Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: World at War immerses players into the most gritty and chaotic WWII combat ever experienced. Players band together to survive the most harrowing and climactic battles that led to the demise of the Axis powers on the European and Pacific fronts.

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11 ноября 2008
Steam, Achievements, Online, Pre-release public testing, Explosion, Playstation network, Digital distribution, Split-screen multiplayer, Playstation trophies, Polygonal 3d, Motion control, Moral decisions, Downloadable content, Xbox live, Difficulty level, Leaderboard, Voice chat, Online multiplayer achievements, High definition graphics, Competitive co-op, Bloody, Platform exclusive, Non-player character, Liberation, Scripted events, Severed limbs, First person shooter, Bink video, E3 2008, Unlockables, Greatest hits, Battleship, Zombies, Original soundtrack release, Twin stick control, Survival mode, Death match, Touch controls, Checkpoints, Vehicular combat, Military, War, Tank, Airplane, Voice acting, Wasd movement, Sprinting mechanics, Instant kill, Weapons swap, Team deathmatch, Weapon modification, Camping, Camouflage, Team killing, Platoon, Multiple protagonists, 4 player co-op, Respawning, Death, Bird, Torture, Slavery, Economy, Throwing weapons, Leveling up, Human, Party system, Falling damage, Melee, Real-time combat, Secret area, Betrayal, Mercenary, Level cap, Invisible wall, Disorientation, Regenerating health, World war ii - ww2, Games on demand, Soldier, Silent protagonist, British accent, Infinite spawn, Crow, Capture the flag, Run and gun, Rpg elements, Linear gameplay, Ranking system, Microtransaction, Kill feed, Clan, Shaky camera, Dynamic soundtrack, Communism, Fast paced, Upgradable weapons, Chicken, Profanity, Sniping, Political thriller, Multiplayer scoreboard, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Difficulty achievement, In-game announcer, Horde mode, Animal cruelty, Matchmaking, Nazis, Nazi occultism, Nazi zombies, Fascism, Secret achievements, Rail shooting segment, Armageddon, Kill streak reward, Bomb defusal mode, Killcam, Anti-cheat system, Famous quotes, Cow, Racial stereotypes, Close quarters combat, Sixaxis support, Wii remote infrared pointer gameplay, Tiger ii, Live-action cutscene, Fully customizable controls, Ranked match, Playing dead, Nintendo wi-fi connection, Squad, Guerilla warfare, Inverted controls, Recurring character, Context sensitive, No respawn, Zero point achievements, Outside of the map, 1940s, Asymmetric co-op, Crash landing, No-reticle aiming, Fact-based shooter, Sudden death, Imperial japanese army, Imperial japanese navy, Megaphone, Wii zapper compatibility