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Driver: San Francisco

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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Дата выхода:
27 сентября 2011
Helicopter, Pedestrians, Burnout, Street racing, Bridge, Achievements, Time limit, Online, Open-world, Capture the flag, Custom soundtrack, Bus, Crime, Car, Easter egg, Dreams, Ambulance, Playstation network, Possession, Boost, Truck, Digital distribution, Dashboard view, Driving/racing, Male protagonists, Credits menu option, Crate, Trash can, Split-screen multiplayer, Countdown timer, Police car, Playstation trophies, 60 fps on consoles, World map, Voice acting, Bink video, Polygonal 3d, Shopping, Twitter support, Licensed soundtrack, Collectibles, Full motion video, Unlockables, Cardboard box, Cutscene, Profanity, Fake in-game advertising, Table, Checkpoints, Street light, Side quests, Downloadable content, Barrel, Xbox live, Subtitles, Heads up display, Convict, Taxi cab, In-game achievement menu, Breakable glass, Movie reference, Minimap, Ponytail, Theft, Leaderboard, Licensed cars, Achievement attempt detection, Facebook connectivity, Gamersgate, Youtube integration, Sidekick, Acid, Fire hydrant, Games on demand, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, Onlive, Car accident, Skyscraper, High definition graphics, Dolby digital, Banter during gameplay, Phone booth, Freelc, Collector's edition, Uplay, Trash bag, Fire truck, Kidnapping, Street sign, New game plus, In-game advertising, Arcade driving physics, Delorean dmc-12, Dream sequence, New purchase incentives, Bomb disposal, On-the-fly character switching, Rubber band ai, Story recap, Second-person perspective, Public phone, Car chase, Police chase, Sports car, Armored car, Tow truck, Ranked match, Comic book included, Greatest hits, E3 2011, Gamescom 2011, Aston martin db5, Lamborghini murciélago, Roadworks, Volkswagen beetle, Volkswagen transporter, Fictional car brands, Online multiplayer achievements, A.i. director, Busted, Chevrolet corvette zr-1, Porsche 911 carrera, Audi quattro, Lamborghini countach, Aston martin v12 vanquish, Chevy camaro 2009, Retroactive continuity, Wheelman, Tanker, E3 2010, Mclaren f1, Jeep wrangler, Ford gran torino, Lancia stratos, Lamborghini diablo vt, Ford crown victoria

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