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Call of Duty: World at War

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11 ноября 2008
Historical warfare, Zombies, World war 2 ( ww2 ), Vehicular combat, Tanks, Sniper, Blood, Stealth, 1940s, Survival, First person shooter, Fast paced, Weapons, Death, Soldier, Military, Upgradable weapons, Fire, Run and gun, Chicken, Battleship, Shooter, War, Horror, Steam, Multiple protagonists, Bird, Achievements, Online, Capture the flag, Artillery, Torture, Tank, Slavery, Economy, Silent protagonist, Weather, Playstation network, Airplane, Clan, Flamethrower, Explosion, Cloud, Fog, Deathmatch, Machine gun, Digital distribution, Train, Jump, Credits menu option, Throwing weapons, Split-screen multiplayer, World war ii, Platform exclusive, Playstation trophies, Bullet, Random loot, Pre-release public testing, Anti-personnel mine, Leveling up, Voice acting, Toilet, First-person perspective, Ranking system, Famous quotes, Cow, Bink video, Bomb, Human, Polygonal 3d, Sand, Bathtub, Turret, Explosives, Microtransaction, Revive, Syringe, Lantern, Motion control, Gun, Bazooka, Knife, Touch controls, Palm tree, Racial stereotypes, Original soundtrack release, Experience points, Unlockables, Shotgun, Loading screens, Crouching, Wasd movement, Message on the wall, First-person regain consciousness, Cutscene, Non-player character, Profanity, Smoke, Table, Pistol, Melon, Cooperative play, 4 player co-op, Sprinting, Assault rifle, Sniping, Fence, Grass, Bone, Checkpoints, Falling damage, Double barreled shotgun, Classes, Moral decisions, Perks, Ambush, Downloadable content, Magnum, Barrel, Xbox live, Melee, Crosshair, Grenade throwback, Grenade cooking, Grenade indicator, Kill feed, Smoke grenade, Combat knife, Real-time combat, Player character, Instant kill, Secret area, Betrayal, Difficulty level, Trench coat, Shaky cam, Nintendo wi-fi connection, Facial hair, Mitsubishi a6m, Wii remote infrared pointer gameplay, Asymmetric co-op, Liberation, Loud ambient noises, Phone, Spotlight, Survival mode, Political thriller, Rpg elements, Reloading, Respawn, Twin stick control, Mercenary, Exploding barrel, Sniper rifle, Functional toilets, Decapitation, Blood splatter, Squad, Communism, Military uniform, The allies, Cigar, Teddy bear, Leaderboard, Enemy sniper, Multiplayer scoreboard, English accent, Level cap, Zoom, Gasoline can, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Invisible wall, Stamina bar, Machete, Difficulty achievement, Disorientation, Live-action cutscene, Lighter, Grenade, Games on demand, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, Soviets, High definition graphics, Tent, Multiplayer party system, Model 24 stielhandgranate, Dynamic soundtrack, Russian accent, Weapons swap, Bizarre weapons, In-game announcer, Energy weapons, Team deathmatch, Interactive cutscene, Guerilla warfare, Horde mode, Banzai attack, Sandbag, Voice chat, Non-standard difficulty titles, Zero point achievements, Linear gameplay, Recurring character, Competitive co-op, Collector's edition, Holding your breath, Weapon modification, Animal cruelty, Damage flash, Molotov cocktail, Regenerating health, Camping, Grenade spamming, Automated grenade throw, Enemy reaction, Spectating, Playlists, Inverted controls, Submachine gun, Porting, Exploding vehicles, Screen splatter, Barricade, Sticky bombs, Flashbang, Revolver, Dog tag, Sawed-off shotgun, Watch, Bowie knife, Pre-game lobby, Matchmaking, Expanding crosshair, Prestige, Rifle, Street sign, Scripted events, Silencer, Scope, Weapon slot loadout, Exploding crates, M1911, Pov cutscene, Blind fire, Tommy gun, Ray gun, Halftrack, Anti-aircraft gun, Nazis, Kamikaze, Headshot, Developer console, Shoot the backpack, Severed limbs, Surround sound, Gibs, Prone, Run 'n gun, Nazi occultism, German accent, Nazi zombies, Fascism, Attack dog, Lightning gun, Crow, Infinite spawn, Multiplier, Hitbox, Context sensitive, Watchtower, Outside of the map, Camouflage, Bomb disposal, Exploding head, Secret achievements, Zombie dogs, Ammo, Close quarters combat, Hellhound, Fully customizable controls, Playing dead, Crawling, Secondary weapons, Difficulty description, Bayonet, German shepherd, Torpedo boat, The mystery box, M1 carbine, Mp40, M1 garand, Mg42, Karabiner 98, Satchel charge, M1918 browning automatic rifle, Tiger ii, Fg-42, Gewehr 43, M1919 browning machine gun, M4 sherman, Panther, Military truck, Persistent bullet holes, Crash landing, Winchester model 1897, Dud grenade, Vodka, Sudden death, No respawn, No-reticle aiming, Fire propagation, Rapid fire, Rail shooting segment, Ranked match, Direct2drive, Henchmen, Greatest hits, Megaphone, Wii zapper compatibility, Wailing and screaming, Self-destructing character, Armageddon, Fact-based shooter, T-34, United states navy, Battle dress uniform, Down but not out, Control point, Mosin-nagant, Kill streak reward, Ppsh-41, Shooting out lights, Record breakers, United states marine corps, Respawn time, Stock, Degtyarev-pekhotny 28, Team killing, Twitch aim, Springfield m1903 rifle, Tokarev tt-33, Teamplay, Operation clusterfuck, Bomb defusal mode, Grenade tag, No scope, Anti-cheat system, Southpaw, Clan tag, Pump action shotgun, Drum can, Online multiplayer achievements, Platoon, Walther p38, Planes flying low overhead, Stg 44, Unlockable gamer pics, Sixaxis support, Element 115, Group 935, Juggernog, Pack-a-punch, Gut shot, Porter's x2 ray gun, Wunderwaffe dg-3 jz, Max ammo, Insta-kill, Flammenwerfer 35, Tokarev svt-40, Iw engine, Bouncing betty, Killcam, Codependent unlimited revival, Hit marker, Lcvp, Quick scoping, Xfire, Panzerschreck, Ghillie suit, Type 99 light machine gun, Imperial japanese army, Id tech 3, Unclimbable hills, Wunderwaffe dg-2, Attachable grip, Imperial japanese navy, E3 2008, Bipod, Opengl, Type 38 rifle arisaka, Rgd-33 grenade, Speed cola, Double tap root beer, Quick revive, G115 compresser, Widdershins rc-1, The imploder, Spatz-447 +, The afterburner, Gibs-o-matic, 1001 samurais, 420 impeller, 24 bore long range, Type 100 submachine gun, Mk 2 grenade, Ushanka, Rifle grenade, Smith & wesson model 29, Drum magazine, Aperture sight, Pby catalina, Ptrs-41, Type 14 nambu pistol, Type 97 sniper rifle, Pps-42, M17 rifle grenade, Type 97 grenade, Type 94 shin guntō, Ka-bar, C-3000 b1at-ch 35, .357 plus 1 k1l-u, The penetrator, The reaper, The widow maker, B115 accelerator, Barracuda fu-a11, Fiw nitrogen cooled, Longinus

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