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07 января 1994
Ghosts, Wizards, Puzzle solving, Magic, Sword, Minigames, Fantasy, Dragons, Kingdom, Evil sorcerer, Death, Fire, Shadow, Puzzles, Adventure, Skeleton, Graphic adventure, Water, Button, Steam, Fairy, Parallel worlds, Black-and-white, Bird, Traps, Freeware, Point and click, Rock, Dialogue trees, Pixel art, Inventory, Snakes, Mud, Racism, Teleportation, Love, Mushroom, Shield, Climbing, Flowers, Rotoscoping, Quiz, Fruit, Darkness, Marriage, Tree, Explosion, Flags, Fog, Gold, Anthropomorphism, Sprite, Male protagonists, Credits menu option, Vine, Cane, Laboratory apparatus, Voice acting, Palette swap, Flies, Lightning bolt, Rope, Top-down perspective, Book, Sand, Damsel in distress, Rat, Door, Axe, Scroll, Bed, Shelf, Polearm, Palm tree, Beard, Skull, Paper, Paintings, Music box, Window, Cutscene, The locked door, Gog.com, Electricity, Descendants of other characters, Table, Elevator, Candle, Pillow, Corpse, Bench, Gem, Feather, Crown, Bone, Battle axe, Instant death, Bottle, Staircase, Royalty, Barrel, Heads up display, Ring, Betrayal, Glowing eyes, Well, Ruby, Crepuscular rays, Statue, Column, Ice, Facial hair, Doll, Multiple gameplay perspectives, Liberation, Rug, Curtain, Belt, Chains, Telescope, Map, Falling sequence, Chandelier, Sounds of despair, Bucket, Cage, Bribery, Presidential protagonist, Meat, Stool, Grapes, Spider web, Eye, Sleeping, Shape-shifting, Tentacles, Acid, Cushion, Bag, Fireplace, Hourglass, Clone, Coconut, Vase, Vore, Tent, Eye scars, Stalactite, Bird nest, Plot twist, Hedge, Unskippable cutscene, Scripted events, Hooded figure, Jumping puzzle, Drawbridge, Crystal ball, Emerald, Bust, Inkwell, Footprints, Goblet, Living inventory, Pit, Optional objective, Invented language, Foreshadowing, Multiple death animations, Haystack, Crank, Turban, Scimitar, Hunting trophy, Goatee, Toad, Honey, Flash forward, Roc, In-game copyright protection, Date

График цен Dragonsphere на PC

График цен Dragonsphere на PC

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