Far Cry 2

A civil war has swept through the country and you're caught in the middle of it. Track down the person at the forefront of the fighting, a ruthless arms dealer known only as "The Jackal". As you undertake deadly missions and form fragile alliances with conflicting rebel groups, one thing becomes clear - the Jackal is hunting you too.

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Дата выхода:
21 октября 2008
Steam, Achievements, Online, Xbox controller support for pc, Playstation network, Digital distribution, Playstation trophies, Polygonal 3d, Downloadable content, Difficulty level, Destructible environment, Digital rights management, High definition graphics, Ps3, Helicopter, Bloody, Drugs, Darkness, Pop culture reference, Non-player character, Corpse, Car accident, Scripted events, First person shooter, Flight, Useable vehicles, Bink video, E3 2008, In-game map editor, Day/night cycle, Unlockables, Greatest hits, Modern warfare, Modern military, Realism, Fps, Artificial intelligence, Playstation plus, Roguelike, Death match, Vehicular combat, Airplane, Vehicle combat, Voice acting, Mission briefing, Wasd movement, Instant kill, Team deathmatch, Multiple protagonists, Male protagonist, Hunting, Disease, Murder, Death, Bird, Swimming, Cloud, Rivaling factions, Character select screen, Melee, Real-time combat, A.i. companion, Betrayal, Mercenary, Theft, Suicide, Disorientation, Stealth kill, Regenerating health, Optional objective, Behind the waterfall, Bounty hunting, Neutral, Playstation home tie-in, User generated content, Games on demand, Sequel, Silent protagonist, Motion blur, Fake in-game advertising, Friendly fire, Quicksaving, Quickloading, Point of no return, Photography, Camera, Permadeath, Run and gun, One-man army, Licensed cars, Kill feed, Gamersgate, Dynamic soundtrack, Chicken, Profanity, Sniping, Vision obstruction, Plot twist, Guided by radio, Conquest mode, Randomly generated maps, Dedicated servers, Anti-cheat system, Goat, Escaping imprisonment, Unskippable tutorial, Close quarters combat, Sixaxis support, Sleeping, Developer commentary, Save point, Rebels, In-game advertising, New protagonist in sequel, Dart, Banter during gameplay, Waking up captured, Pc to console port, No hud, Africa, Audio logs, Carjacking, Product placement, Persistent enemy, Dark second act, Tokyo game show 2008, Guerilla warfare, Context sensitive, Buddy system, Collection marathon, Securom, Changing sides, Working for the enemy, Immersive, Private military company, Surgery in game, Steelbook, Gliding, Journalist, Tape recorder, Pax 2008, Zero to hero, Stealth camouflage, Jungle, Zebra, Disc streaming, No wrong choice