Los carnales, Westside rollerz, The sons of samedi, Pimp cane shotgun, Gal 43, T3k urban, Gdhc .50, .44 shepherd, Mcmanus, Surge protector, Betsy, Mockingbird, Ethel, Melbourne, Keystone, Tetsuo, Five-o, Nordberg, Compensator, Varsity, La fuerza, Oppressor, Zircon, Alaskan, Zomkah, O-ring, Ruckus, Danville, Stiletto, Legion, Raycaster, Westbury, Nelson, Nrg v8, Cosmos, Kenshin, Reaper, Komodo, Snipes 57, Python, Zimos, Sabretooth, As14 hammer, Kobra, Annihilator rpg, Skr-9 threat, Atlasbreaker, Attrazione, Backhoe, Bag boy, Baron, Blaze, Capshaw, Churchill, Compton, Edf scout, Eiswolf, Frenzy, Hayate z70, Justice, Kent, Mix master, Quota, Quasar, Rumble, Septic avenger, Socialite, Superiore, Stilwater municipal, Swindle, The job, Thorogood, Venom classic, Vortex, Wakazashi, Wellington, Zenith, Apex, Kaneda, Peewee, Pulse, Ab destroyer, Pimp slap, Elite, Commander, Skipper, Miami, Hurricane, Gyro daddy, Destroy, Sandstorm, Voyage, Status quo, Topher, Knoxville, Woodpecker, Peterliner, Hounfor, Peacekeeper, Magma, Donovan, Bezier, Longhauler, High rise, Corsette, Ultor limo, Warrant, Hammerhead, Aqua, Donut hole, Pimp hat, Sedan, Steyr m1912, Ps3, Saint's row 2, Saint's row 2 game

График цен Saints Row 2 на PC

График цен Saints Row 2 на PC

График цен Saints Row 2 на XBOX

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