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Fallout: New Vegas

Игрок берет под свой контроль «Курьера», которого нанимает служба доставки, чтобы доставить неизвестный пакет через пустыню Мохаве на «Стрип», но его перехватил, выстрелил в голову и бросил умирать таинственный человек, который укралупаковка. После того, как его нашел дружелюбный местный робот Виктор и исцелил человек по имени Док Митчелл, Курьера отбрасывают обратно в пустыню, чтобы отомстить и вернуть украденный пакет. Делая это, игрок оказывается в ловушке между различными фракциями, борющимися за контроль над пустыней и ее самым ценным достоянием - плотиной Гувера;в конечном итоге формирует будущее его жителей.

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19 октября 2010
Aliens, Baseball, Motorcycle, Robot, Post-apocalyptic, Chainsaw, Blood, Stealth, Drugs, Health, Ants, Survival, Plasma rifle, Jet, First person shooter, Guitar, Crafting, Death, Military, Robots, Alternate history, Slot machine, Gambling, Doctor, Gangs, Sci-fi, Hand-to-hand combat, Role playing, Roller coaster, Cowboy, Steam, Backtracking, Achievements, Bullet time, Multiple endings, Apocalypse, Mutants, Campaign, Building, Artificial intelligence, Open-world, Rock, Dialogue trees, Bible, Revenge, Sex, Inventory, Torture, Slavery, Racism, Dog, Over the shoulder, Hydra, Sequel, Giant insects, Mushroom, Slow-motion, Good vs evil, Flowers, Graffiti, Glitch, Day/night cycle, Hook, Shovel, Spear, Fruit, Wine, Switch, Flamethrower, Marriage, Boss fight, Game of the year edition, Tree, Explosion, Radiation, Power glove, Machine gun, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Single-player only, Female protagonists, Steam cloud, Alternate historical, Jump, Credits menu option, Throwing weapons, Crate, Apple, Health pack, Trash can, Cape, Pencil, Cactus, Spoon, Cup, Coin, Hammer, Playstation trophies, Bullet, Rivaling factions, Alternate costumes, Playing cards, Customizable characters, Leveling up, World map, Voice acting, Toilet, Hockey stick, First-person perspective, Cash register, Human, Polygonal 3d, Book, Sexualized women, Critical hit, Upgradeable weapons, Loot gathering, Computer, Door, Bed, Currency, Gun, Boxing glove, Hat, Armor, Pool cue, Knife, Alcoholic beverages, Third-person perspective, Club, Experience points, Snowball, Helmet, Shotgun, Rocket launcher, Skull, Beret, Loading screens, Wasd movement, First-person regain consciousness, Sink, Non-player character, Extreme violence, Fake in-game advertising, Table, Radio, Mutilated corpse, Warning sign, Baseball bat, Pistol, Gatling gun, First aid kit, Baseball cap, Trading card, Retail games with steam activation, Assault rifle, Key, Fence, Soft drink, Plunger, Campfire, Ragdoll physics, Falling damage, Glasses, Double barreled shotgun, Lead pipe, Character creation, Bottle, Moral decisions, Side quests, Perks, Branching story line, Reputation, Disarm, Slashing weapons, Using dialogue to avoid combat, Downloadable content, Magnum, Barrel, Macguffin, Xbox live, Melee, Crosshair, C4, Heads up display, Real-time combat, Lgbt, Player character, Blaster, A.i. companion, Cigarette, Baton, Safe, Animal companions, Difficulty level, Trench coat, Laser, Internet culture reference, Jump scare moment, Quicksaving, Quickloading, Suspenders, Multiple gameplay perspectives, Vomiting, Audio logs, Loading screen advice, Unseen recurring characters, Vending machine, Underwear, Reloading, Hit points, Mercenary, Exploding barrel, Sniper rifle, Seed, Combat dialogue, Enemy health indicator, Chains, Drowning, Christianity, Refrigerator, Decapitation, Blood splatter, Action points, Death of a salesman, Banned, In-game radio, The future, Nuclear bomb, Cigar, Formal clothing, Addiction, Teddy bear, Interactive environments, Repairing, High dynamic range, Healing food, Hardcore mode, Zoom, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Invisible wall, Achievement attempt detection, Compass bar, Wind, Throwing axe, Dynamite, Cowboy hat, Sleeping, Machete, Drunk character, Difficulty achievement, Blunt weapons, Pacifist playthrough, Pool table, Stasis chamber, Wrench, Bottle caps, Lighter, Paper money, Iron, Grenade, Games on demand, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, Merchants, Dam, High definition graphics, Mailbox, Tent, Billboard, Pre-order exclusive, Dolby digital, Fingerless gloves, Radial menu, Energy weapons, First person map reading, Bandit, Sandbag, Guns and bullets, Getting stuck in geometry, Fatigue, Brass knuckles, Hobo, Pausable real time combat, Poverty, Quest tracking, Player owned houses, Super strength, Mohawk, Beer, Speedtree, Breath meter, Light bloom, Cannibalism, Collector's edition, Guards, Weapon modification, Animal cruelty, Damage flash, Role-playing shooter, Locker, Luggage, Iron sights, Plasma grenade, Power armor, Submachine gun, Magazine, Weapon