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Battlefield 3

Кажется, мы потеряли описание.

По какой-то причине мы не нашли описание для данной игры.
Пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом и мы все исправим.

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Дата выхода:
25 октября 2011
Modern warfare, Helicopter, Vehicular combat, Blood, Stealth, Health, Pedestrians, First person shooter, Death, Soldier, Military, Fire, Parachute, Scooter, Keyboard, Dirt bike, Bridge, Water, Multiple protagonists, Bird, Achievements, Special forces, Online, Hiding, Artificial intelligence, Capture the flag, Bus, Snow, Paint, Ship, Missile, Artillery, Car, Bicycle, Newspaper, Tank, Dog, Motion sensor, Pizza, Sequel, Swimming, Flowers, Graffiti, Glitch, Hook, Playstation network, Base jumping, Vehicle combat, Tree, Explosion, Flags, Brick, Truck, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Female protagonists, Train, Rail track, Dashboard view, Alternate historical, Jump, Male protagonists, Apple, Trash can, Plate, Cup, Hammer, Game critics awards, Police car, Train level, Playstation trophies, Bullet, Modern military, Pre-release public testing, Alternate costumes, Barb wire fence, Leveling up, Voice acting, Self-advertisement, Toilet, Rope, Ladder, First-person perspective, Flashlight, Cell phone, Cash register, Bomb, Human, Polygonal 3d, Book, Mouse, Pipe, Explosives, Breaking the fourth wall, Revive, Pop culture reference, Game reference, Rat, Computer, Door, Shelf, Gun, Knife, Origin, Palm tree, Original soundtrack release, Experience points, Unlockables, Helmet, Shrub, Shotgun, Rocket launcher, Beret, Loading screens, Motion blur, Crouching, Wasd movement, Message on the wall, Rain, First-person regain consciousness, Color separation, Paper, Paintings, Photo, Sink, Stuffed animal, Light bulb, Houseplant, Window, Desk lamp, Cutscene, Non-player character, Profanity, Fake in-game advertising, Smoke, Table, Elevator, Milk, Radio, Bloody wall, Warning sign, Pillow, Desk, Corpse, Rubble, Vehicle customization, Necktie, Pistol, First aid kit, Headset, Cooperative play, Light machine gun, Playstation plus, Key, Sniping, Bench, Fence, Checkpoints, Posthumous credit, Bottle, Laptop, Street light, Fountain, Staircase, Stereoscopic 3d, Ambush, Downloadable content, Barrel, Xbox live, Melee, Crosshair, Full body awareness, Subtitles, Grenade indicator, Kill feed, First person melee, C4, Gloves, Heads up display, Real-time combat, Pants, Useable vehicles, A.i. companion, Cigarette, Scaleform, Friendly fire, Vision obstruction, Umbrella, Games with gold, Difficulty level, Shaky cam, Crepuscular rays, Laser, Statue, Column, Breakable glass, Poster, Jump scare moment, Office chair, Tire, Wooden chair, Bulletin board, Loading screen advice, Vending machine, Aluminum can, Phone, Valve, Rug, Curtain, Underwear, Television newscast, Political thriller, Reloading, Mercenary, Chains, Minimap, Map, Ponytail, Production babies, Scripted death, Level titles, Television, Mirror, Refrigerator, Playground slide, Conveyor belt, Destructible cover, Destructible environment, Squad, Communism, Nuclear bomb, Meat, Rocket, Shipping container, Teddy bear, Leaderboard, Hmmwv, Rpg-7, M1 abrams, Lens flare, Cooking range, Stool, Radiator, Glass, Repairing, Multiplayer scoreboard, Leaf, High dynamic range, Hardcore mode, Tattoo, Been here before, Zoom, Gasoline can, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Invisible wall, Compass bar, Suicide, Dead end, Necklace, Protagonist death, Wrench, Traffic cone, Handcuffs, Paper money, Clothesline, Exploding gas tanks, Grenade, Realism, Games that ask you to "press