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Dungeons of Dredmor

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
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13 июля 2011
Pirates, Baseball, Robot, Blood, Wizards, Medieval, Magic, Sword, Grinding, Lawyer, Spellbook, Fantasy, Health, Dragons, Comedy, Parody, Turn-based, Roguelike, Summoning, Crafting, Death, Robots, Procedural generation, Fire, Egg, Dungeon crawl, Steampunk, Math, Role playing, Water, Steam, Bird, Viking, Achievements, Reading, Undead, Traps, Point and click, Steam trading cards, Rock, Dungeon crawling, Inventory, Ball, Grid-based movement, Teleportation, Love, Mushroom, High score, Shield, Arrow, Bats, Glitch, Alchemy, Fruit, Warriors, Fog of war, Gods, Wine, Golem, Switch, One-man army, Spikes, Shuriken, Strategy, Explosion, Bosses, Steam achievements, Gold, Digital distribution, Steam leaderboards, Anthropomorphism, Sprite, Genie, Male protagonists, Flying enemies, Credits menu option, Throwing weapons, Crate, Apple, Trash can, Mask, Vine, Top hat, Fedora hat, Spoon, Hammer, Attributes, Random loot, Customizable characters, Customization, Steam workshop, Leveling up, Voice acting, Palette swap, Fish, Tutorial, Sickle, Top-down perspective, Bomb, Book, Permanent death, Shopping, Skill points, Bow, Explosives, Critical hit, Upgradeable weapons, Loot gathering, Slime, Pop culture reference, Durability, Game reference, Scythe, Door, Axe, Health potion, Shelf, Hat, Armor, Randomly generated dungeons, Origin, Alcoholic beverages, Third-person perspective, Experience points, Beard, Helmet, Viking helmet, Skull, Headband, Message on the wall, Paintings, Humble bundle, The locked door, Non-player character, Electricity, Candle, Homage box art, Lava, Bards, Sandwich, Slime monster, Target, Bone, Treasure chest, Glasses, Carrot, Bottle, Street light, Torch, Side quests, Slashing weapons, Titular antagonist, Potion, Barrel, Melee, Auto-save, Ring, A.i. companion, Mace, Invisible enemy, Final boss, Difficulty level, Ruby, Treants, Level up health refill, Statue, Tombstone, Spellcaster, Cyclops, Internet culture reference, Ice, Fake glitch, Poster, Mustache, Facial hair, Vomiting, Movie reference, Steam play, Vending machine, Rug, Belt, Rpg elements, Hit points, Three-word game title with conjunction or preposition, Minimap, Randomly generated maps, Wand, Magic staff, Video game characters that play video games, Bread, Refrigerator, Projectiles, Gear, Synchronous movement, Cheese, Communism, Nuclear bomb, Meat, Rum, Pearl, Coal, Punctuation mark above head, Invisible object, Dart, Confirm menu choices, Consolation achievements, Healing food, Boots, Shoes, Special vision, Eye, Throwing axe, Hotkey, Difficulty achievement, Blunt weapons, Magically imbued weapons, Tentacles, Acid, Reactive character portrait, Mods, Wrench, Traffic cone, Pumpkin, Grenade, Skill tree, Crossbow, Vase, Merchants, Kunai, Stick, Bizarre weapons, Energy weapons, Bird nest, Color blind assist, Non-standard difficulty titles, Quest tracking, Banter during gameplay, Freelc, Weapon modification, Molotov cocktail, Idle animations, Improvised weapon, Cake, Pitchfork, Barbecue grill, Urn, Shirt, Goggles, Inebriation, Invisibility, Fire manipulation, Hooded figure, Anvil, Aggressive door-opening, Smithing, Dual wielding, Lock picking, Enemy distraction, Lock picks, Propaganda, Sleeping enemies, Deadly gas, Bacon, Steak, Workbench, Throwing knife, Monks, Rogues, Battle quips, Crafty salesman, Pax prime 2012, Status effects, Monster closet, Magic meter, Thumbs up, Suggestive remark, Inventory grid, Berserkers, Swarming enemies, Archeology, Battle mage, Robe, Pear, Ore, Shaman, Sombrero, Cthulhu mythos, Fictional currencies, Random character speech, Reciting movie lines, Environment as weapons, Psychics, Objectivism, Vodka, Please don't quit, Vampirism, Fury, Tofu, Plum, Sapphire, Holy hand grenade, Character screen, Invisible upgrade, Diggle, Horadric cube, Amethyst

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