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Half-Life 2: Episode One

Half-Life 2 была продана в количестве 4 миллионов копий по всему миру и получила свыше 35 наград «Игра года». Episode One — первая игра в серии, которая продолжает сюжет Half-Life 2 и предлагает выйти за пределы Сити-17. Также содержит две мультиплеерных игры. Half-Life 2 не требуется.
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Дата выхода:
01 июня 2006
Aliens, Blood, Gravity, Health, First person shooter, Fps, Death, Robots, Keyboard, Doctor, Sci-fi, Action-adventure, Water, Horror, Steam, Apocalypse, Undead, Artificial intelligence, Expansion, Bicycle, Dog, Electronic music, Terraforming, Silent protagonist, Swimming, Hunter, Strider, Alien invasion, Switch, One-man army, Darkness, Boss fight, Explosion, Cloud, Brick, Radiation, Steam achievements, Machine gun, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Single-player only, Train, Rail track, Steam cloud, Jump, Male protagonists, Throwing weapons, Crate, Health pack, Robot dog, Episodic content, Train level, Bullet, Anti-personnel mine, Voice acting, Ladder, First-person perspective, Flashlight, Bink video, Human, Polygonal 3d, Pipe, Turret, Explosives, Briefcase, Door, Gun, Armor, Digging, Original soundtrack release, Helmet, Shotgun, Motion blur, Crouching, Wasd movement, First-person regain consciousness, Cardboard box, Window, Non-player character, Profanity, Descendants of other characters, Elevator, Mutilated corpse, Corpse, Necktie, Pistol, First aid kit, Retail games with steam activation, Lightning, Sprinting, Pigeon, Bench, Bone, Ragdoll physics, Escort mission, Checkpoints, Falling damage, Glasses, Bottle, Resistance, Magnum, Grenade throwback, Subtitles, Auto-save, Grenade cooking, First person melee, Gloves, Heads up display, Pants, Environmental puzzles, Single-entity developer credits, A.i. companion, Male antagonist, Instant kill, Infinite ammo, Hitscan, Difficulty level, Evade, Limited light source, Improvised bridge, Laser, Breakable glass, Self-referential humor, Facial hair, Quickloading, Office chair, Liberation, Unreliable narrator, Unusual speech patterns, Steam play, Valve, Reloading, Exploding barrel, Sniper rifle, Stop sign, Level titles, Cheat code, Blood splatter, Destructible cover, Destructible environment, Totalitarian government, The future, Scientist, Interactive environments, Radiator, Glass, Enemy sniper, High dynamic range, Evolving title screen, Physics manipulation, Suicide, Blunt weapons, Exploding gas tanks, Grenade, Source engine, Crossbow, Dystopian world, Hugging, Skyscraper, Particle system, Disembodied voice, Inventory loss, Evil organization, Interactive cutscene, Launching enemies into the air, Tuxedo, Light bloom, Linear gameplay, Enemy tossing, Phong shading, Fuel tank, Agents, Flare, Space nazis, In-engine cinematic, Levitation, Crouch jump, Enemy reaction, Muzzle flash, Submachine gun, Havok physics, Light up crosshair, Barricade, Crowbar, Cinder block, Revolver, Gas cylinder, Body armor, Circle-strafing, Scripted events, Vent crawling, Laser sight, Giant enemy crab, Knock back, Ricochetting projectile, Pov cutscene, First-person platforming, Charging heavyweight enemies, Character models based on actual people, Gas mask, Jumpsuit, Headshot, Alternate fire, Sweeping vista, Escaping imprisonment, Developer console, Shotgun shells, Air duct, Infinite spawn, Mysterious ally, Pit, Ammo, Monster closet, Fully customizable controls, Biotechnology, Developer commentary, Trilogy, Secondary weapons, Dropship, Burrowing enemies, Public phone, Automated sentry gun, Skybox, Cliffhanger, Lab coat, Goatee, No clip, Persistent bullet holes, Ammo box, Corpse spasms, Tomboy, Strafing, Strafe-jumping, Environment as weapons, Laser trip mine, Short jacket, Super suit, Hairband, Rapid fire, Dynamic difficulty, Peg leg, Fragile floor, Alphabetical and numerical numbers in a title, Wormhole, Professional gaming, Spas-12, Mp7, Vortigaunt, Headcrab, Barnacle, Novint falcon support, Hev suit, Tractor beam, Enemy spawner, Collecting items using weapons, Impaling weapons, Gunship, Normal mapping, Ominous sky, No scope, Southpaw, Defend x for y amount of time, Buttstroke, First person hug, Drum can, Radiation suit, Colt python, Geiger counter, Pulse rifle, Gal friday, Buddy system, Xfire, Zero-point energy field manipulator, Antlion, Hidden parasite, Ears ringing, Plot armor, Hazard symbol, The combine, Wound tags, Plywood, Antlion guard, Advisor, Portal storm, Zombine, Rollermine

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