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Dead Space

В живых останутся только мертвые.

После того, как огромный космический корабль-добытчик руды натыкается на далекой планете на странный артефакт, связь с ним обрывается. Инженер Айзек Кларк отправляется устранить поломку, но прибыв на место, обнаруживает следы кошмарной кровавой резни — команда корабля вырезана и заражена инопланетной болезнью. Айзек отрезан от окружающего мира, заперт на корабле и вынужден отчаянно сражаться за жизнь.

  • Стратегически отсекайте некроморфам окровавленные части тела — одну за другой.

  • Бой в условиях нулевой гравитации означает, что ужас может нанести удар из любой точки.

  • Раскройте ужасающую правду этого шокирующего приключения.
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Дата выхода:
20 октября 2008
Aliens, Exploration, Monsters, Blood, Gravity, Space station, Minigames, Health, Survival, Death, Military, Fire, Shadow, Spaceship, Puzzles, Sci-fi, Hand-to-hand combat, Shooter, Insanity, Action-adventure, Giant monsters, Ripper, Religion, Horror, Steam, Backtracking, Achievements, Reading, Undead, Mutants, Stacking, Artificial intelligence, Asteroids, Inventory, Survival horror, Easter egg, Over the shoulder, Jump scares, Love, Space suit, Mad scientist, Slow-motion, Silent protagonist, Graffiti, Glitch, Government, Adventure game, Action game, Switch, One-man army, Darkness, Flamethrower, Boss fight, Comic book, Explosion, Necromancy, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Single-player only, Transformations, Train, Male protagonists, Flying enemies, Crate, Health pack, Laboratory apparatus, Countdown timer, Game critics awards, Playstation trophies, Random loot, Alternate costumes, Voice acting, Palette swap, Toilet, Flashlight, Human, Polygonal 3d, Book, Shower head, Shopping, Turret, Explosives, Upgradeable weapons, Breaking the fourth wall, Skeletons, Briefcase, Claw, Door, Bed, Shelf, Currency, Gun, Cults, Baby, Knife, Origin, Third-person perspective, Original soundtrack release, Saw blade, Unlockables, Wasd movement, Message on the wall, White noise, Paper, Sink, The locked door, Non-player character, Extreme violence, Profanity, Cult leader, Aural characters, Pregnancy, Gog.com, Electricity, Hologram, Fake in-game advertising, Elevator, Bloody wall, Mutilated corpse, Warning sign, Pillow, Corpse, Melon, Save point, Sprinting, Key, Bench, Watermelon, Ragdoll physics, Escort mission, Checkpoints, Instant death, Bottle, Saving the world, Downloadable content, Questing, Auto-aim, Macguffin, Melee, Subtitles, Gloves, Real-time combat, Player character, Cigarette, Instant kill, Secret area, Infinite ammo, Unbeatable enemy, Betrayal, Glowing eyes, Final boss, Games with gold, Difficulty level, Evade, Reward sound, Nonexistent light source, Laser, Statue, Chess pieces, Poster, Scary children, Female antagonists, Jump scare moment, Couch, Vomiting, Loud ambient noises, Audio logs, Loading screen advice, Inconvenient malfunction, Vending machine, Theme song, Rpg elements, Reloading, Mid-development ip split, Crying, Sounds of despair, Scripted death, Crying babies, Level titles, Mirror, Arcade cabinet, Decapitation, Blood splatter, The future, No hud, Lens flare, Dart board, Villain, Weak spot, Recurring boss, Changing sides, Been here before, Harder versions of earlier levels., Sadism, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Physics manipulation, Exploding enemies, Item combination, Suicide, Dead end, Tentacles, Trophy, Charge, Experiments gone awry, Hallucination, Stasis chamber, Engineer, Pumpkin, Exploding gas tanks, Games on demand, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, Chessboard, High definition graphics, Dynamic soundtrack, Particle system, Disembodied voice, Energy weapons, Substitution cipher, Plot twist, Flaming weapon, Boss assistance, Saw, Dumbbell, Quick time event, Interactive cutscene, Tech trees, Getting stuck in geometry, Fetch quests, Launching enemies into the air, Breath meter, Stomping, Linear gameplay, Zero gravity combat, Can't kill innocents, Inside a living creature, Asteroid, Weapon modification, Flickering light, Fire extinguisher, Locker, Splash damage, Ancient advanced civilization technology, Damage model, Plasma, Idle animations, Ambient music, Muzzle flash, Ammo counter on weapon, Power armor, Havok physics, Gore system, Dismemberment, Exploding vehicles, Improvised weapon, Safe spot, Environmental kill, Nosebleed, Women in refrigerators, Button mashing, Body armor, Poison, Scripted events, Laser sight, X-ray picture, Weapon slot loadout, New game plus, Knock back, Inappropriate loot, Porn magazine, Opening credits during gameplay, Burning, Charging heavyweight enemies, Stock up area, Catwalk, Telekinesis, Satellite dish, More than two eyes, Guided by radio, Games on which comic books are based, Fuse, Escape pod, Workbench, Kamikaze, Stationary boss, Headshot, Strategic dismemberment, Alternate fire, Giant killing, Weapon room, Enemies that spawn enemies, Footprints, Turret sequence, Severed limbs, Tram, Arrival by crash landing, Air duct, Tomato, Microscope, Innocent people die, Context sensitive, Item container, Secret identity, Exploding head, Secret achievements, Games on which anime are based, Monster closet, Invented language, Playing dead, Enemies from stasis chambers, Swarming enemies, Ashtray, Trilogy, Two-handed weapons, Hidden room, Multiple death animations, Menus don't pause gameplay, Infinite resource spot, Human anatomy model, Toolbox, Walking protagonist, Blood trails, Oxygen tank, Six degrees of freedom, Shooting range, Persistent enemy, Future sport, Cliffhanger, Crash landing, Escape from exploding building, Derelict vessel, Corpse spasms, Divinity explained by aliens, Forced slow walking, Bread crumb trails, Alien languages, Environment as weapons, Redshirt, Tragic hero, Exploding props, Ghostly manifestation, Demonic infants, Dynamic slicing, Walls covered with organic tissue, Horseshoe level design, Breaking through windows, Decontamination, Character says the name of the game, Magnetic boots, No-reticle aiming, Limb targeting, Plasma gun, Hud video messages, Direct2drive, Reversed controls, Elevators that mask loading times, Henchmen, Debilitated movement, Greatest hits, Agile mutant/undead enemy, Selective invincibility, Fetus as a final boss, Automatic door, Huddie, Weightlessness, Expendable npc, Novint falcon support, Unbreakable glass, Eponymous level title, Enemy spawner, Record breakers, Corridor crawler, Signature weapon, Operation clusterfuck, Collective conciousness, Buttstroke, Pistol envy, Peng, Curb stomp, Shake off, Unitology, Necromorph, Adaptation, Directed escape, Collapsable helmets, Mankind's monsterous future, Plasma cutter, Rig, The marker, Monster in a box, Pulse rifle, Detachable body parts, Body stuck between elevator doors, Games on which movies are based, Xfire, Examination table, Walking on walls, E3 2008, Hazard symbol, Concordance extraction corporation, Line gun, Force gun, C99 supercollider contact beam, Securom, Interactive achievement awards 2009, Hydroponics, Severed hand cover art, The hunter, Game developers choice awards 2009, Power node, Ps3, Playstation 3,..., Dead space, Dead space game

График цен Dead Space на PC

График цен Dead Space на PC

График цен Dead Space на PC

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