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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Когда оперативная группа врывается и убивает ученых, которых нанял Адам Дженсен для защиты, все, что он думал, что он знал о своей работе, меняется . . .

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23 августа 2011
Helicopter, Basketball, Robot, Exploration, Cyberpunk, Cybernetics, Blood, Stealth, Minigames, Story driven, Health, First person shooter, Prequel, Death, Robots, Fire, Keyboard, Gangs, Puzzles, Sci-fi, Role playing, Cyborg, Button, Steam, Espionage, Achievements, Reading, Traps, Illuminati, Hostages, Hacking, Artificial intelligence, Dialogue trees, Nanotechnology, Conspiracy, Revenge, Inventory, Newspaper, Easter egg, Love, Graffiti, Action game, Wine, Switch, Darkness, Boss fight, Game of the year edition, Explosion, Bosses, Dildo, Steam achievements, Machine gun, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Single-player only, Steam cloud, Jump, Male protagonists, Crate, Trash can, Cactus, Laboratory apparatus, Countdown timer, Playstation trophies, Rivaling factions, Customization, Voice acting, Toilet, Sunglasses, Ladder, First-person perspective, Tutorial, Polygonal 3d, Qr codes, Mouse, Must press start to play, Mission briefing, Turret, Upgradeable weapons, Game reference, Computer, Door, Bed, Gun, Hat, Armor, Item throw, Full motion video, Alcoholic beverages, Third-person perspective, Original soundtrack release, Experience points, Rocket launcher, Wasd movement, Message on the wall, Rain, First-person regain consciousness, Color separation, Cardboard box, Paper, Houseplant, Cutscene, Non-player character, Profanity, Electricity, Fake in-game advertising, Elevator, Bloody wall, Baseball bat, Pistol, Retail games with steam activation, Playstation plus, Sniping, Bench, Fence, Ragdoll physics, Late title card, Bottle, Staircase, Escalator, Basketball hoop, Stereoscopic 3d, Branching story line, Ambush, Slashing weapons, Using dialogue to avoid combat, Downloadable content, Black market, Crosshair, Subtitles, C4, Heads up display, Real-time combat, Cigarette, Scaleform, Games with gold, Pushable block, Laser, Wilhelm scream, Internet culture reference, Fake glitch, Poster, Facial hair, Office chair, Couch, Multiple gameplay perspectives, Sticky note, Audio logs, Vending machine, Electric fan, Broom, Television newscast, Reloading, Pills, Sniper rifle, Minimap, Functional toilets, Ponytail, Television, Refrigerator, Bucket, Clipboard, Cover system, Destructible environment, Death of a salesman, Terrorists, Disgruntled subjects, The future, Bribery, Scientist, Shipping container, Lens flare, Interactive environments, Line of sight stealth, Film noir, Playstation now, Message, Been here before, Zoom, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Special vision, Item combination, Pacifist playthrough, Traffic cone, Fire hydrant, Grenade, Cubicle, Games on demand, Crossbow, Dystopian world, Surveillance camera, Onlive, Knock out, Pre-order exclusive, Dolby digital, Radial menu, Less-lethal weapons, Vision cone, Non-standard difficulty titles, Banter during gameplay, Super strength, Beer, Light bloom, Can't kill innocents, Meme origin, Collector's edition, Chest-high walls, Guards, Role-playing shooter, Fire extinguisher, Locker, Trash bag, Regenerating health, Iron sights, Camera shift, Magazine, Crooked cop, Improvised weapon, T position, Substance abuse benefit, Jersey barrier, Revolver, Gas cylinder, Code writing, Multiple ammo types, Finishing move, Inebriation, Invisibility, Vent crawling, In-game e-mail, Silencer, Scope, Vtol, Laser sight, Aggressive door-opening, Proximity mines, Alert, Lock picking, First-person platforming, Enemy distraction, Blind fire, Catwalk, Guided by radio, Tranquilizer, More than 100% health, Headshot, Searching corpses, Repetitive chitchat, Air duct, Hand rail, Innocent people die, Context sensitive, Detective mode, Bomb disposal, Ambient occlusion, Secret achievements, Fully customizable controls, Bionic arm, Moving bodies, Last known position, Inventory grid, Frag grenade, Flechette, Alignment, Trilogy, Claymore, Newspaper vending machine, Scotch, Photocopier, Tessellation, Prostitute, Prostitution, Patrol, Slip cover packaging, Suspicious generosity, Sidewalk, Immersive sim, Breaking through windows, Futuristic shades, Decontamination, Super soldier, Funicular, Heroic sacrifice, Nonlinear development, Missile launcher, Hud video messages, See through walls, Elevators that mask loading times, Peg leg, Greys, Greatest hits, Functional faucet, Credit card, Surgery, Laser fence, Level scaling, Novint falcon support, Unbreakable glass, Heavy, Pc to console port, Keypad lock, Emp grenade, Female dropship pilot, Oscar mike, Armchair, Pax prime 2010, Achievement hitching, Rebar, Multi-monitor support, Gal friday, Machine pistol, Pax prime 2011, Initial install, Wobble aiming, Floof, Pax east 2011, Tokyo game show 2010, Portable cover, E3 2010, Cdc engine, Bullet curving, Deus ex machina, Hasty operation sequence, Sarif industries, Belltower associates, Purity first, Rounding cover, Machina, Diamondback, Widowmaker, Short circuit, Company man, Nanobalaclava, Purity fist, Deus specs, Deus ex: human revolution -, Deus ex human revolution game

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