Halo 3: ODST

New Mombasa is in ruins, yet the fight is far from over. Halo 3: ODST drops players onto the streets of the besieged city in this first-person shooter. Assume the role of “The Rookie”, an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, and discover the truth behind the Covenant invasion. Engage in intense online multiplayer battles with the complete collection of Halo 3 multiplayer maps – including three all-new battlefields – and join your teammates in Firefight, a new cooperative mode that pits you against waves of Covenant invaders.

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Дата выхода:
21 сентября 2020
Achievements, Explosion, Digital distribution, Split-screen multiplayer, Customizable characters, Polygonal 3d, Xbox live, Difficulty level, High definition graphics, Competitive co-op, E3 2009, Platform exclusive, Non-player character, First person shooter, Flight, Useable vehicles, Bink video, In-game map editor, Fps, Original soundtrack release, Twin stick control, Artificial intelligence, Survival mode, Death match, Checkpoints, Vehicular combat, Military, War, Special forces, Tank, Easter egg, Vehicle combat, Voice acting, Instant kill, Content editor, Weapons swap, Team deathmatch, Team killing, Multiple protagonists, 4 player co-op, Male protagonist, Pre-order exclusive, Death, Religion, Snow, Good vs evil, Throwing weapons, Rivaling factions, Human, Escort mission, Falling damage, Melee, Auto-saving, Real-time combat, Temporary invincibility, Stealth kill, Regenerating health, Invisibility, Dual wielding, Color customization, Games on demand, Aliens, Sequel, Silent protagonist, Faceless protagonist, Shielded enemies, Flashback, Giant insects, Alien invasion, Avatar awards, Instant replay, Linear gameplay, Saving the world, Kill feed, King of the hill, Gamescom 2009, Sniping, Auto-aim, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Difficulty achievement, Dolby digital, In-game announcer, Horde mode, Kill streak, Theater mode, Guided by radio, Machinima, Insects, Multiplayer lan, Banshee, World map, Close quarters combat, Hunter, Villain, Non-linear storytelling, Character models based on actual people, Phantom, Audio logs, Ancient advanced civilization technology, Tokyo game show 2009, Tokyo game show 2008, Xbox live achievements, Squad, Guerilla warfare, Inverted controls, Pax 2009, Played for charity, A.i. construct, Interquel, Prommercial, Photo mode, Scorpion, Achievement attempt detection, Stealth camouflage, Hunters, Spike video game awards 2009