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BioShock - шутер, не похожий ни на один из тех, в которые вы играли, полный невообразимых видов оружия и тактик. В вашем распоряжении будет весь арсенал от обычных револьверов до гранатометов и распылителей химического оружия, а вдобавок вы сможете модифицировать свой ДНК чтобы создать еще более смертельное оружие: вас. Инъецируемые плазмиды дадут вам сверхчеловеческие силы: направьте электрический разряд в воду, чтобы поразить сразу несколько врагов, или заморозьте их и разбейте взмахом гаечного ключа.
Не существует двух одинаковых сражений, и не существует двух игроков, проходящих игру одним и тем же способом.
  • Модифицируйте свой организм: испускайте огонь из своих пальцев и выпускайте рой шершней-убийц, вылупляющихся прямо в ваших венах.
  • Взламывайте устройства и системы, модифицируйте свое оружие и создавайте новые виды боеприпасов.
  • Превращайте в оружие все: окружающую среду, ваш организм, огонь и воду, и даже своих худших врагов.
  • Исследуйте красивейший, уникальный мир, спрятанный глубоко под океаном.
Бесплатная загрузка, позволяющая ознакомиться с красотой BioShock. (75MB . PDF)
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07 октября 2009
Ghosts, Assassin, Blood, Stealth, Underwater, Time travel, Murder, Photography, Minigames, Health, Pedestrians, First person shooter, Guitar, Crafting, Death, Robots, Angel, Fire, Horse, 1950s, Cannon, Shadow, Steampunk, Puzzles, Sci-fi, Bridge, Insanity, Action-adventure, Water, Religion, Horror, Steam, Multiple protagonists, Black-and-white, Psychic abilities, Bird, Backtracking, Achievements, Multiple endings, Traps, Tea, Hacking, Artificial intelligence, First person, Open-world, Steam trading cards, Rock, Bible, Revenge, Dancing, Ball, Torture, Newspaper, Camera, Survival horror, Racism, Easter egg, Capitalism, Teleportation, Economy, Echolocation, Singing, Mad scientist, Plastic surgery, Drill arm, Creepy children, Shield, Silent protagonist, Flowers, Ice cream, Graffiti, Shovel, Fruit, Government, Piano, Switch, One-man army, Bee, Research, Boss fight, Game of the year edition, Tree, Explosion, Bosses, Spiritual successor, Flags, Cloud, Truck, Steam achievements, Coffee, Gold, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Single-player only, Water effects, Power up, Female protagonists, Steam cloud, Alternate historical, Jump, Male protagonists, Concept art, Credits menu option, Crate, Apple, Trash can, Mask, Balloon, Vine, Cane, Top hat, Plate, Cup, Stainless pot, Coin, Hammer, Episodic content, Game critics awards, Playstation trophies, Rivaling factions, Playing cards, Voice acting, Fireball, Toilet, Rope, Ladder, Log, Fish, Banana, First-person perspective, Cash register, Corrupt government, Bink video, Mind control, Human, Polygonal 3d, Book, Pipe, Shopping, Skill points, Turret, Bow, Explosives, Damsel in distress, Upgradeable weapons, Breaking the fourth wall, Loot gathering, Microtransaction, Pop culture reference, Door, Frying pan, Bed, Lantern, Shelf, Playstation move support, Motion control, Currency, Gun, Hat, Coat, Lily pad, Cults, Priest, Mayor, Knife, Full motion video, Alcoholic beverages, Racial stereotypes, Saw blade, Beard, Shotgun, Rocket launcher, Loading screens, Crouching, Wasd movement, Message on the wall, White noise, First-person regain consciousness, Paper, Paintings, Photo, Sink, Window, Child art, Eating, The locked door, Non-player character, Cult leader, Aural characters, Electricity, Fake in-game advertising, Smoke, Table, Candle, Radio, Bloody wall, Warning sign, Pillow, Propeller, Rubble, Flip off, Necktie, Bowler hat, Pistol, Gatling gun, First aid kit, Homage box art, Retail games with steam activation, Melon, Sandwich, Save point, Basket, Playstation plus, Key, Twister, Hot dog, Bench, Fence, Orange, Watermelon, Gull, French fries, Checkpoints, Faceless hero, Carrot, Bottle, Street light, Fountain, Staircase, Ceiling fan, Saving the world, Heart, Moral decisions, Resistance, Downloadable content, Wwise, Barrel, Melee, Crosshair, Full body awareness, Subtitles, Auto-save, First person melee, Gloves, Combat knife, Heads up display, Real-time combat, Lgbt, Player character, Environmental puzzles, Underwater gameplay, Irish accent, A.i. companion, Game over, Cigarette, Unreal engine 3, Male antagonist, Physx, Retro future, Tesla coil, Secret area, Betrayal, Vision