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Dead Space 3

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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В магазин
Дата выхода:
05 февраля 2013
Aliens, Space combat, Robot, Cybernetics, Blood, Stealth, Psychological thriller, Gravity, Disease, Infection, Minigames, Health, Survival, Artifact, Future, Crafting, Death, Fire, Puzzles, Sci-fi, Bridge, Shooter, Insanity, Water, Religion, Horror, Button, Multiple protagonists, Ladder climbing, Diary, Backtracking, Achievements, Time limit, Reading, Undead, Mutants, Online, Hacking, Rock, Snow, Inventory, Car, Dog, Over the shoulder, Love, Sequel, Hook, Shovel, Government, Adventure game, Action game, One-man army, Darkness, Spikes, Explosion, Flags, Truck, Digital distribution, Transformations, Rail track, Male protagonists, Flying enemies, Crate, Health pack, Trash can, Mask, Plate, Spoon, Laboratory apparatus, Countdown timer, Train level, Playstation trophies, Alternate costumes, Voice acting, Toilet, Toilet paper, Rope, Ladder, Tutorial, Human, Polygonal 3d, Book, Pipe, Shower head, Permanent death, Roll, Explosives, Upgradeable weapons, Microtransaction, Love triangle, Computer, Door, Axe, Frying pan, Bed, Lantern, Shelf, Currency, Gun, Cults, Baby, Knife, Origin, Third-person perspective, Original soundtrack release, Helmet, Crouching, Wasd movement, Message on the wall, Color separation, Cardboard box, Paper, Photo, Sink, Window, Child art, The locked door, Non-player character, Profanity, Electricity, Fake in-game advertising, Elevator, Candle, Bloody wall, Mutilated corpse, Warning sign, Pillow, Desk, Corpse, Propeller, Pistol, Coffin, Baseball cap, Cooperative play, Playstation plus, Feather, Checkpoints, Instant death, Save file unlockables, Glasses, Kiss, Bottle, Staircase, Downloadable content, Barrel, Macguffin, Melee, Subtitles, Gloves, Real-time combat, Cigarette, Real money transaction, Instant kill, Glowing eyes, Limited light source, Reward sound, Crepuscular rays, Laser, Statue, Pickaxe, Breakable glass, Poster, Visible binary, Facial hair, Jump scare moment, Hub world, Wooden chair, Bulletin board, Loud ambient noises, Audio logs, Inconvenient malfunction, Vending machine, Aluminum can, Phone, Electric fan, Spotlight, Mop, Valve, Rug, Rpg elements, Reloading, Map, Medal, Bowl, Sounds of despair, Level titles, Mirror, Refrigerator, Bucket, Decapitation, Blood splatter, Icicle, Gear, Cover system, Cage, The future, Scientist, Wheel, Shipping container, No hud, Lens flare, Cooking range, Stool, Radiator, Glass, Confirm menu choices, Playstation now, Hardcore mode, Power line, Weak spot, Zoom, Sadism, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Eye, Physics manipulation, Cowboy hat, Gamersgate, Exploding enemies, Suicide, Tentacles, Hallucination, Chapters, Protagonist death, Wrench, Clothesline, Grenade, Projector screen, Gamescom 2012, Dynamic soundtrack, Eye scars, Energy weapons, Stalactite, Plot twist, Quick time event, Tape, Breath meter, Stomping, Linear gameplay, Zero gravity combat, Inside a living creature, Chest-high walls, Weapon modification, Flickering light, Fire extinguisher, Flare, Trash bag, Ambient music, Ammo counter on weapon, Havok physics, Gore system, Dismemberment, Improvised weapon, Meat cleaver, Drill, Coffee maker, Microwave, Foam hand, Environmental kill, Grief beard, Shirt, Virtual shop, Scripted events, Laser sight, X-ray picture, New game plus, Blueprint, Burning, Severed head, Stock up area, Chalkboard, Catwalk, Telekinesis, Guided by radio, Workbench, Pinball machine, Non-specific ammo, Headshot, Strategic dismemberment, Alternate fire, Monster infighting, Sweeping vista, Enemies that spawn enemies, Turret sequence, Severed limbs, Generator, Tram, Innocent people die, Crediting pets, E3 2012, Inventory grid, Swarming enemies, Ashtray, Trilogy, Menus don't pause gameplay, Movie projector, Toolbox, Spatula, Photocopier, Rappelling, Walking protagonist, Derelict vessel, Corpse spasms, Divinity explained by aliens, Forced slow walking, Bread crumb trails, Environment as weapons, Decontamination, False death, Limb targeting, Hud video messages, Elevators that mask loading times, Henchmen, Agile mutant/undead enemy, Gradual enemy introduction, Attachments, Huddie, Weightlessness, Corridor crawler, Signature weapon, Curb stomp, Online multiplayer achievements, Tiltable menus, Shake off, Radiation suit, Unitology, Necromorph, Adaptation, Directed escape, Collapsable helmets, Mankind's monsterous future, Villainous moon, Plasma cutter, Rig, The marker, Welding machine, Shooter game, Dead space 3, Dead space 3 game

График цен Dead Space 3 на PC

График цен Dead Space 3 на PC

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