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Red Dead Redemption

Америка, 1911 год. Дикий Запад умирает.

Когда федеральные агенты угрожают его семье, бывший преступник Джон Марстон вынужден снова взять в руки оружие и выследить банду преступников, которых он когда-то называл друзьями. Погрузитесь в эпическую битву американского Запада и Мексики, пока Джон Марстон пытается похоронить свое окровавленное прошлое, по одному человеку за раз.

Преступники до конца.

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18 мая 2010
Cowboys, Western, Hunting, Sandbox, Blood, Poker, Drugs, Minigames, Pedestrians, Death, Procedural generation, Fire, Horse, 1910s, Gambling, Chicken, Doctor, Horse racing, Cannon, Gangs, Rabbit, Deer, Hand-to-hand combat, Blackjack, Shooter, Action-adventure, Cowboy, Multiple protagonists, Bird, Bounty hunter, Achievements, Bullet time, Online, Artificial intelligence, Open-world, Capture the flag, Bible, Snow, Sex, Wolf, Snakes, Car, Newspaper, Racism, Dice, Dog, Fox, Nudity, Over the shoulder, Economy, Mine cart, Slow-motion, Flowers, Weather, Glitch, Day/night cycle, Playstation network, Gunslinger, Sheriff, Bobcat, Government, Adventure game, Last stand, Action game, Piano, Horse riding, Sheep, Game of the year edition, Mounts, Deathmatch, Gold, Digital distribution, Train, Rail track, Sprite, Bears, Press a to start, Throwing weapons, Apple, Top hat, Cactus, Fedora hat, Countdown timer, Playstation trophies, Bullet, Alternate costumes, Playing cards, Customizable characters, World map, Voice acting, Rope, Ladder, Cow, Bink video, Polygonal 3d, Sexualized women, Pipe, Must press start to play, Revive, Pop culture reference, Bed, Currency, Gun, Hat, Knife, Third-person perspective, Lions, Bull, Native american, Raccoon, Original soundtrack release, Unlockables, Shotgun, Skull, Motion blur, Rain, Photo, Fake in-game advertising, Table, Breast bounce, Bowler hat, Pistol, Gatling gun, Eagle, Sprinting, Playstation plus, Fence, Campfire, Escort mission, Falling damage, Late title card, Treasure chest, Important text, Double barreled shotgun, Staircase, Moral decisions, Resistance, Reputation, Duel, Downloadable content, Auto-aim, Xbox live, Crosshair, Kill feed, Gloves, Irish accent, Adultery, Cigarette, Infinite ammo, Convict, Maps, Trail, Crepuscular rays, Tombstone, Wilhelm scream, Mustache, Suspenders, Movie reference, Phone, Post-credits plot twist, Reloading, Exploding barrel, Minimap, Horseshoe, Christianity, Cheat code, Canonical death, Cover system, Death of a salesman, Compass, Law, Smoking, Atheism, Rebels, Cigar, Theft, Pelt, Stool, Evolving title screen, Zoom, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Throwing axe, Dynamite, Cowboy hat, Can't swim, Cloth map, Drunk character, Hard trees, Protagonist death, Projector screen, Games on demand, Slope sliding, Hanging, Pre-order exclusive, Dolby digital, Suit and tie, Radial menu, Weapons swap, Inventory loss, Sunset, Pithy epitaphs, Valuable garbage, Team deathmatch, Bandit, Cutscene pause, Unskippable tutorial sequence, Assault, Banter during gameplay, Player owned houses, Completion percentage, Freelc, Cannibalism, Gun holster, Chest-high walls, Shoulder swapping aim, Animal cruelty, Enemy tagging, Regenerating health, Griefing, Camping, Idle animations, Spectating, Crooked cop, Screen splatter, Ledge grab, Fan service, Revolver, Sawed-off shotgun, Wanted poster, End credits songs, Women in refrigerators, Kidnapping, Lock on, Prestige, Rifle, Noose, Inebriation, Dust, Blind fire, Surprising character switches, Watching tv, Bandana, Working for the enemy, Chase, Journalist, Lasso, Blunderbuss, Stage coach, Pew, Headshot, Sweeping vista, Waking up captured, Searching corpses, Turret sequence, Gatling turret, Mounted gun, Hair physics, Corset, Fast travel, Southern american accent, United states army, Throwing knife, Bigfoot, Interactive credits, Disc streaming, Secret achievements, Beaver, United states dollar, Ammo, Cross, Moving bodies, Loss of consciousness, Gun smoke, Vulture, Playable epilogue, Movie projector, Flower picking, Prostitute, Prostitution, Walking protagonist, Welsh accent, Treasure map, Slip cover packaging, Saddle, Bartender, Bison, Hunting rifle, Persistent bullet holes, Notoriety system, Corpse spasms, Locomotion, Lawbreaking, Boar, Winchester model 1897, Tragic hero, Redemption, Biblical quotes, Capture the... what?, Carjacking, Sudden death, Coyote, Skunks, Bounty hunting, Hazardous water, Elixir, Waypoint, Heroic sacrifice, Limb targeting, Rail shooting segment, Secret past, Reluctant hero, Mounted combat, Bear skin, Drive-by intro, Tumbleweed, Armadillo, Cougars, Federal bureau of investigation, Whistle for a ride, Metagame, One person drives while the other shoots, Random missions, Snuff, Tailoring, Southern american themes, Borchardt c-93, Chupacabra, Pump action shotgun, Online multiplayer achievements, Arresting, Tether, Busted, Avatar awards, On disc dlc, Skinning, Viral achievement, Euphoria engine, Rockstar advanced game engine, Fake reloading animation, Speed blur, Bait, Cutscene dissonance, Terminator reload, Interactive achievement awards 2011, Spike video game awards, Spike video game awards 2010, Game developers choice awards 2011, Mauser c96, Chicken kicking, Pax east 2010, Road speed bonus, Unclimbable hills, E3 2009, Generation shift, Gaucho, Colt single action army, Prommercial, 1860 henry rifle, 1860 spencer rifle, Roaming the countryside, Knife game, Lever-action rifle, Schofield model 3, Lemat revolver, Rabbit's foot, Bandolier, Volcanic repeater, Red dead redemption, Red dead redemption game

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