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В магазин
Дата выхода:
21 октября 2013
Stealth, Dungeon, Roguelike, First person shooter, Summoning, Death, Procedural generation, Fire, Voxel, Adventure, Water, Horror, Steam, Bird, Backtracking, Lovecraft, Lovecraftian, Multiple endings, Traps, Steam trading cards, Rock, Pixel art, Snow, Snakes, Survival horror, Easter egg, Teleportation, Level selection, Mushroom, Fruit, Airplane, Darkness, Spikes, Tree, Explosion, Steam achievements, Digital distribution, Single-player only, Female protagonists, Jump, Male protagonists, Flying enemies, Throwing weapons, Vine, Platform exclusive, Penguins, Palette swap, Thanks for playing, Fireball, Toilet, Ladder, Log, First-person perspective, Language selection, Polygonal 3d, Book, Shopping, Explosives, Dagger, Twitter support, Door, Axe, Currency, Gun, Hat, Item throw, Bubble, Crouching, Desk lamp, Eating, The locked door, Non-player character, Smoke, Table, Corpse, Bowler hat, First aid kit, Key, Campfire, Ice stage, Exit door, Falling damage, Unstable platforms, Bottle, Fountain, Staircase, Torch, Melee, Crosshair, First person melee, Grapple, Heads up display, Unbeatable enemy, Maps, The end, Statue, Column, Tombstone, Pickaxe, Ice, Mustache, Facial hair, Wooden chair, Clock, Unusual speech patterns, Curtain, Minimap, Robbery, Functional toilets, Mirror, Icicle, Destructible environment, Compass, Meat, Healing food, Spider web, Boots, Eye, Dynamite, Dead end, Throne, Vase, Fetch quests, Monocle, Crouch jump, Revolver, New game plus, Hooded figure, Stock up area, Vignetting, Trap door, More than two eyes, Shoggoth, Monster infighting, Searching corpses, Leaning, Falling object, Sandals, Cthulhu mythos, Hypnosis, Zealot, The old gods

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