Half-Life 2: Episode Two

The second episodic sequel to one of the most influential first-person shooters of its time, Half-Life 2.

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22 ноября 2007
Steam, Achievements, Steam achievements, Xbox controller support for pc, Explosion, Digital distribution, Boss fight, Polygonal 3d, Difficulty level, Destructible environment, Physics manipulation, Helicopter, Bloody, Doctor, Mad scientist, Non-player character, Scripted events, Foreshadowing, First person shooter, Useable vehicles, Steam cloud, Bink video, Steam play, Robots, Zombies, Apocalypse, Fps, Original soundtrack release, Artificial intelligence, Checkpoints, Voice acting, Wasd movement, Sprinting mechanics, Instant kill, Weapons swap, Male protagonist, Death, Undead, Dog, Swimming, Throwing weapons, Human, Falling damage, Melee, Auto-saving, A.i. companion, Particle system, Levitation, Gnome, Single-player only, Aliens, Silent protagonist, Motion blur, Resistance, Quickloading, Scientist, In-engine cinematic, Crow, Descendants of other characters, Interactive environments, Environment as weapons, Dystopian, Alien invasion, Run and gun, Infinite ammo, Linear gameplay, Professional gaming, One-man army, Unreliable narrator, Wormhole, First-person platforming, Gravity, Profanity, Retail games with steam activation, Evolving title screen, Plot twist, Machinima, Novint falcon support, Gunship, Ragdoll physics, Cheat code, Evil organization, Escaping imprisonment, Trilogy, Male antagonist, Developer commentary, Terraforming, Hunter, Character models based on actual people, Tragic hero, Dynamic difficulty, Strafe-jumping, Episodic, Comic relief, Fully customizable controls, Environmental puzzles, Cliffhanger, Mp7, Buddy system, Robot dog, Agents, Vent crawling, Radiation, Biotechnology, Bugs, To be continued, Balance platforms, Insect infestation, Vehicles