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17 февраля 2011
Anime, Minigames, Ants, Dating, Death, Romance, Puzzles, Adventure, Insanity, Horror, Achievements, Multiple endings, Traps, Blocks, Sushi, Sex, Nudity, Love, Pizza, Dreams, Talking animals, Day/night cycle, Puzzle, Action game, Succubus, Marriage, Sheep, Puzzle game, Block puzzle, Digital distribution, Sprite, Fedora hat, Playstation trophies, Game title announcer, Toilet, Cell phone, Broken english, Polygonal 3d, Sexualized women, Breaking the fourth wall, Love triangle, Door, Bed, Alcoholic beverages, Third-person perspective, Puzzle platformer, Original soundtrack release, Pillow, Multiple characters on box art, Playstation plus, Exit door, Kiss, Moral decisions, Branching story line, Reputation, Real-time combat, Lgbt, Miniskirt, Adultery, Cigarette, Stat tracking, Difficulty level, Pushable block, Multiple gameplay types, Wilhelm scream, Ice, Cell phone interface, Scary children, Female antagonists, Conveniently obscured nudity, Underwear, Chains, Functional toilets, Chandelier, Order and chaos, Video game characters that play video games, Television, Arcade cabinet, Smoking, Film noir, Playstation now, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Bell, Sleeping, Drunk character, Games on demand, Criware, Plot twist, Cutscene pause, Bad endings, Beer, Day-based narrative, Pie, Inebriation, In-game e-mail, Jukebox, Puzzle games with stories, Time trials, Ice block, Personality quiz, Dream sequence, Whiskey, Boss hands, Secret achievements, Ashtray, Playstation 3, Multiple death animations, Sleeping under the covers, Yandere, Demonic infants, Sake, J-pop, Gamebryo 2.5, Reversed controls, Omnipresent crowd, Metagame, Easy mode, Femme fatale, Handel's messiah, Tokyo game show 2010, Wait staff, Ps3, Catherine, Catherine game

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