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Ether One

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

В магазин
В магазин
Дата выхода:
26 марта 2014
Guitar, Fire, Ps4, Doctor, Dementia, Puzzles, Sci-fi, Bridge, Adventure, Water, Button, Steam, Bird, Steam trading cards, Bible, Snow, Paint, Inventory, Bicycle, Newspaper, Camera, Easter egg, Love, Mine cart, Flowers, Glitch, Steam greenlight, Hook, Shovel, Toast, Piano, Darkness, Flags, Steam achievements, Unreal engine 4, Digital distribution, Single-player only, Rail track, Male protagonists, Crate, Mask, Vine, Present, Pencil, Plate, Spoon, Fork, Cup, Coin, Playing cards, Voice acting, Thanks for playing, Toilet, Rope, Ladder, Fish, Fishing rod, First-person perspective, Flashlight, Polygonal 3d, Book, Pipe, Shower head, Bow, Briefcase, Computer, Syringe, Door, Bed, Lantern, Shelf, Hat, Knife, Helmet, Wasd movement, Message on the wall, Rain, Paper, Paintings, Photo, Letter, Sink, Stuffed animal, Light bulb, Music box, Window, The locked door, Aural characters, Electricity, Descendants of other characters, Smoke, Table, Elevator, Candle, Radio, Warning sign, Pillow, Desk, Tape recorder, Basket, Key, Bench, Fence, Carrot, Downloadable to retail, Bottle, Street light, Staircase, Barrel, Crosshair, Subtitles, Auto-save, Gloves, Environmental puzzles, Ring, Cigarette, Safe, Secret area, Limited light source, Reward sound, Pickaxe, Chess pieces, Poster, Wreath, Quicksaving, Couch, Hub world, Wooden chair, Bulletin board, Calendar, Baseball glove, Unseen recurring characters, Phone, Mop, Valve, Broom, Rug, Curtain, Underwear, Boat, Lifesaver, Chains, Map, Medal, Television, Bread, Refrigerator, Stained glass, Pinwheel, Cage, 2" x 4'', Cigar, Coal, Teddy bear, No hud, Cooking range, Dart board, Globe, Stool, Leaf, Confirm menu choices, English accent, Purse, Been here before, Evolving title screen, Boots, Harmonica, Shoes, Bell, Cart, Necklace, Fireplace, Wrench, Magnifying glass, Chessboard, Birch, Plot twist, Turnip, Weighing scale, Beer, Geriatric protagonist, Rotatable objects, Locker, Postbox, Cake, Pitchfork, Meat cleaver, Drill, Pallet, Coffee maker, Watch, Code writing, Record player, Shirt, Anvil, Cricket bat, Chalkboard, Wheelbarrow, Typewriter, Tin can, Gas mask, Tricycle, Fuse, Canvas, Single item inventory, Pew, Texture pop-in, Footprints, Microscope, Paint brush, Rocking chair, Wallet, Matches, Ashtray, Crane puzzle, Pear, Binoculars, Recorder, Screwdriver, Movie projector, Party hat, Hatrack, Perfume, Ribbon, Postage stamp, Teapot, Letter block, Pacifier

График цен Ether One на PC

График цен Ether One на PlayStation

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