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Final Fantasy VIII

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Дата выхода:
11 февраля 1999
Asian style, Anime, Blood, Stealth, Time travel, Magic, Grinding, Minigames, Fantasy, Health, Turn-based, Rpg, Summoning, Jrpg, Death, Chimera, Military, Fire, Fashion, Time manipulation, Dolphin, Romance, Mythology, Sci-fi, Flight, Role playing, Insanity, Multiple protagonists, Bromance, Overworld, Party-based combat, Backtracking, Reading, Apocalypse, Artificial intelligence, Open-world, Dialogue trees, Sailing, Inventory, Amnesia, Love, Mad scientist, Heavy metal, Dreams, Bats, Sword & sorcery, Alchemy, Company, Boss fight, Explosion, Bosses, Jump, Male protagonists, Card based combat, Train level, Attributes, Rivaling factions, Random loot, Leveling up, World map, Bink video, Bomb, Human, Polygonal 3d, Psone classics, Shopping, Critical hit, Damsel in distress, Loot gathering, Revive, Transforming boss, Love triangle, Bed, Currency, Isometric viewpoint, Party system, Renaming characters, Multiple storylines, Breath attack, Collectibles, Full motion video, Original soundtrack release, Experience points, Active ability, Motion blur, Cutscene, Non-player character, Profanity, Table, Card collection, Multiple characters on box art, Save point, Sniping, Tyrannosaurus rex, Minotaurs, Checkpoints, Classes, Saving the world, Side quests, Resistance, Slashing weapons, Questing, Melee, Pocketstation support, Game over, Blindness, Male antagonist, Stat tracking, Instant kill, Betrayal, Optional boss, Final boss, Damage numbers, Knight, Ice, Female antagonists, Teachers, Subtitled silence, Audio logs, Unusual speech patterns, Rock music, Sexualized men, Political thriller, Active time battle, Hit points, Mercenary, Playstation tv support, The future, Non-linear storytelling, Interactive environments, Message, Healer, Anti-hero, Recurring boss, Level cap, Shoes, Waking up at beginning, Red herring, Persistent ailments, Cutscene equipment mismatch, Dystopian world, Temporary invincibility, Hugging, Baldness, Motion capture animation, Eye scars, Wrestling moves in non-wrestling games, Elements, Plot twist, Quick time event, Power of friendship, Not-so-bad guys, Villain turned good, Spiky-haired protagonist, Teenager, Androgyny, Camping, Ancient advanced civilization technology, Ambient music, Magazine, Weapon workshops, Fan service, New protagonist in sequel, Flashback, End credits songs, Women in refrigerators, Poison, Victory music, Scripted events, Random encounter, Surprising character switches, Time paradox, Giant enemy worm, Behemoth, Basilisks, Cockatrice, Catoblepas, Kamikaze, Escaping imprisonment, Chocobo, Hair physics, Multiple discs, Attack dog, Battle screen, Innocent people die, Context sensitive, Gunblade, Disc streaming, Anti-villain, Playable boss, Restoration, Status effects, Hellhound, Moogles, Black magic, Phoenix, Tonberry, Malboro, Bad parents, Parents, Secret history, Fictional currencies, Roman numerals, Public transportation, Duality, Tragic hero, Buff, Cactuar, Flan, Coeurl, Potential love interest, False death, War veterans, Dark past, Secret past, J-pop, Alternate game over screen, Pre-rendered backgrounds, Reluctant hero, Hanging ending screen, Retroactive achievements, Groundhog day scenario, Real-time over pre-rendered movies, Facepalm, Fungoids, Greatest hits, Imp, White magic, Silence, Armageddon, Life drain, Useless useful spell, Personified classes, Weapon combo, Attachments, Metagame, Damage over time, Level scaling, Sexy librarian, Loner, Planet destruction, Ultimate weapon, In-field enemy, Vendor trash, Kill quest, Pom-pom, Cid, Blood type, Tragic villain, Monster in a box, Haste, Adamantoise, Happily ever after, Double trouble, Interactive battle system, Ochu, Reaction based battle system, Mana drain, Bruisers, Eidolon, Interactive achievement awards 2000, Limit break, E3 1999, E3 1998, Big man on campus, Iron giant, Soft reset, Fate, Playstation underground, Death claw, Latin choir, Weapon, Abadon, Moomba, Funguar, Triple triad

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