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BioShock 2

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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Дата выхода:
09 февраля 2010
Assassin, Robot, Blood, Underwater, Murder, Magic, Minigames, Health, Shark, First person shooter, Death, Robots, Fire, Slot machine, Horse, Gambling, Doctor, Shadow, Puzzles, Sci-fi, Insanity, Action-adventure, Water, Religion, Button, Steam, Backtracking, Achievements, Multiple endings, Traps, Hacking, Artificial intelligence, Open-world, Rock, Bible, Dancing, City, Bicycle, Newspaper, Camera, Amnesia, Racism, Easter egg, Capitalism, Teleportation, Economy, Love, Singing, Mad scientist, Drill arm, Creepy children, Dash, Flowers, Graffiti, Glitch, Hook, Shovel, Playstation network, Government, Piano, Switch, One-man army, Bee, Darkness, Flamethrower, Research, Boss fight, Tree, Explosion, Bosses, Steam achievements, Machine gun, Coffee, Power up, Train, Male protagonists, Throwing weapons, Crate, Trash can, Mask, Present, Cane, Pencil, Plate, Fedora hat, Laboratory apparatus, Countdown timer, Playstation trophies, Bullet, Tennis racquet, Tennis ball, Playing cards, Voice acting, Toilet, Ladder, Fish, Cat, First-person perspective, Tutorial, Flashlight, Cash register, Corrupt government, Bink video, Mind control, Human, Polygonal 3d, Book, Pipe, Bathtub, Turret, Bow, Explosives, Upgradeable weapons, Loot gathering, Pop culture reference, Game reference, Briefcase, Computer, Syringe, Scroll, Bed, Shelf, Currency, Gun, Cults, Mayor, Special attacks, Alcoholic beverages, Original soundtrack release, Unlockables, Helmet, Shotgun, Rocket launcher, Loading screens, Crouching, Wasd movement, Message on the wall, White noise, First-person regain consciousness, Color separation, Paper, Paintings, Photo, Letter, Sink, Window, Eating, Cutscene, The locked door, Non-player character, Cult leader, Aural characters, Electricity, Descendants of other characters, Fake in-game advertising, Smoke, Table, Elevator, Candle, Radio, Bloody wall, Pillow, Desk, Corpse, Propeller, Tape recorder, Pistol, Gatling gun, First aid kit, Multiple characters on box art, Retail games with steam activation, Golf club, Golf ball, Basket, Playstation plus, Key, Sniping, Bench, Glasses, Faceless hero, Bottle, Microphone, Saving the world, Torch, Moral decisions, Downloadable content, Bandages, Barrel, Auto-aim, Xbox live, Melee, Crosshair, Subtitles, Kill feed, First person melee, Gloves, Heads up display, Confetti, Real-time combat, Lgbt, Pants, Player character, Gravity control, Underwater gameplay, Irish accent, Single-entity developer credits, Game over, Octopus, Cigarette, Unreal engine 3, Safe, Instant kill, Secret area, Vision obstruction, Glowing eyes, Final boss, Difficulty level, Mini-boss, Maps, Crepuscular rays, Low health warning, Laser, Statue, Column, Tombstone, Breakable glass, Ice, Poster, Self-referential humor, Female antagonists, Office chair, Couch, Wooden chair, Lives, Liberation, Clock, Calendar, Audio logs, Loading screen advice, Unseen recurring characters, Vending machine, Phone, Spotlight, Valve, Political thriller, Rpg elements, Reloading, Pills, Exploding barrel, Enemy health indicator, Lamp post, Chains, Functional toilets, Video game characters that play video games, Developer cameo, Christianity, Television, Mirror, Refrigerator, Bucket, Clipboard, Canonical death, Cage, Smoking, Totalitarian government, Atheism, Scientist, 2" x 4'', Wood, Cigar, Formal clothing, Addiction, Teddy bear, Cooking range, Globe, Radiator, Glass, English accent, High dynamic range, Purse, Recurring boss, Jellyfish, Been here before, Starfish, Coral, Zoom, Boots, Water level, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Waking up at beginning, Gamersgate, Reflection, Machete, Drunk character, Difficulty achievement, Blunt weapons, Acid, Cushion, Experiments gone awry, Protagonist death, Needle, File cabinet, Wrench, Paper money, Hair brush, Grenade, Games on demand, Crossbow, Dystopian world, Temporary invincibility, Surveillance camera, Multiple enemy boss fight, Electrified water, High definition graphics, Butterfly, Billboard, Russian accent, Pre-order exclusive, Radial menu, Plot twist, Valuable garbage, Rose, Saw, Weighing scale, Unskippable tutorial sequence, Interactive cutscene, Horde mode, Voice chat, Poverty, Beer, Light bloom, Recurring character, Can't kill innocents, Freelc, Collector's edition, Steampunk machinery, Role-playing shooter, Locker, Wheelchair, Baby carriage, Luggage, Camping, Iron sights, Image flashes, Muzzle flash, Submachine gun, Magazine, Havok physics, Light up crosshair, Screen splatter, Improvised weapon, Substance abuse benefit, New protagonist in sequel, Grenade launcher, Revolver, Mannequin, Drill, Pallet, Neon sign, Code writing, Flashback, Psychopaths, Oven, Record player, Shirt, Gramophone record, Skirt, Multiple ammo types, Goggles, Inebriation, Supernatural arm, Invisibility, Scripted events, Vent crawling, Matress, Dress, Fire manipulation, Jukebox, Blueprint, Proximity mines, Water element, Consumables, Charging heavyweight enemies, Surprising character switches, Stock up area, Chalkboard, Get games, Telekinesis, Typewriter, Propaganda, Superpowers, Guided by radio, Tommy gun, Nailgun, Mallet, Welding mask, Headshot, Texture pop-in, Footprints, Searching corpses, Chinese accent, Southern american accent, Air duct, Girders, Screw, Microscope, Vacuum cleaner, Paint brush, Directx, Context sensitive, Anarchism, Secret identity, Sociopath, Anti-villain, Secret achievements, Optional objective, Cross, Rich snob, Inventor, Stun, Retrievable traps, Pliers, Biotechnology, Crazy eyes, Gun smoke, Ashtray, Astral projection, Lightning manipulation, Freezing weapons, Enslaved race, Frame rate lock for console games, Firefly, Decoy, Screwdriver, Party hat, Teapot, Infinite resource spot, Public phone, Toolbox, Potato chips, Crayon, Automated sentry gun, Prostitution, Playstation home tie-in, Seaweed, Patrol, Diving suit, Turban, Banker, Scuba gear, Reincarnation, Sequel by a different developer, Cryokinesis, Corpse spasms, Utopian civilization, Missable achievements, Water manipulation, Adam, God complex, Recoil, Big daddy, Splicers, Little sisters, Hypnosis, Narcissist, Insect swarm, Psycho villagers, Killing children, Eve, Bullet sponge, Electro bolt, Psychics, Omnipresent villain, Immersive sim, Redemption, Biblical quotes, Objectivism, Plasmid, Bathysphere, Gatherer's garden, Power to the people, Vita-chamber, Capture the... what?, Laser trip mine, Gin, Merry-go-round, Crucifix, Spear gun, False death, Ranked match, Direct2drive, Elevators that mask loading times, Mute character, Absinthe, Chemical warfare, Respawn device, Unbreakable glass, Heavy, Guitar case, Kill screen, Greek alphabet, Impaling weapons, Stake gun, Normal mapping, Room-based menus, Defend x for y amount of time, Buttstroke, Stimpak, Online multiplayer achievements, Moonshine, Foil box art, On disc dlc, Directed escape, Killcam, Multi-monitor support, Games for windows - live, Hack tool, Parallax mapping, Terminator reload, Pax east 2010, E3 2009, Shotgun slug, Pax 2009, E3 2008, Pocket lint, Rivet gun, Webley mk4 revolver, Big sister, Scatterbrained characters, Gene tonics, Iron lung, The thinker, Ps3, Shooter game, First person shooter game, Bioshock 2, Bioshock 2 game

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