start" but will accept other buttons, Crossbow, Vase, Baldness, Surveillance camera, Ski mask, F/a-18e/f super hornet, F/a-18 hornet, Stick, Gamescom 2012, Multiplayer party system, Russian accent, Dolby digital, Fingerless gloves, Suit and tie, Birch, Team deathmatch, Quick time event, Color blind assist, Interactive cutscene, Assault, Sandbag, Mortar, Speedtree, Light bloom, Linear gameplay, Dlc season pass, Day one patch, Depth of field, Holding your breath, Squad based shooter, Enemy tagging, Fire extinguisher, Flare, Crane, Trash bag, Traffic light, Luggage, Frostbite engine, Regenerating health, Camping, Kill to death ratio, Iron sights, Book adaptation, Exploding vehicles, Improvised weapon, T position, Flashbang, Jersey barrier, Dog tag, Mannequin, Forklift, Pallet, Speaker, Shopping cart, Water pipe, Watch, Neon sign, Battery, Flashback, Matchmaking, Class-based shooter, Blimp, Expanding crosshair, Lock on, Companion app, Rifle, Ballistic vest, Street sign, Scripted events, Vent crawling, Silencer, Scope, Laser sight, Matress, Dust, Lock, Aggressive door-opening, M1911, M4 carbine, Character models based on actual people, Stock up area, Chalkboard, Chase, Ak-47, Satellite dish, Gas mask, Washing machine, Defibrillator, Moth, M14 rifle, Aircraft carrier, Alternate fire, Weapon room, Developer console, Shotgun shells, Prone, Invasion of the usa, New purchase incentives, United states army, Interrogation, Air duct, Sock, Camouflage, Ambient occlusion, Text chat, Close quarters combat, Uh-1 iroquois "huey", The end is the beginning, Anti-tank mine, E3 2012, Claymore, Newspaper vending machine, Barrier, Screwdriver, Infinite resource spot, Defenestration, Public phone, Photocopier, Uzi, Tessellation, Gun game, Fn p90, Conquest mode, Playstation home tie-in, Car chase, Suppressive fire, Ammo box, Execution, M16a4, M249 saw, Fn scar, H&k hk416, Saiga 12, Weapon bob, M60, Breaking through windows, Beretta m9, Sneaking mission, Clothes dryer, T-90, Blow torch, Objective-based team gameplay, Enforced boundary, Svd dragunov, M16a2, Pkm, Aks-74u, Glock 17, Night vision, Assist points, Ump .45, Steyr aug, Mg36, Barrett m95, Spas-12, M4 super 90, Mp7, Famas, Selective fire weapons, M40 sniper rifle, At-4, Eotech sight, Rpk-74, M67 fragmentation grenade, E3 2011, Gamescom 2011, Expendable npc, Novint falcon support, Red dot sight, Pc to console port, H&k g36, M240, Shooting out lights, United states marine corps, Military jargon, Enfield sa-80, Remington 870, Fim-92 stinger, Osprey, 5.56mm round, H&k g3, Sig sauer p226, Pkp pecheneg, A10, Veteran rewards, Team killing, Mp-443 grach, Teamplay, Repair tool, Interrogation flashback, Oscar mike, Countdown to game start, Glock 18, Smaw, Online multiplayer achievements, Frostbite 2.0, Cumulative team respawn limit, Micro air vehicle, Propaganda speaker, Radar jammer, Laser target designator, M82a1a, Dolphin diving, An-94, F-35 lightning ii, Multi-monitor support, Rocket artillery, Game developers choice awards 2012, Battlelog, Body stuck between elevator doors, Interactive achievement awards 2012, Pax prime 2011, Hit marker, Eb games expo australia, M24 sniper weapon system, Usas-12, Saiga 20k, Thermal scope, Website integration, Fn f2000, Gaz-3937, National gendarmerie, Spetsnaz, Masterkey, Mp412 rex, Pax east 2011, Fgm-148 javelin, Ea gun club, Magpul pdr, Ears ringing, M93 raffica, Parachuting spawn point, Battlefield veterans, Rush mode, Explosive shotgun shells, Aek-971, Pp2000, Sv-98, 9k38 igla, 9m133 kornet, As val, A-91, M98 barrett, Bipod, Kh-2002

График цен Battlefield 3 на PC

График цен Battlefield 3 на PC

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