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Дата выхода:
27 июня 2001
Aliens, Super hero, Ghosts, Assassin, Cyberpunk, Blood, Stealth, Detective, Murder, Photography, Minigames, Organized crime, Health, Mascot, Turn-based, Rpg, Death, Soldier, Military, Robots, Fire, Maze, Rabbit, Futuristic, Puzzles, Sci-fi, Role playing, Side-scrolling, Religion, Steam, Multiple protagonists, Bird, Backtracking, Time limit, Reading, Point and click, Hacking, Artificial intelligence, Dialogue trees, King of the hill, Revenge, Dancing, Snow, Inventory, Snakes, Easter egg, Dog, Love, Giant insects, High score, Resurrection, Superhero, Bats, Graffiti, Glitch, Darkness, Boss fight, Explosion, Bosses, Female protagonists, Anthropomorphism, Male protagonists, Flying enemies, Random number generation, Countdown timer, Platform exclusive, Clowns, Leveling up, Voice acting, Thanks for playing, Developer voice acting, Fish, Polygonal 3d, Sexualized women, Shopping, Critical hit, Upgradeable weapons, Breaking the fourth wall, Pop culture reference, Love triangle, Skeletons, Game reference, Currency, Party system, Collectibles, Special attacks, Third-person perspective, Experience points, Message on the wall, White noise, Cutscene, The locked door, Non-player character, Profanity, Gog.com, Electricity, Hologram, Descendants of other characters, Fake in-game advertising, Smoke, Retail games with steam activation, Save point, Slime monster, Lava stage, Snail, Character growth, Comic book character, Saving the world, Text bubble, Side quests, Melee, Crosshair, Subtitles, Auto-save, Heads up display, A.i. companion, Game over, Secret area, Betrayal, Glowing eyes, Final boss, Difficulty level, Mini-boss, Maps, Damage numbers, The end, Multi-phase boss, Crepuscular rays, Tutorial mascot, Subtitled silence, Triple question mark, Salamanders, Active time battle, Hit points, Mercenary, Enemy health indicator, Order and chaos, Video game characters that play video games, Scripted death, Cheat code, Moving platforms, Nuns, Clam, Scientist, Theft, Lens flare, Planet jumping, Interactive environments, Confirm menu choices, Healing food, Villain, Comic book onomatopoeia, Been here before, To be continued, Special vision, Sleeping, Disguise, Clone, Multiple enemy boss fight, Hanging, Plot twist, Boss assistance, Valuable garbage, Evil organization, Beetles, E3 2000, Fetch quests, Captain, Non-standard difficulty titles, Regenerating health, Emblem, Mechanic, Overweight character, Light up crosshair, Code writing, Flashback, Poison, Mind reading, Invisibility, Scripted events, Lock picking, Super meter, More than two eyes, Superpowers, Escaping imprisonment, Turret sequence, Dream sequence, Monks, Battle screen, Outside of the map, Restoration, Shell game, Status effects, Invented language, Suggestive remark, Stun, Hidden door, Freezing weapons, Joke character, Unrequited love, Prostitute, Prostitution, Car chase, Strippers, Cliffhanger, No clip, Alien languages, Weaponized fish, Rail shooting segment, Fortune teller, Henchmen, Recycled characters, Level scaling, Planet destruction, Kill quest, Id tech 2

График цен Anachronox на PC

График цен Anachronox на PC

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