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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Самая успешная серия шутеров с видом от первого лица возвращается с эпичным сиквелом к лауреату нескольких званий «Игра года», Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2. Сможете ли вы сделать то, что от вас требуется в самый темный час для мира? Приготовьтесь к кинематографичному поразительному путешествию, которое доступно только в Call of Duty. Значительная многопользовательская часть теперь стала еще больше и лучше вместе с новыми картами, игровыми режимами и возможностями. Режим кооперативной игры даст игрокам возможность побороться в новых спецоперациях за место лучшего игрока в таблицах рекордов, а режим «Выживание» наполнит поле действий невиданным экшеном.
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08 ноября 2011
Modern warfare, Helicopter, Vehicular combat, Ah-64 apache, Sniper, Blood, Health, Survival, First person shooter, Fast paced, Weapons, Death, Soldier, Military, Fire, Parachute, Shooting, Keyboard, Chicken, Jeep, Counter-terrorists, Bridge, Shooter, Water, War, Steam, Multiple protagonists, Bird, Achievements, Special forces, Online, Hostages, Building, Artificial intelligence, Capture the flag, Rock, Bus, Revenge, Snow, Paint, Missile, Car, Bicycle, Camera, Easter egg, Dog, Sequel, Mine cart, Slow-motion, Graffiti, Ambulance, Shovel, Playstation network, Government, Drone, Airplane, Darkness, Pilot, Vehicle combat, Tree, Explosion, Flags, Truck, Steam achievements, Water effects, Train, Rail track, Steam cloud, Jump, Male protagonists, Credits menu option, Crate, Trash can, Plate, Cup, Stainless pot, Split-screen multiplayer, Playstation trophies, Modern military, Barb wire fence, 60 fps on consoles, Voice acting, Self-advertisement, Toilet, Sunglasses, Toilet paper, Rope, Ladder, Log, Fish, Banana, First-person perspective, Famous quotes, Flashlight, Cell phone, Cow, Human, Polygonal 3d, Book, Mouse, Pipe, Explosives, Computer, Syringe, Door, Bed, Shelf, Hat, Armor, Knife, Soccer ball, Alcoholic beverages, Palm tree, Saw blade, Beard, Helmet, Skull, Bubble, Wasd movement, Message on the wall, Rain, White noise, First-person regain consciousness, Cardboard box, Paper, Paintings, Photo, Sink, Houseplant, Window, The locked door, Non-player character, Fake in-game advertising, Smoke, Elevator, Candle, Milk, Bloody wall, Warning sign, Corpse, Scalpel, Rubble, Van, Necktie, Pistol, Gatling gun, Retail games with steam activation, Light machine gun, Bench, Fence, Bone, Checkpoints, Laptop, Street light, Fountain, Staircase, Escalator, Ceiling fan, Downloadable content, Barrel, Xbox live, Melee, Crosshair, Full body awareness, Subtitles, Auto-save, Grenade indicator, Full metal jackets, Kill feed, First person melee, Gloves, Trophy system, Heads up display, Real-time combat, Player character, Useable vehicles, Underwater gameplay, Ring, A.i. companion, Male antagonist, Vision obstruction, Umbrella, Difficulty level, Maps, Crepuscular rays, Laser, Statue, Column, Breakable glass, Fake glitch, Poster, Facial hair, Couch, Tire, Wooden chair, Clock, Bulletin board, Loading screen advice, Vending machine, Aluminum can, Phone, Valve, Rug, Whiteboard, Pack-in game, Political thriller, Reloading, Twin stick control, Mercenary, Exploding barrel, Boat, Chains, Oar, Bowl, Scripted death, Level titles, Television, Refrigerator, Blood splatter, Terrorists, The future, Communism, Meat, Cigar, Shipping container, Automated teller machine, Water cooler, Mil mi-24 hind, Rpg-7, M1 abrams, Cooking range, Stool, Radiator, Glass, Enemy sniper, Multiplayer scoreboard, Leaf, English accent, Wii classic controller support, Tattoo, Power line, Zoom, Hard hat, Facebook connectivity, Difficulty achievement, Necklace, Cushion, Bag, Controversy, Protagonist death, File cabinet, Traffic cone, Fire hydrant, Grenade, Games on demand, Realism, Valve anti-cheat, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, Surveillance camera, Car accident, Submarine, F-15 strike eagle, Hanging, High definition graphics, Russian accent, Dolby digital, Suit and tie, Saw, Dumbbell, Color blind assist, Horde mode, Sandbag, Mortar, Voice chat, Kill streak, Sliding down ladders, Phone booth, Tape, Over 100% completion, Completion percentage, Light bloom, Linear gameplay, Last man standing, Dlc season pass, Local and online players together, Depth of field, Damage flash, Enemy tagging, Fire extinguisher, Paint can, Flare, Locker, Crane, Postbox, Traffic light, Luggage, Regenerating health, Iron sights, 3 round burst, Dedicated servers, Grenade launcher, Flashbang, Cinder block, Dog tag, Mannequin, Pallet, Parking meter, Flashback, Heterochromia, Shirt, Matchmaking, Prestige, Rifle, Street sign, Scripted events, Call sign, Silencer, Scope, Dress, Urinal, Aggressive door-opening, M4 carbine, Air strike, Stock up area, Chalkboard, Wheelbarrow, Cookies, Ak-47, Satellite dish, Portable toilet, Deadly gas, Gas mask, Anti-aircraft gun, Water tower, Cask, Bunker, Radio tower, Kamikaze, Bots, Headshot, Turret sequence, Shotgun shells, Surround sound, Prone, Invasion of the usa, Private military company, Fascism, United states army, Throwing knife, Hand rail, Headphones, Bomb disposal, Ambient occlusion, Secret achievements, Text chat, Close quarters combat, Pliers, Ashtray, Claymore, Difficulty description, Screwdriver, Toolbox, Potato chips, German shepherd, Gun game, Fn p90, Supply drop, Conquest mode, Shooting range, Crash landing, Ammo box, M16a4, Fn scar, Mp5, Night vision goggles, Heroic sacrifice, Rail shooting segment, Power suit, World war iii, Armored personnel carrier, T-90, Henchmen, Blamed for real life murders, Shield bash, Ak-74, Chemical warfare, Winchester model 1887, Seal team 6, Navy seals, United states navy, Battle dress uniform, Spas-12, Armsel striker, Mp7, Down but not out, Acog scope, Eotech sight, E3 2011, Gamescom 2011, Expendable npc, Novint falcon support, Heavy, Red dot sight, Naval mine, Two difficulty levels at once, H&k g36, Achievements for starting the game, Emp grenade, Military jargon, M-203 grenade launcher, Enfield sa-80, Uh-60 black hawk, Osprey, 5.56mm round, Pkp pecheneg, Boeing-vertol ch-47 chinook, A10, Leopard 2, Gunship, Bomb defusal mode, Glock 18, Fmg9, Smaw, Bushmaster acr, Aa-12, Barrett m82, Ksg, Radar jammer, B-2 spirit, Sam turret, Bomb suit, Walther p99, Call of duty elite, Iw engine, Accuracy international as50, Bouncing betty, Unmanned aerial vehicle, Care package, Special air service, Machine pistol, Interactive achievement awards 2012, Steyr tmp, Eb games expo australia, Pp-90m1, Thermal scope, 7.62 mm nato, Website integration, National gendarmerie, Terminator reload, Special ops, Spetsnaz, Quick scoping, Prematurely ending missions, Rpd, Masterkey, Mk .14 ebr, Semtex, Mp412 rex, Call of duty: modern warfare 3, Call of duty: modern warfare 3 game

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