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Final Fantasy IX

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14 апреля 2016
Pirates, Asian style, Anime, Magic, Sword, Grinding, Minigames, Fantasy, Health, Ultima, Turn-based, Rpg, Summoning, Jrpg, Death, Chimera, Fire, Frog, Romance, Steampunk, Role playing, Kaiju, Multiple protagonists, Overworld, Party-based combat, Backtracking, Time limit, Reading, Artificial intelligence, Playstation, Open-world, Dialogue trees, Sacrifice, Atmospheric, Inventory, Amnesia, Easter egg, Sequel, Good soundtrack, Heavy metal, Bats, Sword & sorcery, Spear, Company, Card game, Boss fight, Shuriken, Explosion, Bosses, Mounts, Fog, Jump, Anthropomorphism, Male protagonists, Card based combat, Attributes, Random loot, Clowns, Leveling up, World map, Bomb, Human, Polygonal 3d, Book, Psone classics, Shopping, Dagger, Critical hit, Loot gathering, Currency, Isometric viewpoint, Licensed soundtrack, Party system, Renaming characters, Breath attack, Knife, Full motion video, Original soundtrack release, Experience points, Helmet, Motion blur, Cutscene, Non-player character, Profanity, Table, Card collection, Meteor, Save point, Key, Late title card, Treasure chest, Classes, Staircase, Crystal, Side quests, Royalty, Slashing weapons, Questing, Potion, Melee, Heads up display, Ring, Game over, Blindness, Male antagonist, Stat tracking, Betrayal, Optional boss, Final boss, Damage numbers, Knight, Ice, Doll, Rock music, Active time battle, Hit points, Mp, Mercenary, Playstation tv support, Coming of age, Screen wipe, Map, Floating island, Unbeatable bosses, Planet jumping, Interactive environments, Monster chest, Healer, Been here before, Level cap, Shoes, Item combination, Sidekick, Gargoyles, Persistent ailments, Urinating, Hugging, Rat men, Tent, Particle system, Actor character, Elements, Speedrun, Plot twist, Quick time event, E3 2000, Power of friendship, Mana, Not-so-bad guys, Teenager, Androgyny, Flare, Camping, Ambient music, New protagonist in sequel, Flashback, End credits songs, Finishing move, Plate armor, Blimp, Poison, Victory music, Dragoon, Scripted events, Random encounter, Fire manipulation, Angelic bosses, Dual wielding, Super meter, Giant enemy worm, Working for the enemy, Behemoth, Lamia, Basilisks, Catoblepas, Mid-game haircut, Chocobo, Hair physics, Multiple discs, Battle screen, Context sensitive, Airship, Disc streaming, Playable boss, Restoration, Status effects, Spell, The end is the beginning, Where are they now? ending, Phoenix down, Moogles, Black magic, Phoenix, Malboro, Mandragora, Forced defeat, Bad parents, Piercing weapons, Two-handed weapons, Parents, Leitmotif, Twins, Talking trees, Lance, Fictional currencies, Nobilitease, Roman numerals, Partners, God complex, Duality, Tragic hero, Cactuar, Flan, Coeurl, Lapis lazuli, Potential love interest, Elixir, False death, War veterans, Dark past, J-pop, Pre-rendered backgrounds, Reluctant hero, Retroactive achievements, Real-time over pre-rendered movies, Adamantium, Undead dragon, Fungoids, Greatest hits, White magic, Silence, Cure ailment potion, Rod, Ether, Auction house, Gender exclusive equipment, Armageddon, Personified classes, Dullahan, Attachments, Metagame, Damage over time, Magical stone, Planet destruction, Ultimate weapon, In-field enemy, Vendor trash, Kill quest, Overdramatic hand gestures, Bandersnatch, Pom-pom, Cid, Pseudonym, Tragic villain, Haste, Four antagonists, Adamantoise, Gil, Happily ever after, Double trouble, Sahagin, Garuda, Ochu, Rat tail, Ship deck battle, Realm vs. realm, Shrug, Eidolon, Mognet, Zu, Mist, Revenge meter, Limit break, E3 1999, Localized soundtrack, Iron giant, Gigantoad, Soft reset, Illithids, Playstation underground, Holy, Codpiece, Ahriman, Playonline, Remedy, Antlions, Interactive achievement awards 2001, Boss tease, Abadon, Funguar, Gargant, Mover, Trance, Annoyntment

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