workshops, Gore system, Light up crosshair, Screen splatter, Improvised weapon, Substance abuse benefit, Grenade launcher, Sledgehammer, Revolver, Dog tag, Meat cleaver, Sawed-off shotgun, Canned food, Neon sign, Injury, Multiple ammo types, Leather armor, Poison, Expanding crosshair, Rifle, Inebriation, Invisibility, Scope, Jukebox, Lock, From zero to hero, Pickpocketing, Lock picking, Lock picks, Cherry bomb, Ak-47, Satellite dish, Tin can, Games on which comic books are based, Gas mask, Turpentine, Mini nuke, Pressure cooker, Tire iron, Steak, Bunker, Workbench, Pinball machine, Headshot, Giant killing, Sweeping vista, Texture pop-in, Searching corpses, Gatling turret, Shotgun shells, Generator, Hair physics, Fast travel, Personality quiz, Gibs, Chinese accent, New purchase incentives, Interrogation, Lightning gun, Vacuum cleaner, Whiskey, Luck, Cockroach, Anarchism, Sociopath, Exploding head, Medical herb, Optional objective, Ammo, Scrap metal, Robots with a sense of humor, Ghoul, Rich snob, The end is the beginning, Where are they now? ending, Fully customizable controls, Retrievable traps, Frag grenade, Duct tape, Ashtray, Alignment, Movement penalty, Two-handed weapons, Point of no return, Binoculars, Screwdriver, Party hat, Pseudo non-linear, Flower picking, Toolbox, Potato chips, Automated sentry gun, Prostitute, Prostitution, Patrol, Slip cover packaging, Real time game clock, Sequel by a different developer, Hunting rifle, M1 garand, M1918 browning automatic rifle, M3 submachine gun, Fictional currencies, Portrait, Random character speech, Persistent corpses, Ammo box, Corpse spasms, Barks, Something is up in this small town, Sidewalk, Buff, Immersive sim, Objectivism, Steroids, Vodka, Bobby pin, Mantis, Fire ant, Coyote, Mobile home, Non-linear plot, Tripartite conflict, Sonic screwdriver, Limb targeting, Plasma gun, Nuclear war, Nuclear holocaust, Hostile a.i., Nuclear fallout, Negotiation, Direct2drive, Gamebryo 2.5, Industrial level, Repair hammer, Tumbleweed, Henchmen, Incendiary ammunition, Mute character, Snorkel, Debilitated movement, Fire hose cabinet, Ash, Machinima, Giant rat, Auto shotgun, Winchester model 1887, Counterfeit money, Energy cell, Battle dress uniform, Canteen, Recycled characters, Level scaling, Roulette table, Novint falcon support, Monomyth, Pc to console port, Prospector, Health drink, Vendor trash, Special system, Mister handy, Nuka-cola, Fat man, Enclave, Brahmin, Deathclaw, Brotherhood of steel, Vault-tec assisted targeting system, The great war, Mole rat, Yao guai, Mirelurk, Radscorpion, Super mutant, Bloatfly, Radroach, Nomads, Robobrain, Radiant a.i., Pip-boy, Vertibird, Buffout, Mentats, Rad-x, Bottlecap mine, Abraxo cleaner, Thermonuclear weapon, Grognak the barbarian, Tales of a junktown jerky vendor, Emp grenade, 5.56mm round, Mk-19, Normal mapping, Chupacabra, Orbital strike, Stimpak, Head on a pike, Drum can, Amphibian humanoid, Missing features, Pax prime 2010, China lake grenade launcher, Snow globe, Find the generator, Radiation suit, Browning hi-power, Killcam, Clip, Multi-monitor support, Re-spec, Casually walking away from an explosion, Machine pistol, M79 grenade launcher, Alien blaster, Wobble aiming, Point of no return achievements, Browning high power mk. iii, Elvis impersonator, Tokyo game show 2010, Bring me his head, E3 2010, Power fist, Tesla cannon, Fake interactivity, Tutorials disguised as diagnostics, Unclimbable hills, Live burial, Shotgun slug, Colt single action army, Over and under shotgun, F.e.v., Centaur, Mister gutsy, Caesar's legion, New california republic, Changing race, Securitron, Caravan, Nightkin, Powder gangers, White glove society, The kings, Van graffs, Bright brotherhood, Boomers, Followers of the apocalypse, Great khans, The man behind the curtain, Legion mongrel, Cazador, Nightstalker, Lakelurk, Gadget watch interaction, Midwestern brotherhood of steel, Iguana-on-a-stick, Radaway, Super stimpak, .223 pistol, Med-x, 10mm round, .308 caliber round, 5mm round, Nuka grenade, Shishkebab, Vault-tec lunchbox, Radiated meat, Psycho, Wonderglue, Sugar bombs, Cram, Stealth boy, Sulphur, Gatling laser, Dean's electronics, Big book of science, Chinese army: special ops training manual, D.c. journal of internal medicine, Duck and cover!, First aid book, Nikola tesla and you, Mesmetron, Steady, Sunset sarsaparilla, Platinum chip, Nuka-cola victory, Nuka-cola quartz, Doctor's bag, Bighorner steak, .45-70 gov't, Meeting people, Fixin' things, Aer14 prototype, Ultrajet, Roving trader outfit, Grilled mantis, Caravan shotgun, Programmer's digest, Machete gladius, Patriot's cookbook, Ant egg, Ratslayer, Gecko steak, Tesla-beaton prototype, That gun, Healing powder, Strange meat, Great khan suit armor, Jessup's bandana, Weapon repair kit, Nuke-cola victory, Welding machine

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