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Halo 3: ODST

Действие ODST происходит в кенийском портовом городе Новая Момбаса, ODST следует за отрядом элитных десантных десантников морской пехоты во время вторжения Ковенантов на Землю 20 октября 2552 года. Эти пять ODST сбились с курса из-за инцидента в пространстве скольжения в Момбасе в сопровожденииОфицер СВР, сражайтесь по заполненным мусором, разрушенным улицам, чтобы соединиться друг с другом, уклониться от Ковенанта и выполнить сверхсекретную миссию.

Действие игры происходит сразу после событий Метрополиса уровня Halo 2, когда Пророк Скорби совершает прыжок со скольжением в Новой Момбасе.

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22 сентября 2009
Aliens, Vehicular combat, Stealth, Sword, Health, Plasma rifle, First person shooter, Fps, Death, Military, Sci-fi, Flight, Bridge, Shooter, Religion, War, Multiple protagonists, Achievements, Special forces, Gps, Artificial intelligence, Expansion, King of the hill, Bus, Snow, Missile, Tank, Easter egg, Firefight, Sequel, Mine cart, Silent protagonist, Space marine, Good vs evil, Instant replay, Drones, Alien invasion, Switch, Flamethrower, Vehicle combat, Jet pack, Explosion, Flags, Deathmatch, Digital distribution, Train, Male protagonists, Flying enemies, Throwing weapons, Crate, Health pack, Split-screen multiplayer, Platform exclusive, Police car, Rivaling factions, Customizable characters, World map, Voice acting, First-person perspective, Bink video, Bomb, Human, Polygonal 3d, Color customization, Sand, Turret, Explosives, Gun, Photo mode, Soccer ball, Third-person perspective, Palm tree, Original soundtrack release, Experience points, Helmet, Shotgun, Skull, Crouching, Message on the wall, Rain, Cutscene, Non-player character, Aural characters, Energy force shield, Pistol, First aid kit, Jackals, Cooperative play, 4 player co-op, Assault rifle, Sniping, Bench, Escort mission, Checkpoints, Falling damage, Faceless hero, Street light, Saving the world, Magnum, Barrel, Auto-aim, Xbox live, Melee, Crosshair, Full body awareness, Auto-save, Kill feed, Gloves, Heads up display, Real-time combat, Player character, Useable vehicles, In-game map editor, Instant kill, Shielded enemies, Final boss, Difficulty level, Low health warning, Laser, Wings, Hub world, Audio logs, Survival mode, Reloading, Twin stick control, Exploding barrel, Sniper rifle, Map, Blood splatter, Squad, The future, Military uniform, Cigar, Wheel, Non-linear storytelling, Enemy sniper, High dynamic range, Villain, Weak spot, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Achievement attempt detection, Special vision, Waking up at beginning, Content editor, Cutscene equipment mismatch, Wraith, Banshee, Difficulty achievement, Charge, Traffic cone, Grenade, Games on demand, Temporary invincibility, Skyscraper, High definition graphics, Interquel, Pre-order exclusive, Dolby digital, Fingerless gloves, Weapons swap, In-game announcer, Energy weapons, Multiplayer lan, Team deathmatch, Stealth kill, Interactive cutscene, Guerilla warfare, Horde mode, Assault, Sandbag, Kill streak, Non-standard difficulty titles, Light bloom, Linear gameplay, Competitive co-op, Damage flash, Flare, The covenant, Regenerating health, Covenant elite, Double kill, Ancient advanced civilization technology, Odst, Covenant grunt, Idle animations, Forge, Automated grenade throw, Shield regeneration, Enemy reaction, Halo waypoint, United nations space command, Inverted controls, Muzzle flash, Office of naval intelligence, Ammo counter on weapon, Plasma grenade, Energy sword, Ma5c assault rifle, Submachine gun, Mongoose, Gravity lift, Havok physics, Light up crosshair, Flashback, Scorpion, Pelican, Invisibility, Call sign, Silencer, Scope, Weapon slot loadout, Theater mode, Arrow sign, Dual wielding, Pov cutscene, Character models based on actual people, Guided by radio, Gas mask, Escape pod, Headshot, Shoot the backpack, Ammo, Close quarters combat, Frag grenade, Secondary weapons, Difficulty description, Dropship, Tea-bagging, Automated sentry gun, A.i. construct, Drop pod, Create-a modes, Ghost, Recoil, Night vision goggles, Super suit, Fodder enemies, Plasma gun, Fleet, Henchmen, Barrel roll, Machinima, Midquel, Plasma cannon, Shared lives in co-op, Let me invert that for you, Emblem editor, Huddie, Stealth camouflage, One person drives while the other shoots, Assist points, Screenshots, Homing projectile, Expendable npc, Shade, Red dot sight, Hovertank, Brutes, Record breakers, Plasma pistol, Gauss rifle, Thermonuclear weapon, Stock, Team killing, M41 rocket launcher, M12 warthog, Spartan laser, M312 elephant hrv, M6c magnum, Sticking, Grenade tag, Save film, Hunters, Buttstroke, Oscar mike, Prophets, Orbital strike, Heavy weapon, Countdown to game start, Battery charge, M7 smg, Gravity hammer, Br55 battle rifle, Needler, Brute chopper, Scarab tank, M12g1 laav warthog, Incendiary grenade, Pump action shotgun, Deployable cover, New guy, Avatar awards, Particle beam rifle, Phantom, Codependent unlimited revival, Thermal visor, Mauler, Bullpup rifle, Played for charity, Tutorials disguised as diagnostics, Unclimbable hills, Bubble shield, E3 2009, Tokyo game show 2009, Pax 2009, Gamescom 2009, M90 shotgun, Spike video game awards 2009, Prommercial, Orbital elevator, Missile pod, Tokyo game show 2008, Human-covenant war, Huragok, Real time bullets, Brute shot, Covenant carbine, Brute spike rifle, Brute spike grenade, Fuel rod cannon, Power drain, Brute plasma rifle, M9 fragmentation grenade, Covenant supercruiser, Battle rifle, In amber clad

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