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Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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Дата выхода:
25 марта 2014
Indie, Retro, Time travel, Puzzle solving, 3d, 2d, Fantasy, Steamgame, Metroidvania, Xbla, Feel-good, Voxel, Drums, Frog, Math, Puzzles, Rainbow, Side-scrolling, Water, Steam, Bird, Achievements, Pixel art, Worm, Camera, Dog, Fox, Platformer, Mushroom, Mine cart, Climbing, Swimming, Black hole, Weather, Day/night cycle, Shovel, Squirrel, Turtle, Adventure game, Puzzle, Darkness, Game, Owl, Tree, Steam achievements, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Rail track, Steam cloud, Steam leaderboards, Xbox live indie games, Jump, Crate, Apple, Trash can, Top hat, Platform exclusive, Playstation trophies, The pax 10, World map, Sunglasses, Ladder, Cat, First-person perspective, Broken english, Bomb, Qr codes, Book, Mouse, Pipe, Door, Bed, Hat, Deliberately retro, Collectibles, Eyepatch, Puzzle platformer, Original soundtrack release, Headband, Loading screens, Paintings, Sink, Humble bundle, The locked door, Non-player character, Gog.com, Table, Candle, Warning sign, Cross buy, Playstation plus, Key, Bench, Falling damage, Treasure chest, Unstable platforms, Stereoscopic 3d, Heart, Text bubble, Real-time combat, Invisible bridges, Well, Reward sound, Statue, Pickaxe, Fake glitch, Poster, Wooden chair, Clock, Unusual speech patterns, Mop, Valve, Pax prime 2013, Respawn, Playstation tv support, Perspective puzzle, Lifesaver, Map, Floating island, Lighthouse, Refrigerator, Bucket, Destructible environment, Cage, Leaderboard, Real-time waiting, Cooking range, Spider web, Tetromino, Waking up at beginning, Bell, Throne, Cauldron, Igf awards, Integrated tutorial sequence, High definition graphics, Mailbox, Butterfly, Dynamic soundtrack, Substitution cipher, Monocle, Over 100% completion, Completion percentage, Locker, Idle animations, Ambient music, Ledge grab, Sledgehammer, Neon sign, New game plus, Arrow sign, Instant respawn, Chalkboard, Crow, Invented language, Hidden door, Archeology, Crushing trap, Behind the waterfall, Playstation 3, Disappearing reappearing platforms, Warp pipe, Treasure map, Platform, Caterpillar, Fake game over screen, Warping, Hazardous water, Real-time scheduled content, Gameplay twist, Edge wobble, Fez hat, Kill screen, Mentor, Changing dimensions, Pax prime 2011, Pax east 2011, Revolving platforms, Fisheye lens, Ps3, Psvita, Playstation vita, Playstation game,, Fez, Fez game

График цен Fez на PC

График цен Fez на PC

График цен Fez на PlayStation

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