F.E.A.R. is a horror FPS that resembles a cross between Doom 3, Half-Life, and the Ring horror movies. Demons are replaced by cloned soldiers and the element of horror revolves around an image of a spectral girl always appearing when least expected for a few fleeting moments. The player sets out as a member of a specialized strike force dealing with unknown threats. Initially, the player starts with mundane weapons, which are well presented, and progress gradually towards more sci-fi ones as the danger increases. The player can also call upon a bullet-time ability which slows down time around the player and is realised with impressive visual and aural effects by the game engine.

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18 октября 2005
Steam, Achievements, Online, Slow-motion, Explosion, Playstation network, Playstation trophies, Polygonal 3d, Downloadable content, Xbox live, Difficulty level, Destructible environment, Leaderboard, Voice chat, Online multiplayer achievements, High definition graphics, Helicopter, Bloody, Game reference, Non-player character, Extreme violence, Jump scare moment, Vending machine interaction, Post-credits plot twist, Scripted events, First person shooter, Bink video, Greatest hits, E3 2005, Modern warfare, Modern military, Fps, Bullet time, Artificial intelligence, Death match, Checkpoints, Special forces, Voice acting, Mission briefing, Wasd movement, Nuclear bomb, Team deathmatch, Team killing, Freeware, Free-to-play, Respawning, Murder, Death, Game critics awards, Rat, Melee, Mercenary, Controversy, Disorientation, Griefing, Dual wielding, E3 2004, Silent protagonist, Mind control, Fake in-game advertising, Quicksaving, Mouse, Isolation, Clone, Sadism, Linear gameplay, Superpowers, One-man army, Microtransaction, Profanity, Sniping, Difficulty achievement, Dolby digital, Animal cruelty, Secret achievements, Machinima, Novint falcon support, Mech, Ragdoll physics, Dedicated servers, Anti-cheat system, Acronym titles, Cheat code, Female antagonist, Evil organization, Time manipulation, Hallucination, Cannibalism, Close quarters combat, Developer commentary, Scary children, Conveyor belt, Pc to console port, Elevator music, Ranked match, Cliffhanger, Guerilla warfare, Motion-sensor bomb, E3 2006, Bpjm indexed, Context sensitive, Zero point achievements, Vent crawling, Overweight character, Psychic abilities, Prommercial, Ghostly manifestation, Super soldier, Spike video game awards 2005, Nuclear fallout