obstruction, Glowing eyes, Umbrella, Final boss, Games with gold, Difficulty level, Mini-boss, Nonexistent light source, Crepuscular rays, Statue, Tombstone, Breakable glass, Poster, Self-referential humor, Mustache, Facial hair, Scary children, Jump scare moment, Office chair, Couch, Wooden chair, Liberation, Movie reference, Clock, Loud ambient noises, Audio logs, Unseen recurring characters, Vending machine, Phone, Electric fan, Broom, Curtain, Theme song, Rock music, Political thriller, Rpg elements, Reloading, Respawn, Mercenary, Exploding barrel, Sniper rifle, Enemy health indicator, Boat, Lifesaver, Lamp post, Chains, Oar, Map, Functional toilets, Falling sequence, Floating island, Chandelier, Crying, Sounds of despair, Production babies, Christianity, Bread, Lighthouse, Bucket, Stained glass, Konami code, Blood splatter, Cover system, Cheese, Cage, Terrorists, Smoking, Totalitarian government, Atheism, Communism, Nuns, Scientist, Meat, Shipping container, Coal, Teddy bear, Interactive environments, Grandfather clock, Stool, Enemy sniper, High dynamic range, Purse, Film noir, Wardrobe, Playstation now, Healing food, Message, Hardcore mode, Villain, Anti-hero, Changing sides, Been here before, Zoom, Boots, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Shoes, Waking up at beginning, Wind, Bell, Cart, Physics manipulation, Item combination, Sidekick, Suicide, Red herring, Bag, Fireplace, Urinating, Controversy, Experiments gone awry, Hallucination, Protagonist death, Wrench, Handcuffs, Fire hydrant, Nut, Games on demand, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, Dystopian world, Surveillance camera, Electrified water, High definition graphics, Russian accent, Pre-order exclusive, Dolby digital, Benchmark included, Suit and tie, Elements, Dimension travel, Radial menu, Disembodied voice, Substitution cipher, Plot twist, Valuable garbage, Rose, Saw, Interactive cutscene, Alternate reality, Horde mode, Vision cone, Poverty, Beer, Light bloom, Can't kill innocents, D.i.c.e. awards 2014, Dlc season pass, Collector's edition, Chest-high walls, Steampunk machinery, Flickering light, Role-playing shooter, Molotov cocktail, Locker, Wheelchair, Luggage, Iron sights, Image flashes, Light up crosshair, Screen splatter, Substance abuse benefit, New protagonist in sequel, Cake, Revolver, Parking meter, Acoustic guitar, Environmental kill, Psychopaths, Nosebleed, Women in refrigerators, Record player, Shirt, Cereal, Gramophone record, Multiple ammo types, Finishing move, Blimp, Street sign, Inebriation, Supernatural arm, Scripted events, Scope, Matress, Dress, Urinal, Fire manipulation, Anvil, Lock, Consumables, Lock picking, Pov cutscene, Charging heavyweight enemies, Lock picks, Stock up area, Whale, Telekinesis, Typewriter, Enemies on cover art, Working for the enemy, Fireworks, Propaganda, Superpowers, Guided by radio, Banjo, Bust, Aquarium, Sausage, Popcorn, Headshot, Monster infighting, Sweeping vista, Footprints, Searching corpses, Mid-game haircut, Gatling turret, Goblet, Censored version, Chinese accent, Southern american accent, Fascism, Arrival by crash landing, Hand rail, Monks, Tomato, Onion, Violin, Badge, Directx, Mysterious ally, Whiskey, Context sensitive, Reversible cover art, Game developers choice awards 2014, The 1980s, Airship, Falling object, Cockroach, Anarchism, Sociopath, Anti-villain, Secret achievements, Potato, Pax east 2012, Wallet, Rich snob, The end is the beginning, E3 2012, Biotechnology, Swarming enemies, Gun smoke, Ashtray, Bad parents, Lightning manipulation, Foreshadowing, Freezing weapons, Player taunting, Frame rate lock for console games, Parents, Decoy, Verticality, Pear, Binoculars, Screwdriver, Movie projector, Teapot, Infinite resource spot, Potato chips, Prostitution, Playstation home tie-in, 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2011, Monomyth, Southern american themes, Normal mapping, Pickle, Aerial lift, Animal weaponry, Divine punishment, Cotton candy, Thimble, Cannon turret, Pax prime 2011, Contest-driven development, Pax east 2011, Unreal engine 2.5, Victory gong, Vox populi, The founders, Boys of silence, Barbershop quartet, Zucchini, Mauser c96, Sky-hook, Interactive achievement awards 2008, E3 2007, E3 2006, Game developers choice awards 2008, Ps3, Shooter game, First person shooter game, Bioshock, Bioshock game

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