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Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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В магазин
Дата выхода:
09 июля 2012
Aliens, Pirates, Wizards, Minigames, Comedy, Parody, Halo, Desura, Fire, Egg, Mummy, Ufo, Chicken, Cannon, Rabbit, Bridge, Adventure, Roller coaster, Rainbow, Graphic adventure, Water, Ludum dare, Button, Steam, Time limit, Point and click, Steam trading cards, Rock, Dancing, Snow, Ship, Pixel graphics, Car, Dog, Electronic music, Nudity, Mushroom, Volcano, Steam greenlight, Hook, Giraffe, Airplane, Puzzle, Alien invasion, Darkness, User generated content, Tree, Explosion, Flags, Gold, Digital distribution, Rail track, Steam cloud, Anthropomorphism, Bonus stage, Ducks, Male protagonists, Graphic filter, Apple, Trash can, Mask, Balloon, Vine, Present, Cape, Cup, Laboratory apparatus, Countdown timer, Clowns, Scatological humor, Protagonist's name in the title, Toilet, Feces, Rope, Ladder, Fish, Tutorial, Cow, Bomb, Pop culture reference, Game reference, Computer, Syringe, Door, Axe, Sumo wrestler, Gun, Hat, Deliberately retro, Cameo appearance, Racial stereotypes, Unlockables, Helmet, Beret, Loading screens, Message on the wall, Rain, Houseplant, Window, Cutscene, Electricity, Smoke, Elevator, Warning sign, Flip off, Lava, Fence, Crown, Glasses, Kiss, Bottle, Fountain, Igloo, Downloadable content, Barrel, Lightsaber, Smashing into the screen, In-game map editor, Glowing eyes, Chiptune, Poké ball, Solid cloud, The end, Crepuscular rays, Tombstone, Internet culture reference, Ice, Fake glitch, Self-referential humor, Pony, Operating an operating system, Couch, Movie reference, Steam play, Vending machine, Spotlight, Curtain, Lifesaver, Pirate hat, Map, Television, Bucket, Bribery, Wheel, Exclamation mark, Confirm menu choices, Gasoline can, Anchor, Net, Tetromino, Dynamite, Tentacles, Trophy, Cauldron, Urinating, Chapters, Needle, Wrench, Paper money, Ferris wheel, Vore, Freelc, Inside a living creature, Fire extinguisher, Locker, Frame rate, Ketchup, Mustard, Portal, Whale, Hot air balloon, Swimming pool, Afro, Weight, Nazis, In-game advertising, Girders, Bomb disposal, Text chat, Playstation 3, Photocopier, Merry-go-round, Micro games, Please don't quit, Peg leg, Urine, Aperture science handheld portal device, Cacodemon, Saving the president, Creeper, Doormat, Cotton candy

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