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Batman: Arkham Origins

Действие игры происходит до появления самых опасных злодеев и убийц Готэм-сити. Игра демонстрирует молодого, грубого, грубого Бэтмена, который сталкивается с решающим моментом в своей ранней карьере борца с преступностью, который определяет его путь к тому, чтобы стать Темным рыцарем. По мере развития сюжета формируются личности свидетелей и выстраиваются ключевые отношения.

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25 октября 2013
Super hero, Helicopter, Assassin, Fighting, Stealth, Training, Detective, Organized crime, Health, Comics, Prequel, Death, Fire, Christmas, Shadow, Gangs, Hand-to-hand combat, Brawler, Flight, Bridge, Insanity, Action-adventure, Steam, Achievements, Asymmetric gameplay, Time limit, Online, Building, Open-world, Freeflow, Steam trading cards, Crime, Snow, Car, Over the shoulder, Slow-motion, Shield, Good vs evil, Star, Superhero, Bats, Graffiti, Gadgets, Action game, One-man army, Comic book, Explosion, Cloud, Brick, Fog, Steam achievements, Digital distribution, Xbox 360 controller support for pc, Train, Steam cloud, Steam leaderboards, Jump, Male protagonists, Concept art, Credits menu option, Crate, Mask, Cape, Cup, Laboratory apparatus, Challenges, Playstation trophies, Bullet, Alternate costumes, Clowns, Leveling up, World map, Voice acting, Protagonist's name in the title, Games based on comic books, First-person perspective, Cell phone, Polygonal 3d, Sexualized women, Pipe, Shower head, Bow, Explosives, Door, Lantern, Motion control, Gun, Armor, Collectibles, Destructible clothing, Origin, Third-person perspective, Original soundtrack release, Experience points, Unlockables, Beard, Helmet, Loading screens, Crouching, Wasd movement, Cardboard box, Paper, Photo, Sink, Light bulb, Non-player character, Electricity, Smoke, Table, Elevator, Candle, Breast bounce, Necktie, Retail games with steam activation, Sprinting, Assault rifle, Off-tv play, Late title card, Comic book character, Street light, Staircase, Nintendo network, Side quests, Disarm, Wwise, Barrel, Player vs player, Melee, Subtitles, Auto-save, Gloves, Heads up display, Wii u pro controller support, Optional touch control, Cigarette, Unreal engine 3, Male antagonist, Physx, Scaleform, Revealing attire, Shielded enemies, Convict, Final boss, Maps, S-rank, Knight, Statue, Bulldozer, Breakable glass, Poster, Female antagonists, Office chair, Wooden chair, Calendar, Loading screen advice, Belt, Pax prime 2013, Gamescom 2013, Rpg elements, Mercenary, Sniper rifle, Combo, Lamp post, Chains, Chandelier, Stop sign, Production babies, E3 2013, Television, Cover system, 2" x 4'', Cigar, Shipping container, Radiator, Glass, Enemy sniper, Tokyo game show 2013, Playstation now, Villain, Zoom, Cooldowns, Miiverse integration, Xbox one backwards compatibility, Special vision, Compass bar, Evil laugh, File cabinet, Lighter, Fire hydrant, Pine tree, Baldness, Surveillance camera, Ski mask, Motion capture animation, Hanging, Skyscraper, Genius-level intellect, Dynamic soundtrack, Wrestling moves in non-wrestling games, Benchmark included, Suit and tie, Quick time event, Less-lethal weapons, Persistent character damage, Poverty, Banter during gameplay, Shaved head, Aerial grapple, Tuxedo, Light bloom, Gliding, Can't kill innocents, Dlc season pass, Tower reveals map, Collector's edition, Chest-high walls, Fire extinguisher, Crane, Trash bag, Traffic light, Crouch jump, Ambient music, Enemy reaction, Weapon workshops, Ledge grab, Forklift, Gas cylinder, Neon sign, Psychopaths, Finishing move, Ballistic vest, Psychotherapy, Vent crawling, X-ray picture, New game plus, Crime fighting, Enemy distraction, Chalkboard, Catwalk, Propaganda, Satellite dish, Batarang, Earrings, Uppercut, Footprints, Fast travel, Interrogation, Air duct, Directx, Powerless superheroes, Detective mode, Anarchism, Suicide squad, Batclaw, Camouflage, The zero prequel, Disc streaming, Acrobatics, Counter system, Eavesdropping, Secret identity, Helicopter crash, Earpiece conversation, Sociopath, Freeform combat, Vigilante, Camera following projectile, Anti-villain, Bomb disposal, Playable boss, Ambient occlusion, Sonic batarang, Batwing, The final offer, Batsuit, Shock gloves, Online multiplayer achievements, Batman: arkham origins, Batman: arkham origins game

График цен Batman: Arkham Origins на PC

График цен Batman: Arkham Origins на PC

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