Mafia II

The storyline for Mafia II is a gritty drama and chronicles the rise of Vito Scaletta, the son of Sicilian immigrants. As the game progresses, Vito joins the Falcone crime family and becomes "a made man" along with his best friend Joe Barbaro.

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24 августа 2010
Steam, Achievements, Steam achievements, Xbox controller support for pc, Time limit, Explosion, Playstation network, Digital distribution, Polygonal 3d, Moral decisions, Downloadable content, Xbox live, Difficulty level, Destructible environment, Leaderboard, Pax prime 2010, High definition graphics, E3 2009, Ps3, Bloody, Doctor, Non-player character, Car accident, Lgbtq+, Organized crime, Italian mafia, Action-adventure, Crime, Over the shoulder, Black market, Sex work, Bink video, Nudity, Day/night cycle, Realism, Original soundtrack release, E3 2010, Artificial intelligence, Playstation plus, Touch controls, Checkpoints, War, Tank, Easter egg, Mission briefing, Wasd movement, Sprinting mechanics, Weapons swap, Male protagonist, Vehicle customization, Pre-order exclusive, Upgradeable vehicles, Exploration, Murder, Death, Hand-to-hand combat, Bird, Revenge, Snow, Racism, Dog, Shopping, Bow and arrow, Rat, Escort mission, Side quests, Melee, A.i. companion, Betrayal, Robbery, Bread, Banned, Law, Bribery, Theft, Controversy, Stealth kill, Regenerating health, Lock picking, Moving bodies, Bartender, Bounty hunting, Single-player only, Color customization, Onlive, World war ii - ww2, Games on demand, Sequel, Motion blur, Cover system, In-engine cinematic, Collectibles, Descendants of other characters, Interactive environments, Finishing move, Morale, Gamersgate, Gamescom 2009, Profanity, Retail games with steam activation, Vision obstruction, Plot twist, Animal cruelty, Secret achievements, Novint falcon support, Licensed soundtrack, Aggressive door-opening, Fuel management, Cat, World map, Anarchism, Internet culture reference, Games with gold, Been here before, Sleeping, Save point, In-game advertising, Multi-monitor support, Game with chapters, New protagonist in sequel, Anti-hero, Waking up captured, Alternate costumes, Dark humor, Gangs, Bromance, Drifting, In-game radio, Car chase, Notoriety system, Forced slow walking, Carjacking, Corrupt government, Pax 2009, Context sensitive, New purchase incentives, Branching storyline, Sneaking mission, Italian accent, Cutscene pause, Pax east 2010, Police chase, Tailing mission, Enforced speeding laws, Disc streaming, Gangster