Saints Row 2

After the events of the first game, the protagonist awakens from a coma to find that the Third Street Saints have all but disappeared. Much like Saints Row, you are charged with retaking the city from three rival gangs, only this time as the leader of the saints. While fighting the Sons of Samedi, The Brotherhood, and The Ronin, the Saints also antagonize the Ultor Corporation, which seeks to eradicate gang violence in Stilwater once and for all.

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05 января 2009
Steam, Achievements, Online, Xbox controller support for pc, Motorcycle, Explosion, Playstation network, Digital distribution, Customizable characters, Playstation trophies, Polygonal 3d, Downloadable content, Xbox live, Difficulty level, High definition graphics, E3 2009, Ps3, Helicopter, Bloody, Drugs, Shark, Game reference, Non-player character, Movie reference, Vending machine interaction, Falling sequence, Compact disc, Flight, Lgbtq+, Organized crime, Action-adventure, Crime, Over the shoulder, Useable vehicles, Sex work, Steam cloud, Bink video, Humble bundle, E3 2008, Nudity, Sexual content, Minigames, Day/night cycle, Unlockables, Nameless protagonist, E3 2010, Artificial intelligence, Voxel, Playstation plus, Checkpoints, Easter egg, Airplane, Voice acting, Wasd movement, Instant kill, Female protagonist, Vehicle customization, Pirates, Assassin, Economy, Rivaling factions, Customization, Shopping, Escort mission, Falling damage, Character creation, Side quests, Pick your gender, Melee, Auto-saving, Real-time combat, A.i. companion, Betrayal, Law, Theft, Controversy, Multiple enemy boss fights, Poverty, Dual wielding, Persistent world, Platinum, Onlive, Games on demand, Sequel, Arcade cabinet, Propaganda, Camera, Mouse, Ninja, Wrestling moves in non-wrestling games, Quick time event, Wilhelm scream, Infinite ammo, Sociopathy, Women in refrigerators syndrome, Building, Custom soundtrack, Profanity, Retail games with steam activation, Dolby digital, Secret achievements, Metagame, Licensed soundtrack, Skydiving, Ragdoll physics, Cheat code, Phoenix, Bear, World map, Christianity, Anarchism, Internet culture reference, Sex change, Escaping imprisonment, Sixaxis support, Parrot, Burnout, Trophies, Race cars, Singing, Video game characters that play video games, Conveyor belt, Blender, Banter during gameplay, Femme fatale, Sports cars, Gangs, Drifting, In-game radio, Censored version, Notoriety system, Carjacking, False death, Fan service, Corrupt government, Slip cover packaging, Working for the enemy, Outside of the map, Monster truck, Police chase, Surgery in game, Renovation, Pax 2008, Demolition derby, Cheetah, Zero to hero, Aberrant a.i. behaviour, Roaming the countryside, Wheelman, Disc streaming, Psychics, Hollywood, Go, Miami