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Call of Juarez: The Cartel

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В магазин
Дата выхода:
19 июля 2011
Western, Blood, Stealth, Drugs, Health, First person shooter, Death, Fire, Shadow, Gangs, Female protagonist, Steam, Bird, Achievements, Bullet time, Multiple endings, Online, Campaign, Artificial intelligence, Nudity, Slow-motion, Playstation network, Explosion, Steam achievements, Digital distribution, Female protagonists, Steam leaderboards, Jump, Male protagonists, Playstation trophies, Voice acting, First-person perspective, Polygonal 3d, Collectibles, Racial stereotypes, Experience points, Unlockables, Loading screens, Crouching, Wasd movement, Cutscene, Extreme violence, Profanity, Cooperative play, Sprinting, Sniping, Checkpoints, Xbox live, Melee, Crosshair, Full body awareness, Subtitles, Auto-save, First person melee, Gloves, Heads up display, A.i. companion, Difficulty level, Loading screen advice, Reloading, Three-word game title with conjunction or preposition, Exploding barrel, Blood splatter, Destructible environment, Leaderboard, Playstation now, Zoom, Floppy disk save icons, Difficulty achievement, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, High definition graphics, Weapons swap, Voice chat, Damage flash, Uplay, Regenerating health, Iron sights, Enemy reaction, Crooked cop, Light up crosshair, Expanding crosshair, Dual wielding, Headshot, Run 'n gun, Chrome engine 5, Secret achievements, Gun smoke, Prostitution, Strippers, Recoil, Weapon bob, Mounted combat, Federal bureau of investigation, Fury, Water current, Operation clusterfuck, Online multiplayer achievements, Drug enforcement agency

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