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09 июня 2005
Rail shooter, Ghosts, Assassin, Anime, Blood, Murder, Fantasy, Chess, Parody, Death, Angel, Compilation, Puzzles, Shooter, Horror, Multiple protagonists, Multiple endings, On-rails, Conspiracy, Crime, Sex, Car, Easter egg, Electronic music, Resurrection, One-man army, Boss fight, Games based on anime, Block-breaking, Jump, Mask, Bullet, Character select screen, Corrupt government, Polygonal 3d, Tokusatsu, Upgradeable weapons, Revive, Pop culture reference, Briefcase, Puzzle piece, Gun, Licensed soundtrack, Deliberately retro, Cults, Knife, Cartoon cutscene, Cutscene, Extreme violence, Profanity, Cult leader, Bloody wall, Flip off, Pistol, Save point, Pigeon, Sniping, Ring, Cigarette, Instant kill, Final boss, Difficulty level, Internet culture reference, Unseen recurring characters, Vending machine, Post-credits plot twist, Cel-shading, Sniper rifle, Combo, Television, Decapitation, Terrorists, Theft, Film noir, Message, Weak spot, Sadism, Scanning, Suicide, Evil laugh, Charge, Controversy, Bottle caps, Wrestling moves in non-wrestling games, Plot twist, Sunset, Live disembodied head, Super speed, Teenager, Wheelchair, Active reload, Regenerating health, Action one-liners, Grenade launcher, Revolver, Flashback, Finishing move, Button mashing, Supernatural arm, Invisibility, Silencer, Scope, New game plus, Angelic bosses, Dual wielding, Tommy gun, Headshot, Enemies that spawn enemies, Mysterious ally, Suplex, Counter system, The end is the beginning, Foreshadowing, Unskippable credits, Catch phrase, Enemies emerging from eggs, God complex, Stationary aiming, Video camera interface, Gift of the gods, Level scaling, Russian roulette, Gimp, Multiple personality, Renderware, Amt hardballer, E3 2005, E3 2004, E3 2003, Hard mode exclusives, Tomato surprise, The handsome men, Heaven smile

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